b café Menu, Prices and Locations

b café is a conveniently located quick service restaurant at the intersection of billings road and hancock street in north quincy. since 2007, we have been diligently serving the quincy community with fresh sushi and quality drinks, making b café a household name and a local favorite.

At b café, we have a wide range of different foods to suit any mood! our menu includes creative makimonos and sushi platters, teppanyaki rice bowls and ramen noodles. we also offer a vibrant selection of boba teas, fresh smoothies, regular ice cream and fried ice cream to satisfy any sweet tooth.

b café Menu

Small Plates For Sharing
Grilled Calamariolive oil citronette, oregano, toast grille$14.00
House Country Patepistachio, mustard-figues, cornichons$13.00
Tuna Tartarsushi grade tuna, avocado, tomatoes, soy dressing$17.00
Belgian Mini Cheese Croquettesgruyere cheese, bechamel filling, fresh tomato sauce$9.00
Crab Cakemaine crab meat, celery remoulade, mache$17.00
New Zealand Green Lip Mussels Gratinatedparsley-garlic butter, gruyere$12.00
Roasted Butternut Squashbelgian apple-pear syrup, parmigiano reggiano, mache$12.00
Mixed Greensgoat cheese, beets, tomatoes, red onions$10.00
Belgian Endivestilton, walnuts, aged balsamic$15.00
Roasted Beet Saladaged goat cheese, mache$14.00
Boston Lettucemaytag blue cheese, bacon, croutons$13.00
Spicy Shrimparugula, mango, cucumber, tomatoes, basil oil$17.00
Chop Chopromaine, tomatoes, eggs, avocado, bacon, stilton, chicken$14.00
Light Fare
B.Cafe Burgerfresh ground beef, pancetta, chimay cheese, capers-mayo, frites$18.00
Club Sandwichroasted duck breast, dijon-mayo, gruyere cheese, bacon, fried egg, frites$19.00
Big Plates
Carbonnades Flamandesbelgian beef stew cooked with dark beer, frites$22.00
Grilled Herbs Marinated Atlantic Salmoncrispy carrots and parsnips, sauteed spinach, mushroom, white wine sauce$25.00
Seared Scallopsparsnips puree, asparagus, lemon-capers sauce$28.00
Steak Frites "Belgique"beef sirloin, 3 peppercorn sauce, greens, frites$32.00
Roasted Free Range Chickenlemon, capers, black olives, mashed potatoes$19.00
Berkshire Pigconfit belly, sausage, loin, salsifis, poached seckel pear$27.00
Vegetarian Pastapenne, tomatoes, cured olives, asparagus, carrots, basil, parmigiano reggiano$18.00
Americain Prepare (Steak Tartare A La Bruxelloise)fresh ground raw sirloin, onions, capers, cornichons, ketchup, spices, frites$26.00
Grilled Tunasushi grade tuna, sugar braised endive, mashed potatoes, ginger-ketchup$28.00
Grilled Skirt Steakred wine shallots sauce, greens, frites$24.00
Chicken Vol Au Venbelgian chicken stew, mushrooms, pearl onions, frites$19.00
Traditional Belgian Fisherman Gratincod fish, salmon, scallops, shrimp, mussels, calamari, vermouth sauce$27.00
Moules Frites $22
Fresh Mussels Delivered Daily, Cooked In Traditional Mussel Pots, Vegetables, Frites
Provencalegarlic, tomatoes, white wine
Malay Laksared curry, coconut milk, coriander
Garlic And Beergarlic, hoegaarden
Madridsaffron, chicken broth, white wine
Confit Garlic Mashed Potatoes$8.00
Sugar Braised Endive$8.00
Granolaplain low fat yogurt, strawberries$9.00
Crisp Belgian Waffleberries, whipped cream, chocolate sauce, vanilla ice cream$11.00
Eggs Benedictenglish muffins, poached eggs, smoked salmon, hollandaise, frites$15.00
Eggs Benedict Classiqueenglish muffins, poached eggs, smoked ham, hollandaise, frites$13.00
Eggs Benedict Florentineenglish muffins, poached eggs, spinach, hollandaise, frites$12.00
Eggs Any Stylebacon, toast, greens, fries$12.00
French Toastbrioche, berries, whipped cream, vermont maple syrup$13.00
B.Café Omelettecarbonnades flamandes, gruyère, greens, frites$15.00
Croque Monsieuropen face sandwich, ham, bechamel, gruyère, greens$12.00
Croque Madameopen face sandwich, ham, bechamel, gruyère, fried egg, greens$13.00
