Asahi Menu, Prices and Locations

The excellent sushi & hibachi Japanese restaurant in town! Located at 99 Taylor Ave. (Rt. 71) Manasquan, NJ 08736. Our restaurant offers a wide array of fine Japanese fusion cuisine, ranging from traditional dishes such as sashimi, nigiri sushi, rolls, teriyaki, tempura, hibachi to some special daily entrees and Asahi Special Rolls created by our chefs!

Asahi Menu

A1. Steamed Shrimp Shumai$5.25
A2. Steamed Vegetable Gyoza$4.99
A3. Steamed Chicken Gyoza$4.99
Soup And Salad
1. Miso Soupsoy beans, seaweed, tofu and scallions.$1.95
2. Seaweed Salad$4.95
3. Tofu Saladtofu, tobiko and scallions.$4.95
4. Spicy Baby Octopus Saladbaby octopus with spicy mayo.$7.50
5. Vegetable Saladwith ginger dressing.$3.95
6. Avocado Saladavocado, crab meat, cucumber, tobiko, soy beans and mayo.$6.95
7. Tako-Suoctopus with light vinegar.$6.50
8. Seafood Saladoctopus, scallops, tobiko, crab meat, lettuce and mayo.$6.95
9. Edamamesoy beans in pod.$3.95
Sushi And Sashimi
10. Avocado$3.50
11. Kanikamacrab meat.$3.50
12. Takooctopus$4.50
13. Ikasquid$4.50
14. Sabamackerel$4.50
15. Ebishrimp$3.95
16. Magurotuna$4.50
17. Sakesalmon$4.50
18. Hamachiyellowtail$4.95
19. Smoked Sakesmoked salmon$4.95
20. Taired snapper$4.50
21. Unagieel$5.50
22. Torotuna belly$6.50
23. White Tuna$4.95
24. Hokkigaisurf clam$4.95
25. Amaebisweet shrimp$5.50
26. Tobikoflying fish roe$4.95
27. Tamagoegg omelette$3.50
28. Inarifried bean curd.$3.50
29. Ikurasalmon roe$5.50
30. Masagosmelt roe$4.95
31. Tobiko Uzura Tamagoflying fish roe quail egg.$5.95
32. Ikura Uzura Tamagosalmon roe quail egg.$6.50
33. Masago Uzura Tamagosmelt fish roe quail egg.$5.95
34. Hotategaiscallop$5.50
35. Spicy Scallopscooked scallops, tobiko and spicy mayo$5.95
36. Unisea urchin.$6.95
61. Kappa Makicucumber.$3.50
62. Oshinko Makipickled radish$3.50
63. Ume Shiso Makipickled plum, cucumber and shiso leaf.$3.95
64. Natto Makifermented soybean.$3.95
65. Avocado Roll$3.95
66. Vegetarian Rollcucumber, avocado and lettuce.$4.50
67. Kani Makicrab meat.$4.50
68. Tamago Makiegg omelette.$4.50
69. Tekka Makituna.$4.95
70. Sake Makisalmon$4.95
71. Negihama Makiyellowtail and scallion$4.95
72. Negitoro Makifatty tuna and scallion$7.95
73. Unagi Makieel, cucumber and avocado$6.50
74. Alaskan Rollsalmon, cucumber and avocado$5.95
75. Boston Rollsmoked salmon, cucumber and avocado.$5.95
76. California Rollcrab meat, cucumber, avocado and tobiko$5.50
77. Manhattan Rollcalifornia roll with tobiko outside$6.50
78. Spicy Tuna Rolltuna, cucumber and spicy mayo$5.95
79. Spicy Salmon Rollsalmon, cucumber and spicy mayo$5.95
80. Spicy Yellowtail Rollyellowtail, cucumber and spicy mayo$5.95
81. Spider Rollsoft shell crab, cucumber, tobiko and spicy mayo$8.95
82. Tempura Rollshrimp tempura, cucumber, tobiko and spicy mayo.$6.95
83. Screaming Rollcooked salmon, cucumber and spicy mayo.$5.95
84. Volcano Rollscreaming roll topped with tobiko, kani, scallops and spicy mayo.$9.95
85. Caterpillar Rollunagi maki topped with avocado$9.95
86. Philly Rollcream cheese, smoked salmon and cucumber$5.95
87. Rainbow Rollcalifornia roll topped with tuna, salmon and white tuna$9.95
88. Dynamite Rollkani, tobiko, cucumber and mayo$6.50
89. Spicy Toro Rollfatty tuna, cucumber and spicy mayo$8.95
90. Spicy White Runa Rollwhite tuna, cucumber and spicy mayo.$6.50
91. Asahi Makishrimp tempura, tobiko, kani, eel, lettuce and spicy mayo$9.95
92. Tiger Rollspicy salmon roll topped with salmon$9.95
93. White Tiger Rollspicy white tuna roll topped with white tuna$9.95
94. Sweet Potato Tempura Roll$4.95
95. Mushroom Rollwith cucumber and avocado$5.95
