Boiling Point Menu, Prices and Locations

We’ve come a long way since we opened our first location in 2004. But our goal still remains the same: to bring an authentic Taiwanese dining experience to a wider audience. We’re always looking for people who share our passion for great food and good times. Expand your horizons and gain valuable skills as a part of one of the fastest growing companies in North America!

Boiling Point Menu

Lunch & Dinner
1. House Special Hot Soupcontains nuts
2. Seafood & Tofu Hot Soup
3. Korean Kimchi Hot Soup
4. Beef Hot Soupcontains nuts
5. Lamb Hot Soupcontains nuts
6. Curry Fishball Hot Soup
7. Tomato Veggie Hot Soupno meat with broth
8. Taiwanese Spicy Hot Soupflaming spicy only
9. Japanese Miso Hot Soup
10. Thai Flavor Hot Soupmild to flaming spicy
Spicy Fermented Tofu$4.50
Add Onssliced beef, sliced pork, sliced lamb, shrimp, pork intestine$3.95
Add Onsfermented tofu, tempura, fried tofu skin, fresh enoki mushroom, bean curd$2.50
Add Onsfresh corn, cabbage, napa, taiwanese bok choy, imitation crab stick, iced tofu, fish ball, meat ball$1.75
Add Onsoriginal or spinach wok noodles, quail egg, udon, instant noodle, kamaboko, tofu$1.50
Add Onssteamed rice, vermicelli, egg$1.00
Chili Bean Sauce
Old Fashion Barbecue Sauce
Extra Piquant Sauce
Chili Oil
Snow Cube
Strawberry Flavor
Sesame Flavor
Matcha Flavor
Chocolate Flavor
Hokkaido Flavorwith brown sugar konjac
Macaron Ice Cream $2.50
Strawberry Flavor
Vanilla Flavor
Matcha Flavor
Cappuccino Flavor
Green Tea$3.25
Old-Time Delight Black Tea$3.25
Honey Green & Black Tea$3.75
Passion Fruit Green & Black Tea$3.75
Guava Green & Black Tea$3.75
Juice $3
Old-Time Delight Plum Juice
Winter Melon Juice
Milk Tea
Fresh Milk Tea$3.75
Milk Green Tea$3.75
Hokkaido Milk Tea$3.95
Old-Time Delight Milk Tea$3.95
Honey Milk Tea$3.95
Honey Milk Green Tea$3.95
Rose Milk Green Tea$3.95
Sweet Milk
Sweet Milk With Boba$4.50
Pudding Sweet Milk With Boba$4.75
Hot Herbal Tea $2.50
Ginseng & Astragali Radix Herbal Tea
Burdock Healthy Tea
Rhodiola & Burdock Herbal Tea

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