Norwegian Saladgreens, smoked salmon, grapes, cucumber, poached egg$14.00
Chop Chop Saladromaine, tomatoes, eggs, avocado, bacon, stilton, chicken$12.00
B.Café Burger8oz. fresh ground beef, pancetta, chimay cheese, capers-mayo, frites$16.00
Steak Sandwichbaguette, beef sirloin, onions, lettuce, tomatoes, capers-mayo, greens, frites$16.00
Egg Sandwichbaguette, scrambled eggs, onions, tomatoes, swiss cheese, avocado, greens, frites$12.00
Brussels Style Merguez Sandwichbaguette, spicy lamb sausage, sautéed onions, tomatoes, lettuce, spicy samurai sauce, frites$17.00
Carbonnades Flamandesbelgian beef stew cooked with dark beer, frites$19.00
Grilled Herbs Marinated Atlantic Salmonsautéed spinach, mushroom, white wine sauce$20.00
Buttermilk Pancakes
Plaincinnamon butter$11.00
Chocolatecinnamon butter$12.00
Smoked Salmonscallions, crème fraîche, greens, frites$15.00
Goat Cheeseonions, tomatoes, asparagus, greens, frites$14.00
Spinachmushrooms, tomatoes, chop onions, gruyère, frites$14.00
Moules Frites $19
Fresh Mussels Delivered Daily, Cooked In Traditional Mussel Pots, Vegetables, Frites
Marinierewhite wine
Provencalegarlic, tomatoes, white wine
Malay Laksared curry, coconut milk, coriander
Garlic And Beergarlic, hoegaarden
Madridsaffron, chicken broth, white wine
Pear Tree$10.00
Hot Drinks
Hot Chocolate$6.00
Fresh Squeezed Orange Juice$5.00
Cranberry Juice$4.00
Draft Beers
Hoegaarden Framboise$8.00
Hoegaarden Wit Beer$7.00
Grimbergen Dubbel Brown$8.00
La Chouffe$9.00
Leffe Blonde$8.00
Lindemans Framboise$8.00
Stella Artois$7.00
Tripel Karmeliet$9.00
Beer Paddlechoice of any 4 (5 oz. gl.) draft beers$16.00
Grimbergen Dubbel Brownbitter-sweet with raisin and toffee aroma$8.00
Hoegaarden Framboisegently sour wheat beer with a splash of lambic framboise$8.00
Hoegaarden Wit Beergently sour wheat beer$7.00
Kwakliquorices soft with nougat, banana flavor$9.00
La Chouffeecoriander, lightly hopped$9.00
Leffe Blondeelegant, sweet and soft$8.00
Lindemans Framboisecrisp raspberry beer$8.00
Palmamber ale with balanced hops$8.00
Stella Artoisclear and full pilsner$7.00
Tripel Karmelietbubbly wheaty freshness and creamy oats$9.00
Beer Paddlechoice of any 4 (5oz. gl.) draft beers$16.00
Speciality Beers
De Koninck$7.00
Delirium Tremens$9.00
Houblon Chouffe IPA$12.00
Kasteel Donker$10.00
Kasteel Gouden-Triple-D’Or$10.00
Poperings Hommel$9.00
Saison Dupont$11.00
Troubadour Blond$10.00
Troubadour Obscura$11.00
Achel Blondbrown$14.00
Chimay Blue$14.00
Chimay Red$11.00
Chimay White$11.00
Rochefort #8$14.00
Rochefort #10$16.00
Westmalle Dubbel$15.00
Westmalle Tripel$15.00
Achel Browncaramel maltiness and peppery hop character$14.00
Achel Blondpale, strong and fruity character$14.00
Chimay Bluepeppery taste with a hint of caramel$14.00
Chimay Rednice carbonization and smoky taste$11.00
Chimay Whitemalty flavor with light hops$12.00
Orvallightly dry with hints of caramel and wild yeast$15.00
Rochefort #8soft approach to tender notes of chocolate and liqueur$14.00
Rochefort #10strong with mild hints of cocoa and prunes$16.00
Westmalle Dubbelsweet with candy sugar, but nice bitter aftertaste$15.00
Westmalle Tripelvery complex with notes of coriander and oranges$15.00
High Percentage Alcohol Golden Ales $10
Duvel Belgian Golden Ale
Malheur Golden Ale #10
Abbey Ales
Grimbergen Blond$7.00
Corsendonk Abbey Brown Ale$10.00
Corsendonk Pale Ale$11.00
Maredsous #8 Dark$9.00
Maredsous #10 Triple$10.00
St. Bernardus Prior$11.00
St. Bernardus Abt$13.00
St. Feuillien Triple$10.00
Val-Dieu Triple$10.00
Corsendonk Abbey Brown Alebubbly with notes of raisins and red apples$10.00
Corsendonk Pale Alebubbly with herbal bouquet and hoppy aftertaste$11.00
Grimbergen Blondfruity taste with a bittersweet touch$8.00
Leffe Browndeep brown apples aroma, oaky, sappy, dryness finish$9.00
