Bareburger Menu, Prices and Locations

We created a family of farmers & partners to make clean-comfort food for everyone, because better food starts with your full belly.Every burger, salad and sandwich we make starts by working closely with our network of sustainable farmers & partners. With their help, we have created a menu that is over one-third vegetarian and plant-based.Our sustainability efforts go beyond our food. Each Bareburger is built with reclaimed & recycled materials making every one of our vibrant spaces unique.

So all you carnivorous, veggie-heads, and gluten-haters come hang at our place and let us serve you all the local, organic, & sustainable burgers, shakes, salads, fries, and sides your earth-loving mouths can handle.

Bareburger Menu

Add Salad Protein: Beef $3.65, Beef $3.65, Turkey $3.65, Grilled Lemon Chicken $3.65, Black Bean (V) $3.65, Farmer Quinoa (V) $3.65, Sweet Potato & Wild Rice (V, GF) $3.65, Smoked Tempeh (V, GF) $3.65, Elk $4.75, Wild Boar $4.75, Bison $5.80, Goat $6
Guapo Chop(v, gf). chopped romaine hearts, jalapenos, pickled red onions, spicy pico de gallo, guacamole, corn tortilla chips, avocado basil dressing$10.65
The Hudson(gf). baby kale, amish blue, duck bacon, sunny side egg, hass avocado, grape tomatoes, red onions, buttermilk ranch$11.75
Cali Fresh(v, gf). baby kale, quinoa, grape tomatoes, watermelon radish, red onions, alfalfa, cauliflower hummus, lemon tahini dressing$11.40
Sprouts & Roots(v, gf). crispy brussel sprouts, smoked tempeh, wasabi, carrot slaw, wild mushrooms, crispy lotus root, sesame ginger dressing$11.25
Roman Heartscharred romaine hearts, manchego, watermelon radish, croutons, caesar dressing$8.35
Sweet Grazin'(gf, n). baby kale, candied pecans, apples, watermelon radish, lemon poppy seed dressing$10.75
Buttermilk Buffalobuffalo fried chicken, amish blue, buttermilk ranch, green leaf, brioche bun$8.70
Mazuma(v). smoked tempeh, wasabi carrot slaw, pineapple relish, crispy lotus root, alfalfa, sprout bun$8.90
Pickle Fried Chickenbuttermilk fried chicken, sweet pickles, green leaf, horseradish remoulade, brioche bun$8.40
Backyard Brisketbrisket, pepper jack, green tomatoes, creamy slaw, brioche bun$11.15
Duck Duck Goudaduck bacon, gouda, fried egg, tomato fig jam, brioche bun$8.80
Cubby Fare
Served With Apples.
1. Choose Your Sippiesapple juice, fruit punch, milk, chocolate milk
2. Choose Your Munchies(gf). add salad, french fries, sweet fries$1.00
3. Choose Your Meal$7.95
3. Choose Your Mealgrizzly: kids cheeseburger (beef or turkey), colby, brioche bun
3. Choose Your Mealpanda: chicken tenders (3), buttermilk ranch
3. Choose Your Mealpolar: colby cheese sandwich, brioche bun
All Red Meats Are Cooked Medium, Unless Specified.
Socalturkey, aged cheddar, pickled red onions, alfalfa, guacamole, sprout bun$10.85
County Fairbison, aged cheddar, dill pickles, red onions, tomatoes, green leaf, mayo, brioche bun$11.75
Grindhouseelk, manchego, country bacon, piquante relish, green leaf, paprika mayo, brioche bun$11.90
Wiki Wikiwild boar, gouda, duck bacon, chickpea onions, pineapple relish, brioche bun$11.90
Blue Elkelk, amish blue, country bacon, stout onions, tomato fig jam, sprout bun$12.15
El Matadorbiscon, queso fresco, jalapenos, guacamole, green leaf, spicy pico de gallo, brioche bun$12.65
Hog Wildwild boar, pimento cheese, fried egg, chickpea onions, green tomato, brioche bun$10.70
Goatgoat, red onions, green leaf, mint yogurt, piquante relish, sprout bun$11.90
The Standardbeef, coldy, stout onions, dill pickles, special sauce, brioche bun$9.85