96. Fried Bean Curd Rollwith cucumber, avocado and egg omelette$5.95
97. Crab Meat Cream Cheese Rollwith cucumber and avocado.$5.95
98. Scallops Rollwith cucumber, avocado and scallion$6.95
99. Spicy Scallops Rollscallops, cucumber and spicy mayo$6.95
100. White Tuna Rollwith cucumber, avocado and scallion$6.50
Sushi Dinner
Sushi Regular Dinnerchef's choice of eight pieces of sushi and six pieces of tekka maki. served with miso soup.$18.95
Sushi Deluxe Dinnerchef's choice of 12 pieces of sushi and six pieces of tekka maki. served with miso soup.$24.95
Sashimi Regular Dinnerchef's choice of 15 pieces of sashimi and rice. served with miso soup$24.95
Sashimi Deluxe Dinnerchef's choice of 24 pieces of sashimi and rice. served with miso soup$35.95
Sushi And Sashimi Combo For One Dinnerchef's choice of sushi, sashimi and maki. 21 pieces. served with miso soup$29.95
Sushi And Sashimi Combo For Two Dinnerchef's choice of sushi, sashimi and maki. 42 pieces. served with miso soup$55.95
Temaki Set Dinnerkappa maki, spicy salmon and tekka maki hand roll. served with miso soup$13.95
Makimono Combo Dinnerspicy salmon roll, california roll and tekka maki. served with miso soup$15.50
Chirashi Dinnerchef's choice of sashimi over a bed of sushi rice. served with miso soup$19.95
Don Dinnerchoice of tuna or salmon over a bed of sushi rice. served with miso soup$20.95
Una-Ju Dinnereel with special sauce over a bed of white rice. served with miso soup$19.95
5 Kinds Of Sushi Dinner10 pieces of sushi: two tuna, two salmon, two yellowtail, two white tuna and two eel. served with miso soup$21.95
3 Kinds Of Spicy Maki Dinnerone spicy tuna, one spicy salmon and one spicy white tuna. served with miso soup.$17.95
House Specials
S1. Tuna Tata(Salmon Or White Tuna Tata)spicy tuna (salmon or white tuna) over rice with tempura flakes, tobiko, avocado, and scallion$12.95
S2. Tuna Sushi Threeway2 tuna sushi, 2 toro sushi, 2 spicy tuna sushi with tobiko and scallion$15.95
S3. Salmon Sushi Threeway2 salmon sushi, 2 salmon belly sushi, 2 spicy salmon sushi with tobiko and scallion$14.95
S4. Garden Makisweet potato, cream cheese and avocado$5.50
S5. Spicy Salmon Belly Rollwith cucumber, avocado, tobiko and scallion$7.95
S6. Double Tuna Rollspicy tuna and white tuna with tempura flakes topped with tuna, white tuna, tobiko, and scallion$13.95
S7. Red Sox Rollspicy tuna roll with tempura flakes topped with tuna, tobiko, scallion and spicy mayo$13.95
S8. Super Volcano Rollsalmon, tobiko, scallion, tempura flakes, spicy mayo topped on california roll$14.95
S9. Dragon Rollcooked salmon roll with cucumber, avocado, topped with eel, crabmeat, avocado, tobiko, and eel sauce$14.95
S10. Celtic Rollspicy shrimp roll with cucumber, avocado, cream cheese, topped with crabmeat, multi color, tobiko and scallion$14.95
S11. Lobster Rolllobster with cucumber, avocado, cream cheese topped with whole lobster tail and tobiko, scallion house sauce$15.95
S12. Brighton Rollshrimp, cream cheese, pickled carrot, tobiko avocado, and scallion$11.95
S13. King Rolllobster roll with cucumber, avocado, mayo topped with avocado, crabmeat, tobiko, scallion and house sauce$14.95
S14. Scorpion Rollshrimp, crabmeat, avocado, tobiko, topped on the california maki with eel sauce$13.95
S15. Futo Makifried bean curd, egg omelette, cucumber, avocado shrimp, crabmeat and pickled radish$9.95
Side Orders
Sushi Rice$2.50
Brown Rice$3.00
Spicy Mayo$0.50
Steam Rice$2.00

Visit Asahi here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Asahi.

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