Billy Sims Menu, Prices and Locations

Billy Sims BBQ is an American restaurant chain founded by former professional football player, Billy Sims and his business partner, Jeff Jackson. In 2004, Sims and Jackson opened the first Billy Sims BBQ location in Tulsa, Oklahoma. The brand is supported by 54 locations operating across six states. Billy Sims BBQ is a fast casual dining restaurant.In 2014, the Billy Sims BBQ brand had expanded into a chain of 45 franchised operations in seven states and was recognized in USA Today’s 2014 Top Restaurants List.

Billy Sims Menu

Sooner Salads
Smoked Chicken CaeserFresh romain topped with parmesan cheese, croutons and strips of our famous smoked chicken. Served with caeser dressing$7.49
Schooner BBQ SaladA bed of fresh romaine topped with cheddar cheese, smoked corn, red onion, croutons, cherry tomatoes and choice of one of our delicious smoked meats$7.49
Spuds & Chili
Regular Baked PotatoSlow-smoked with margarine and sour cream$5.49
Loaded Baked PotatoPick the topping — Includes one meat or chili$6.99
Billy’s Chili'Super bowl’ (10 oz.), with cheese and onions$4.99
Frito Chili PieBilly’s chili piled high on a bed of fritos and topped with cheese and onions$5.49
Dinners include choice of 2 ‘sideliners’ or 1 ‘superside’, plus ‘okie’ toast, pepper, red onion & pickle spear. Combo plates — Choose from brisket chopped or sliced, pulled pork, bologna, hot link, polish sausage, chicken, turkey or 2 ribs.
Two-Meat Combo$11.99
Three-Meat Combo$12.99
Four-Meat Combo$14.99
Dinners - A
All our meats are slow smoked, making them tender and juicy with a great smokey taste.
Bevo PlateBeef brisket (chopped or sliced)$9.99
Pulled RazorbackPulled pork$9.99
Arkansas SteakBologna$9.99
Smoked JayhawkSmoked chicken breast$9.99
Turnover TurkeySmoked turkey breast$9.99
The National ChampHot link$9.99
Texas DogPolish sausage$9.99
The Running BackRib dinner ( 4 ribs)$9.99
The Half BackRib dinner (1/2 rack)$11.99
The Full BackRib dinner (full rack)$22.99
Sandwiches served with one ‘sideliner’ or a ‘superside’ for $1.49 extra plus pepper, red onion & pickle spear. Add extra meat for $1.99
BrisketChopped or sliced$6.99
Pulled Pork$6.99
Smoked Chicken$6.99
Smoked Turkey$6.99
Hot Link or Polish$6.99
All hot dogs are served with chili, cheese and onions and choice of one sideliner
Polish Playoff$6.99
The LinemanOur Now famous hot link makes this one the hottest dog on the field$6.99
Big-Dogs - A
Chopped Brisket$11.99
Sliced Brisket$12.99
Smoked Chicken$11.99
Polish Sausage$11.99
Hot Links$11.99
Pulled Pork$11.99
Ribs$19.99 - $9.99
The HeismanChoice of chopped brisket or pulled pork, piled high, with a slice of bologna and a hot link$7.99
The Triple 20The latest in the lineup! Pulled pork drizzled with billy’s secret sauce & topped with cole slaw & provolone cheese$7.99
Potato Salad$2.29 - $4.29
Sooner Slaw-Ter$2.29 - $4.29
Billy BBQ Beans$2.29 - $4.29
Green Beans$2.29 - $4.29
Mini Huskers$2.29
Okie Toast$0.49
Super Side Options
Small Potato$2.79
Garden Salad$2.79
Small Chili$2.79
Kids Meals
Served with drink & choice of fruit cup or chips. Reserved for our guests 13-yrs and younger
Bologna Sandwich$4.49
Grilled Cheese$4.49
Smoked Chicken$4.49
Frito Chili Pie$4.49
2 Rib Meal$4.49
AJ’s Famous PB&J$4.49
Soft DrinksPepsi, diet pepsi, Dr. pepper, Mt. dew, lemonade, sierra mist, orange slice and ‘mug’ root beer$2.49 - $1.79
Gallon Tea$6.99
Sweet or Unsweet

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