Asian Garden Menu, Prices and Locations

Asian Garden offers delicious dining, takeout and delivery to Las Vegas, NV.Asian Garden is a cornerstone in the Las Vegas community and has been recognized for its outstanding Chinese cuisine, excellent service and friendly staff.Our Chinese restaurant is known for its modern interpretation of classic dishes and its insistence on only using high quality fresh ingredients.

Asian Garden Menu

Chef's Specials
*Hot & Spicy
A1. Stir Fried Lotus Rootswith cheese sausage and vegetables$10.95
A2. Lobster In A Creamy Sauceserved on bed of egg noodles (yee mein)
A3. Jumbo Crab Stir Friedwith crispy garlic
A4. Jumbo Shrimp With Walnut*stir fried and served with a creamy sauce$14.95
A5. Crispy Boneless Duckwith a crown of whipped taro root$12.95
A6. Special Shrimp & Scallop Rollsmade with breaded rice noodle skins 8 pieces$10.95
A7. Buddha's Rollschinese vegetables in a bean curd skin, pan fried 10pcs$9.95
A8. Seafood Fried Rice In Lotus Leaf$15.00
A9. Shrimp & Scallopsin a mild curry sauce on a bed of fried rice$15.00
A10. Seafood & Pineapple Fried Ricewith shrimp, scallops, vegetables and pineapple, served in a pineapple shell$15.00
A11. Deep Fried Chicken Wingsstuffed with sticky rice and chinese sausage$4.00
A12. Deep Fried Boneless Whole Chickenstuffed with sticky rice and chinese sausage$32.00
A13. Stir Fried Sea Conchwith vegetables and crispy fried bean curd squares$33.95 - $29.95
A14. Crispy Fried Bean Curd And Shrimp Ballsserved with a mild sauce$8.95
A15. Crispy Fried Bean Curd Squarestopped with shrimps$8.95
A16. Ping Poon Plattera temping of four hot and cold delicacies, boneless sesame duck feet, fried brisket, buddha’s rolls, and jelly fish in sesame sauce$30.95
A17. Jelly Fish$8.95
A18. Jelly Fishwith braised pork$10.95
A19. Stir Fried Snow Pea Pod Stems In Tai-Chi Sauce$16.95
A20. Oven Baked Sea Conchstuffed with pork, chicken, shrimp, ham, mushrooms, and onions$3.50
A31. Asian Garden Special Flounder
B1. Peking Ravioli$5.00
B2. Egg Rolls$3.75
B3. Chicken Wings$6.00
B4. Chicken Fingers$6.00
B5. Fried Jumbo Shrimps$6.50
B6. Beef Teriyaki$7.25
B7. Boneless Spareribs$7.25
B8. No. 1 Tidbitsegg roll (1), chicken wings (4), boneless ribs (4)$7.25
B9. No. 2 Tidbitsfried shrimp (2), beef teriyaki (2), boneless ribs (4)$7.50
B10. Pu Pu Platteregg roll (2), chicken fingers (4), chicken wings (4), beef teriyaki (2), fried shrimp (2), boneless ribs (4)$18.95
B11. Scallion Pancakes$3.50
B12. Spicy Chicken Wings$6.50
B13. Crab Rangoon$6.50
B14. Crispy Fried Coconut Custard$6.50
Large / Medium / Small / Cup
C1. Seafood Combination$20.95 - $3.50
C2. Tofuwith seafood$3.50 - $10.95
C3. Fish Mawwith shredded duck$10.95 - $3.50
C4. Seaweedwith shrimp$10.95 - $3.50
C5. Crab Meatwith fish maw$12.95 - $4.00
C6. Special Scallop$12.95 - $4.00
C7. Abalonewith shredded duck$12.95 - $4.00
C8. Cornwith shredded chicken$12.95 - $9.95
C9. Porkwith vegetable & tofu$12.95 - $9.95
C10. Beefwith chinese parsley$12.95 - $9.95
C11. Fish Headwith vegetable and beancurd$12.95 - $9.95
C12. Hot & Sour Soup$12.95 - $9.95
C13. Egg Drop Soup$12.95 - $9.95
C14. Wonton Soup$12.95 - $9.95
D1. Sizzling Flounderwith black bean sauce, onion and pepper
D2. Sizzling Scallops*with black pepper$15.95
D3. Sizzling Beefwith black pepper$14.95
D4. Sizzling Beef*with bone with black pepper$11.95
D5. Sizzling Oysterwith ginger and scallions$17.95
D6. Sizzling Squid In Shrimp Sauce$11.95
D7. Sizzling Chickenwith black bean sauce$10.95
E1. Braised Oyster And Roast Pork$17.95
E2. Eelwith roast pork
E3. Lamb, Bamboo Shoots, Water Chestnuts$14.95
E4. Braised Beefwith beam curd$10.95