Maredsous #8 Darkcreamy with royal caramel taste and a fruity touch$9.00
Maredsous #10 Triplea harmony of sour, sweet and bitter$10.00
St. Bernardus Abtrobust with hints of cognac and espresso$13.00
St. Feuillien Triplerich combination of aromatic hops, spices and fruits$10.00
Val-Dieu Triplecrisp and clean, hoppy bitterness, nutty maltiness w/dry finish$10.00
Fruit Beers
Cassis Lambicblack currants flavor$13.00
Kasteel Rougecherry flavor$10.00
Kriek Lambiccherry flavor$13.00
Lindemans Pommeapple flavor$13.00
Peche Lambicpeach flavor$13.00
Lambic $13
Lindemans Cassisblack currant flavored with less carbonation
Lindemans Kriekintense cherry surrounded by bubbles
Lindemans Pechealmost bellini-like peach flavored champagne
Lindemans Pommerefreshing sour apple flavor
Specialty Beers
Barbarspicy with a smokey finish$8.00
De Koninckmalty with velvet palate and clean crisp flavor$7.00
Delirium Tremensnutty and peppery with a bitter aroma$10.00
Duvelsparkling and hoppy with citrus and pear aroma$10.00
Houblon La Chouffe IPAsweet & fruity, crackers, sour wheat & pine element$13.00
Kasteel Donkernice carbonization and gentle prune sweetness$9.00
Kasteel Tripelclean, gentle taste with citrusy flavor$9.00
Kasteel Rouge, Cherry Flavorfull bodied cherry character$9.00
Malheur #10bubbly, sweet with hoppy nose and latte notes$10.00
Poperings Hommelspicy vanilla notes, hoppy yet sweetish aftertaste$9.00
Lucifergolden ale, lightly hoppy and yeastily spicy$9.00
Piraatintense, golden, peppery spice, bitter finish$10.00
Rodenbachsour, tart, fruity, refreshing with a madeira sweetness$9.00
Saison Dupontstrong bitterness with hint of orange zest$12.00
Scaldisstrongest in the world with dry, nutty taste$11.00
Troubadour Blondnotes of white pepper and fennel$10.00
Troubadour Obscuramild stout with dark fruits and chocolate$11.00
Wittekerkewheat beer with orange peel hints$7.00
Dessert - Sweets
Gaufres De Bruxelles Au Sucrebelgian waffle, sugar$8.00
Gaufres De Bruxelles Chantillybelgian waffle, whipped cream, chocolate sauce$10.00
Gaufres De Bruxelles B.Cafébelgian waffle, berries, vanilla ice cream, chocolate sauce$12.00
Crème Brûlée À L’orangevanilla & orange custard, sugar crust$8.00
Home Made Belgian Cheese Cakespeculoos crust$10.00
Tarte Tatin Aux Poiresupside-down pear tart, caramel-nougatine ice cream$9.00
Callebaut Molten Chocolate Cakeberries, vanilla ice cream, whipped cream$9.00
B.Café Sundaespeculoos ice cream, whipped cream, maple sauce$10.00
Dame Blanchevanilla ice cream, whipped cream, chocolate sauce$9.00
Fresh Berriesblack currant sorbet$12.00
Coffees, Teas, Hot Chocolate
Decaffeinated Coffee$3.00
Decaffeinated Espresso$4.00
Double Espresso$6.00
Double Decaffeinated Espresso$6.00
Decaffeinated Cappuccino$5.00
Organic Flavored Teas$6.00
Belgian Hot Chocolate$6.00
Champagnes & Sparkling
Proseccotoffoli brut, italy$10.00
White Wines Are Youngest Possible.
Chablis Drouhin 2009france$14.00
Chardonnay Match Book 2009california$10.00
Grüner Veltliner Bauer 2010austria$9.00
Muscadet Beauquin 2008france$9.00
Sancerre Hubert Brochard 2010france$15.00
Sauvignon Blanc Giessen 2011new zealand$10.00
White Bordeaux Chateau Marjosse 2006france$11.00
Rosé L’Estandoncôtes de provence, france$10.00
Reds Are From Best Available Vintages.
Cabernet Steven Vincent 2009california$10.00
Chianti Grillo Del Bosco 2006italy$10.00
Cotes Du Rhone Saint Maurice 2007france$9.00
Malbec Ique Enrique Foster 2010argentina$8.00
Medoc Chateau La Grave 2009france$9.00
Merlot 100% Chateau Tour D’auron 2005france$13.00
Pinot Noir Michael Forrest 2007california$15.00
Shiraz Oracle 2010south africa$11.00
Zinfandel Starry Night 2007$13.00

Visit b café here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local b café.

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