Blue Fish Menu, Prices and Locations

Exquisite sushi and sashimi, innovative chef inspired rolls and exceptional grilled entrées have made The Blue Fish an award-winning restaurant for more than 16 years.The Japanese and Asian Fusion concept offers up the finest flavors of the East with an emphasis on quality and freshness. Complement your meal with craft cocktails, an extensive wine list and sakes selected by an on-staff Certified Sake Specialist.

The combination of world-class cuisine, fine beverages and unique atmosphere provides guests with an unparalleled dining experience that has made this establishment so popular. Multiple locations with amenities such as private dining, lounge area or patio space allows guests to find a location to meet their needs.

Blue Fish Menu

Small Plates
Ahi TowerTuna tartar marinated in sesame oil over snow crab, avocado salad, bedded on a sushi rice foundation infused with creamy wasabi sauce and various caviar.$14.95
Tuna CarpaccioThinly sliced tuna sashimi, cilantro puree, served with garlic-ginger vinaigrette and olive oil, topped with sliced jalapenos, cilantro and green onions.$18.95
Kobe ManduKorean style potstickers ground kobe beef stuffed potstickers, served with spicy soy vinaigrette steamed or pan seared.$11.50
Stuffed JalapenoFresh jalapeno, stuffed with snow crab salad, cream cheese, lightly fried, served with eel and spicy sauce.$13.50
Kobe SizzlerThin strips of kobe beef, served with a hot stone to grill table side, garlic and yuzu reduction sauce.$16.95
Tuna PokeHawaiian style tuna sashimi chunks, topped with spicy special house made hawaiian poke sauce.$18.95
The Blue Fish TacosTuna tartar marinated in sesame oil, red chili and sea salt, crab meat, served in crispy taco shells.$15.95
The Blue Fish TrioSnapper, scottish salmon and ahi tuna, marinated in sesame oil, red chili and sea sal , creamy wasabi sauce, garnished with various caviar.$15.95
Peking Duck CigarPeking duck, shiitake mushroom, green onions, rolled into a cigar with a spring roll wrap, served with special house dipping sauce.$9.50
Stuffed Soft Shell CrabSoft shell crab lightly fried, served with spicy crab salad stuffing, topped with dynamite sauce.$13.95
Spicy Salmon Or Tuna Tartar On Crispy RiceSpicy salmon or tuna tartar, served on lightly fried crispy rice, topped with garlic yuzu sauce.$12.95
Summer RollsFresh vietnamese spring rolls with snow crab, shrimp, mango, vermicelli noodles, bean sprouts, served with spicy peanut dipping sauce.$9.50
Crab PotstickersAsian style dumplings, filled with snow crab, shiitake mushrooms and asparagus steamed or pan seared.$9.50
Chilean Sea Bass AppetizerPan fried chilean sea bass, topped sweet blond miso sauce.$14.00
Yellowtail, Salmon HeavenYellowtail or salmon sashimi with shaved jalapeno, ponzu sauce, cilantro topped with spicy sauce.$16.00
Crab CakeCrab cake, creamy wasabi sauce, served with mashed potato.$12.95
Crispy Spring RollsFried spring rolls, shiitake mushrooms, leeks, glass noodles, served with sweet asian dipping sauce.$10.00
Calamari TempuraFresh calamari rings encrusted in bread crumbs, served with sweet yuzu and spicy aioli sauce.$8.95
Rock Shrimp Popcorn TempuraWild rock shrimp tempura battered, served with sweet yuzu and spicy aioli sauce.$9.95
Sesame Tuna SaladFresh ahi steaks sesame-seared, baby greens, light sesame-vinaigrette.$16.00
Sashimi SaladRed snapper, fresh salmon, tuna, shrimp sashimi, spicy squid salad, baby greens, miso dressing.$20.00
Seared Ahi SaladFilet of ahi seared, baby greens, romaine, cilantro-mustard dressing.$16.00
Spring Greens With Japanese Miso DressingBaby greens, mushrooms, tomatoes, mandarin oranges. Add baked salmon skin $2.00.$8.00
House Special Chinese Chicken SaladGrilled or crispy chicken breast, baby greens, napa cabbage, sesame-miso dressing.$12.00