E5. Fried Sliced Fishwith bean curd$12.95
E6. Bean Curdwith eight delights$10.95
E7. Chickenwith taro root$13.95
E8. Braised Chicken$10.95
E9. Fish Headwith ginger and scallions$9.95
E10. Beefwith clear noodles in satay sauce$10.95
E11. Salted Fishwith eggplant$9.95
*Hot & Spicy
F1. Squidwith peppers, onions, black bean sauce$9.95
F2. Squidwith ginger and scallops$9.95
F3. Spicy Salted Dry Fired Squid *$9.95
F4. Squidwith sour mustard greens$10.95
F5. Pan Fried Assorted Seafoodshrimp, scallop, squid$13.95
F6. Clams *with black bean sauce$10.95
F7. Steamed Oysters (6)in black bean sauce with shell$15.00
F8. Deep Fried Oysters$16.95
F9. Pan Fried Oysterswith ginger & scallion$16.95
F10. Scallopswith vegetables$14.95
F11. Sliced Fishwith vegetables$13.95
F12. Deep Fried Scallops$14.95
F13. Pan Fried Sea Conch$18.95
F14. Sea Conchwith black bean sauce$18.95
F15. Seafood In The Nest$15.95
F16. Stir Fried Scallop And Sea Conch$21.95
F17. Geoduck
F18. Scallops In The Shell
F19. Stewed Abalonewith oyster sauce
F20. Braised Abalonewith black mushrooms
*Hot & Spicy
G1. Lobsterwith ginger and scallion
G2. Steamed Lobster
G3. Spicy Dry Fried Salted Lobster *
G4. Jumbo Lobster Salad
G5. Lobsterwith black bean sauce
G6. Lobster Cantonese Style
G7. Spicy Salted Shrimp *with head$12.95
G8. Boiled Shrimpwith head$12.95
G9. Crystal Jumbo Shrimp$12.95
G10. Jumbo Shrimp *with peking style$12.95
G11. Butterfly Shrimpwith vegetables$10.95
G12. Shrimp Szechuan Style *$10.95
G13. Shrimpwith cashew nuts$10.95
G14. Shrimpwith lobster sauce$9.50
G15. Lobster Sauce$7.50
G16. Steamed Shrimpwith garlic$14.95
G17. Spicy Dry Fried Salted Squid, Pork Chop And Shrimp *$17.95
G18. Spicy Dry Fried Salted Squid, Scallop And Shrimp *$19.95
G19. Jumbo Crabwith ginger & scallion
G20. Spicy Fired Salted Crab *
G21. Crabmeatwith mushrooms$10.95
G22. Crabmeatwith mixed vegetables$10.95
G23. Crabmeatwith pea pods stems$14.95
*Hot & Spicy
H1. Asian Garden Special Flounder
H2. Steamed Flounder
H3. Deep Fried Flounder
H4. Pan Fried Flounderwith vegetables
H5. Sliced Spicy Dry Fried Salted Boneless Eel *
H6. Eelwith black bean sauce
H7. Steamed Black Fish
H8. Sliced Fishwith corn sauce$13.95
H9. Oven Roasted Sliced Fishwith mild curry sauce$13.95
*Hot & Spicy
K1. Stir Fired Frogwith vegetables$14.95
K2. Spicy Salted Dry Fried Frog*$15.95
K3. Steamed Frogwith garlic$15.95
K4. Stir Fried Frogwith bitter melon$15.95
K5. Crispy Fried Squab$13.95
L1. Crispy Fried Chicken$10.00 - $20.00
L2. Baked Salted Chicken$10.00 - $20.00
L3. Boiled Steamed Chicken$12.95 - $24.95
L4. Chicken Ginger Scallionwith bone$10.00 - $20.00
L5. Chickenwith vegetable$8.95
L6. Diced Chickenwith cashew nuts$8.95
L7. Steamed Chickenwith mushrooms$10.95
L8. Chickenwith lemon sauce$8.95
L9. Chickenwith orange sauce$8.95
L10. Sesame Chicken$8.95
L11. General Gau's Chicken$8.95
M1. Peking Duck$34.00
M2. Crispy Fried Roast Duck$11.95 - $22.00
M3. Braised Duckwith assorted meat$12.95 - $24.00
M4. Braised Duckwith assorted vegetables$12.95 - $24.00
M5. Braised Duckwith mushrooms$13.95 - $26.00
*Hot & Spicy
N1. Pork Chopwith orange sauce$8.95
N2. Pork Chop Peking Style$8.95
N3. Sweet And Sour Pork$8.95
N4. Spicy Salted Dry Fried Pork Chop*$8.95
N5. Diced Porkwith cashew nuts$8.95
N6. Sliced Porkwith vegetables$8.95
N7. Roast Porkwith mixed vegetables$10.95
N8. Pork Mushroom Chow Yoke$8.95
N9. Fried Brisket$8.95
N10. Stir Fried Brisketwith sour mustard greens$9.95
N11. Porkwith taro root$10.95
N12. Porkwith sour vegetables$10.95
*Hot & Spicy
O1. Beefwith snow peas pods$9.95
O2. Beef Curry *$9.95
O3. Beef *with peppers, onion, satay sauce$9.95
O4. Beefwith broccoli$9.95