Farmstead(v, gf). sweet potato & wild rice, cauliflower hummus, tomatoes, baby kale, wrapped in collard greens$9.65
Guadalupe(v). black bean, pickled red onions, tomatoes, alfalfa, guacamole, sprout bun$9.65
Buckaroobeef, aged cheddar, brisket, wild mushrooms, smoke sauce, brioche bun$13.25
Supremebeef, colby, country bacon, green leaf, onion rings, chopped fries, special sauce, brioche bun$11.80
Southern Caviarbison, pimento cheese, country bacon, stout onions, horseradish remoulade, brioche bun$12.85
French Fries(v, gf). special sauce, curry ginger ketchup$4.85
Sweet Fries(v, gf). special sauce, buttermilk ranch$6.85
Onion Ringspaprika mayo, smoke sauce$7.95
Rings & Friessmoke sauce, special sauce, habanero mayo, curry ginger ketchup$8.95
Rings & Sweet Friessmoke sauce, special sauce, habanero mayo, curry ginger ketchup$9.95
Pickles & Slawsdill pickles, spicy pickles, sweet pickles, creamy slaw, wasabi carrot slaw$11.85
Chicken Tendersbuttermilk ranch, smoke sauce, horseradish remoulade$9.85
Be My Burger
Choose Your Pattybeef, turkey, grilled lemon chicken, black bean (v), farmers quinoa (v), smoked tempeh (gf, v).$8.80
Choose Your Pattyelk, wild boar$1.10
Choose Your Pattybison$2.15
Choose Your Pattysweet potato & wild rice$2.65
Choose Your Bunbrioche bun, sprout bun (v), wrapped in collard green (v, gf)
Choose Your Bunhemp milk bun (gf)$1.65
Choose Your Cheesecolby, aged cheddar, pepper jack, manchego, queso fresco, gouda, pimento, amish blue$1.20
Choose Your Bacon(gf)
Choose Your Baconcountry bacon$1.65
Choose Your Baconduck bacon$3.15
Choose Your Baconbrisket$3.85
Choose Your Veggies(v, gf) alfalfa, green leaf, jalapenos, red onions, chickpea onions, stout onions, pickled red onions, tomatoes,green tomatoes, dill pickles, sweet pickles, spicy pickles, wild mushrooms
Choose Your Sauce
Choose Your Sauce(gf) mayo, special sauce, habanero mayo, paprika mayo, buttermilk ranch, horseradish remoulade
Choose Your Sauce(v & gf) ketchup, buffalo sauce, stone mustard, smoke sauce, curry ginger ketchup
Choose Your Sauce(gf) mint yogurt$1.00
Choose Your Sauce(v & gf) piquante relish, pineapple relish, tomato fig jam$1.15
Choose Your Sauce(v & gf) guacamole$2.20
French Fries(v, gf).$2.80
Rings & Fries$4.70
Creamy Slaw(v, gf)$3.85
Dill Pickles(v, gf)$2.85
Sweet Fries(v, gf)$3.85
Rings & Sweet Fries$5.70
Wasabi Carrot Slaw(v, gf).$3.85
Spicy Pickles(v, gf)$2.85
Onion Rings$3.85
Baby Kale Salad(v, gf).$3.85
Sweet Pickles(v, gf). 100 year old family recipe$3.60
Bare Standard Sammiechocolate sauce$6.85
Choco Choco PB Sammie(n). chocolate sauce$6.85
Baked Apple Sammiecaramel sauce$6.85
Snickerdoodle Sammiecaramel sauce$6.85
Kids Sundae(gf). chocolate sauce$4.75
Flouries Chocolate Cake(gf). cherry compote$7.95
Vegan Carrot Cake(v, gf, n). caramel sauce$7.95
(V) Vegan. (GF) Gluten Free. (N) Nuts.
Ice Teaginger green, white peach, black tea raspberry$2.85
Lemonadesclassic, strawberry, rosemary limeade$2.95
All Natural Sodascola, diet cola, root beer, diet root beer, ginger brew, ginger ale, lemon lime, mandarin orange, sarsaparilla, blueberry$2.85
Root Beer Floatvanilla ice cream, root beer, chocolate sauce$6.95
Cold Brewed Iced Coffee$3.95
Hot Coffeehot tea$2.25
Bottled Water$1.50
Shakes($4.95 to $6.95). mix your flavors vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter n, banana, strawberry, raspberry
Banana Foster Milkshake($5.95 to $7.95). vanilla ice cream, bananas, caramel sauce
Hot Honey Milkshake($5.95 to $7.95). vanilla ice cream, hot honey

Visit Bareburger here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Bareburger.

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