VegetableChoose four: asparagus, avocado, broccoli, carrot, eggplant, sweet potato, shiitake mushroom.$4.00
SeafoodChoose three: calamari, scallop, shrimp, white fish, salmon.$6.00
Seafood Mix Assortment$15.00
Tempura CombinationShrimp and assorted vegetables.$12.00
Main Entrees
Tasmanian Ocean TroutGrilled, sake and honey-miso marinated ocean trout, hint of cumin, served with asparagus and shiitake mushrooms, topped with honey miso sauce.$24.50
Szechwan BeefFlame broiled filet mignon, served with wasabi infused mashed potatoes, sauteed spring vegetables, topped with spicy garlic asian barbecue sauce.$29.00 - $20.00
Chilean Sea BassPan seared chilean sea bass filet, served with shiitake mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, bell peppers, balsamic soy vinaigrette, white or brown rice.$29.95
Slowly Braised Short RibsKorean style flanked short ribs, marinated in soy, sweet japanese rice wine and sake, served with sweet potato puree, soba noodles with special house sauce.$21.00
Tropical Salmon DinnerSalmon marinated in teriyaki sauce, served with shiitake mushrooms, broccoli, asparagus, bell peppers, white or brown rice, pineapple garnish.$23.50
Sauteed Jumbo PrawnsPlump jumbo prawns lightly pan seared in sweet chili oil, served with fresh mango, crawfish and spicy aioli, white rice, brown rice or soba noodles.$28.50 - $20.50
Chicken TeriyakiFlame broiled chicken breast marinated in citrus, topped with house made teriyaki sauce, served with sake sauteed veggies, white or brown rice.$18.00
Miso Soup With Tofu$2.00
Sauteed Vegetables$4.00
EdamameSoy bean$5.50
Agadashi Tofu$6.50
House Green Salad$5.00
Steamed RiceWhite or brown.$2.00
Sushi Rice$2.00
Sushi & Sashimi
Sushi: 2 pieces over bed of rice. Sashimi 5-6 pieces.
TunaMaguro.$6.95 - $16.50
ToroFatty tuna.
YellowtailHamachi.$6.95 - $16.50
Kanpachi$8.50 - $18.95
Fresh SalmonSake.$5.95 - $13.95
Seared Tuna$6.95 - $16.25
Albacore Tuna$5.50 - $11.25
Smoked Salmon$5.95 - $14.25
TaiJapanese snapper.$6.95 - $16.50
Snapper$4.95 - $9.75
SquidIka.$4.25 - $9.75
OctopusTako.$5.50 - $11.95
CrabmeatKani.$6.50 - $13.00
Crab Stick$5.50 - $11.00
MackerelSaba.$4.25 - $8.95
EelUnagi.$6.50 - $13.50
Conch$4.00 - $9.50
Sea UrchinUni.$8.95 - $18.95
Surf Clam$4.00
Cajun Sushi$6.25
Sweet ShrimpRaw.$8.95 - $18.95
Smelt RoeMasago.$4.50
Salmon RoeIkura.$5.25
Flying Fish RoeTobiko.$5.00
Black Caviar$5.95
Wasabi Caviar$5.95
Quail EggOne per order.$1.00
Egg OmeletTamago.$3.00
Feature Plates
Ahi Towers$14.95
Tuna Carpaccio$18.95
Crab Cake$12.95
Stuffed Jalapeno$13.50
Blue Fish Trio$15.95
Spicy Tuna Tartar Crispy Rice$12.95
Chilean Sea Bass Appetizer$14.00
Peking Duck Cigars$9.50
Tuna Poke$18.95
Stuffed Soft Shell Crab$13.95
Summer Roll$9.50
Beef Sashimi$12.50
Crab Potstickers$9.50
Snow Crab Claws$13.00
Spring RollsFried.$10.00
Calamari Tempura$8.95
Kobe Sizzler$16.95
Miso Glazed Black Cod$16.00
Sesame Tuna$16.00
Seared Ahi Salad$16.00
YellowtailSalmon heaven.$16.00
Rock Shrimp Popcorn$9.95
Signature Rolls
Signature rolls 6-8 pieces, as hand roll.
Lobster Roll$22.95
Super Dragon Roll$18.95
Sashimi Roll$15.50
Rock Mahattan Roll$15.50
Julie's Roll$14.50
Samurai Roll$14.95
Rainforest Roll$14.95
Fire Cracker Roll$13.95
Tiger's Fye$13.50
Rock N Roll$12.95
Sundae Roll$13.50
Crabmeat Dynamite$17.50
South Beach Roll$12.95
Las Vegas$12.95
Titan Roll$12.95
Hawaiian Roll$12.95
Miami Roll$13.95
Blue Fish Roll$9.95
Pinate Roll$13.95
Featured Rolls
Shrimp Tempura$6.95
Jalapeno Roll$9.75
Baked Salmon$9.75
Salmon Skin$5.50
Spicy Tuna$6.95
Spicy Salmon$6.95
El Cubano Roll$8.50
Spicy Octopus$6.95
Sushi - Accompaniments
Miso Soup$2.00
House Salad$5.00
Seaweed Salad$5.50
Squid Salad$5.50
Green Mussels$7.00
Baby Octopus$5.50

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