O5. Beefwith mixed vegetables$9.95
O6. Beefwith bitter melon$9.95
O7. Beefwith sour mustard greens$10.95
O8. Beefwith oyster sauce$10.95
O9. Spicy Salted Beef *with bone$10.95
O10. Beefwith bone with green beans$10.95
O11. Fillet Steak Special Sweet & Sour Sauce$13.95
O12. Fillet Steakwith oyster sauce and broccoli$13.95
O13. Sirloin Steak, Hong Kong Style$13.95
L14. Fried Steakwith vegetable$13.95
P1. Special Buddha Delightassorted vegetables$8.50
P2. Buddha Delightwith bean curd$9.50
P3. Fried Bean Curdwith vegetable$8.50
P4. Broccoliwith oyster sauce$8.50
P5. Stir Fried Mixed Vegetables$8.50
P6. Stir Fried Pea Pod Stems$12.95
Sweet And Sour
Q1. Sweet And Sour Pork$8.95
Q2. Sweet And Sour Chicken$8.95
Q3. Sweet And Sour Shrimp$10.95
Q4. Sweet And Sour Scallops$10.95
R1. Diced Chickenwith peanuts$8.95
R2. Diced Porkwith peanuts$8.95
R3. Sliced Beefwith peanuts$9.95
R4. Shrimpwith peanuts$10.95
R5. Spiced Chicken In Peking Sauce$8.95
R6. Sliced Porkwith hot spiced bean curd$8.95
R7. Spice Green Beanswith minced pork$8.95
Egg Foo Young
S1. Chicken Egg Foo Young$8.95
S2. Roast Pork Egg Foo Young$8.95
S3. Shrimp Egg Foo Young$9.95
Moo Shi
T1. Moo Shi Chicken$9.95
T2. Moo Shi Beef$9.95
T3. Moo Shi Pork$9.95
T4. Moo Shi Shrimp$10.95
T5. Moo Shi Vegetables$8.95
Fried Rice
U1. Fu Chow Stylescallop, shrimp, chicken$14.95
U2. House Fried Rice$9.95
U3. Yang Chow Fried Riceroast pork and shrimp$6.75
U4. Yuen Yen Fried Rice$11.00
U5. Shrimp Fried Rice$6.75
U6. Beef Fried Rice$6.25
U7. Chicken Fried Rice$6.25
U8. Pork Fried Rice$6.25
U9. Salted Fish And Chicken Fried Rice$9.95
U10. Scallops In Egg White$9.95
V1. Beefwith curry sauce$5.75
V2. Shrimpwith vegetables$6.50
V3. Beefwith peppers, onion, black bean$5.75
V4. Beefwith tomato$5.75
V5. Beefwith bean curd$5.75
V6. Beefwith broccoli$5.75
V7. Roast Porkwith bean curd$6.75
V8. Shrimp And Egg$6.50
V9. Fish And Vegetables$6.50
V10. Seafood And Vegetables$6.50
V11. Fillets Of Beefwith special sweet & sour$7.50
V12. Braised Beef And Vegetables$5.75
V13. Roast Duck$7.50
V14. Eight Delights$6.50
Chow Fun
Add $0.50 After 5pm. *Hot & Spicy
W1. Roast Pork, Chicken Pork & Vegetables$6.25
W2. Fish Filletswith vegetables$7.50
W3. Shredded Porkwith bean sprouts$6.25
W4. Shredded Chickenwith bean sprouts$6.25
W5. Eight Delights$7.50
W6. Seafoodwith vegetables$7.50
W7. Sliced Chickenwith vegetables$6.25
W8. Jumbo Shrimpwith vegetables$7.50
W9. Sliced Chicken In Satay Sauce *$6.25
W10. Braised Beef Tendon And Vegetables$6.25
W11. Beefwith broccoli$6.25
W12. Singapore Style*shrimp, pork with curry sauce$6.25
W13. Shrimp And Pork Rice Sticks, Sweet$6.25
W14. Shrimp And Pork Rice Stickscanoness style$6.25
W15. Shredded Duckwith rice sticks$7.50
W16. Beefbean sprouts, onions, black bean sauce$6.25
W17. Beef, Peppers, Onionsblack bean sauce$6.25
W18. Mixed Vegetables Lo Mein$6.25
W19. Ginger And Scallion Lo Mein$6.25
W20. Beef Lo Mein$6.25
W21. Vegetablewith yee mein$7.50
W22. Crabmeatwith yee mein$8.50
W23. Hong Kong Style Yee Mein$7.95
W24. Stir Fried Noodlewith bean sprout$6.25
Add $0.50 After 5pm
X1. Braised Beef Tendons$6.25
X2. Swatowese Wonton Only$6.25
X3. Swatowese Wonton$6.25
X4. Roast Duck And Wonton$7.50
X5. Beef Tendon And Wonton$7.50
X6. Yang Chow Styleseafood, meat, vegetables$11.00
X7. Szechuan Pickleswith pork$11.00
X8. Pickled Vegetableswith shredded duck$11.00
X9. Crab Meat$12.50
With Satay Sauce Add $0.50 After 5pm
X10. Seafood And Udon$9.95
X11. Chicken (Beef Or Pork) Udon$7.95

Visit Asian Garden here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Asian Garden.

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