Bill Miller’s Menu, Prices and Locations

In 1950, on a $500 loan from his father, Bill Miller opened a small poultry and egg business. Three years later Bill Miller Bar-B-Q began as a small fried chicken-to-go restaurant. Fried chicken led to hamburgers and then to barbecue. The second restaurant opened in February of 1963. Today there are 73 Bill Miller Bar-B-Q restaurants and 5 Laguna Madre Seafood Co. restaurants.

From the beginning, Bill Miller Bar-B-Q was a family business. Ila Faye Miller, working alongside Bill Miller, served as a cashier and hostess while raising their four children. The children learned how to work and were raised learning the operations of the business. They worked in the restaurant during the summers and on weekends.

Bill Miller’s Menu

From Our Bakery
Meringue$1.59 - $6.49
Fruit$1.69 - $7.49
Pecan$1.99 - $9.49
Peach Cobbler$1.49 - $3.99
Fudge Brownise$1.90
Dozen Brownies$5.99
BreadLoaf of french or rye$0.69
Combo Meals
Poor Boy, French Fries & Large Tea$6.29
3 Pc. Fried ChickenFrench fries & large tea$5.80
Regular Plate & Large TeaSelect all white meat add $0.70$7.75
3 Pc. Fried Chicken TendersFrench fries & large tea$6.30
Small Chicken SandwichFrench fries & large tea. Select all white meat add $0.70$5.09
Salad De-Lite & Large TeaSelect all white bar-b-q chicken add $0.70$6.20
2 Chopped BBQ SandwichesFrench fries & large tea$5.19
Rancher Plate & Large TeaSelect all white meat add $0.70$11.10
Crispy Chicken SandwichFrench fries & large tea$5.20
10 Pc. Fried Chicken5 Jalapenos & bucket of tea$22.00
Small FamilyTwo links of sausage & bucket of tea$26.00
Poor BoyBeef, ham, sausage or turkey add 1/2 link $1.69$4.19
Poor Boy PlusExtra meat plus a side order add 1/2 link $1.69$5.59
Crispy Chicken Sandwich$2.90
Bar-B-Q Chicken Sandwich$2.99 - $4.69
Select White Meat$3.69 - $5.39
Chopped Bar-B-Q Sandwich$1.59 - $8.59
Bar - B - Q Plates
Beef brisket, sausage, ham, chicken, turkey
Regular PlateChoice of 1 meat & 3 side orders$7.30
Rancher PlateChoice of 2 meat & 3 side orders$10.65
Rodeo PlateChoice of 3 meat & 3 side orders$14.00
Wrangler PlateChoice of 1 meat & 2 side orders$6.10
Bar - B - Q Pork Sparerib Plates
The Rib PlatePork spareribs &3 side orders$8.75
The Rib Plate with 1Additional meat & 3 side orders$12.10
The Rib Plate with 2Additional meat & 3 side orders$15.45
Fried Chicken Family Orders
10 Pc. Fried Chicken$17.00
15 Pc. Fried ChickenOur choice$25.50
10 Pc. Up To 3Breasts$17.50
15 Pc. Up To 5 Breasts$26.50
All White MeatUp yo 5 breasts$18.50 - $28.00
All Breasts$21.00 - $31.50
Fried Chicken
3 Pc. Fried Chicken$5.00
3 Pc. Up To 2 Breasts$6.00
3 Pc. All breasts$6.50
4 Pc. Fried Chicken$6.30
4 Pc Up To Breasts$7.80
4 Pc. All Breasts$8.30
2 Pc. Fried Chicken$3.70
2 Pc. Up To 1 Breast$4.20
2 Pc. All Breasts$4.70
3 Pc. Chicken Breast Tenders$5.60
4 Pc. Chicken Breast Tenders$7.00
2 Pc. Chicken Breast Tenders$4.20
1 Pc. Leg, Thigh or Wing$2.40
1 Pc. Breast$2.90
On The Lite Side
Salad De LiteChoice of turkey, ham, fried chicken, tenders, or Bar-B-Q chicken. Select allwhite Bar-B-Q chicken add $0.70$5.40
Garden Fresh Salad$3.60
Fruit Salad (Seasonal)$7.00
Vegetable Beef Soup$3.60 - $7.00
Baked Potato$2.40
Baked Potato ComboChoice of garden fresh salad, vegetable beef soup, or fruit salad$5.30
Chicken De LiteSelect all white Bar-B-Q chicken add $0.70$5.30 - $6.80
Soup & Salad$6.60
Bar-B-Q Family Order
Bar-B-Q Family Order Small1 Pound sliced Bar-B-Q Beef with 1 Pint each of: Potato salad, pinto beans & coleslaw. Pickles & onions and 1 loaf french bread$19.55
Bar-B-Q Family Order Large11/2 Pounds of Bar-B-Q (mix or match) with 1 Quart each of: Potato salad, pinto beans & coleslaw. Pickles & onions and 2 loaves french bread$28.95
From Our Pit
Bar-B-Q Beef Brisket$12.45
Delicious Sausage Links$3.29
Bar-B-Q Chicken$11.45
1/2 Chicken$5.80
1/4 Chicken$3.90
1/2 Chicken, All White$6.50
1/4 Chicken, All White$4.60
Meaty Pork Spareribs$12.45
Side Orders
Pinto Beans$1.45 - $3.90
Potato Salad$1.45 - $3.90
Hash Browns$1.45 - $3.90
Cole Slaw$1.45 - $3.90
Spanish Rice$1.45 - $3.90
Green Beans$1.45 - $3.90
Mashed Potatoes$1.45 - $3.90
French Fries$1.45 - $5.30
Iced Tea (Small)$0.89
Sweet or Unsweetened$0.99 - $3.20

Visit Bill Miller’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Bill Miller’s.

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