Bravo Pizza Menu, Prices and Locations

Bravo Pizza & Seafood is currently located at 5734 N 2nd Street. Order your favorite pizza, pasta, salad, and more, all with the click of a button. Bravo Pizza & Seafood accepts orders online for pickup and delivery. Local pizzerias are the cornerstone of communities across the country. They handcraft the one food that unites us all: pizza. It fuels our celebrations, family dinners, and busiest days. While pizza lovers crave their favorite local pie, they also crave convenience.

Bravo Pizza Menu

Steak Fries$4.50 - $3.50
Fried Mushroomsserved with ranch dipping sauce.$6.95 - $4.50
Mozzarella Sticksserved with marinara sauce.$5.75 - $10.25
Chicken Fingersbuffalo fingers are served with blue cheese dipping sauce. bbq fingers are served with ranch dipping sauce.$5.25 - $10.25
Onion Rings$4.50 - $3.50
Jalapeño Poppersserved with ranch dipping sauce.$5.75 - $10.25
Chicken Wingsbuffalo wings are served with blue cheese dipping sauce. bbq wings are served with ranch dipping sauce.$14.25 - $5.00
Served With Bread. Dressing Is Served On The Side. Salad Add Ons: Tuna, Grilled Chicken, Chicken Salad $1.25.
Garden Salad$6.75
Greek Salad$7.75
Caesar Salad$6.75
Antipasto Salad$7.75
Salad Dressing
Italian Dressing
Greek Dressing
Bleu Cheese Dressing
Caesar Dressing
Ranch Dressing
Honey Mustard Dressing
Cold & Hot Subs
Cheese Sub$6.25
Ham & Cheese Sub$6.75
Meatball Parm Sub$6.95
Chicken Parm Sub$6.95
Tuna Salad Sub$6.75
Roast Beef Sub$6.95
Chicken Salad Sub$6.75
Pepper & Egg Sub$6.00
Tomato, Basil & Fresh Mozzarella Sub$7.75
Steak Combo Subsautéed peppers, onions and mushrooms$7.95
Italian Sub$6.75
BLT Sub$6.75
Chicken Cutlet Sub$6.95
Chicken Finger Sub$6.95
Turkey Sub$6.75
Cheeseburger Sub$6.95
Eggplant Parm Sub$6.75
Vegetarian Fresh Sub$6.50
Steak & Cheese Sub$6.95
Chicken Combo Subgrilled chicken, sautéed peppers, onions and mushrooms$7.95
Specialty Sandwiches
Club Sandwiches Are Served With Lettuce, Tomatoes, Mayo And Bacon.
Chicken Salad Sandwichlettuce, tomatoes, pickles and onions.$7.50
Grilled Chicken Sandwichlettuce, tomatoes, pickles, mayo and melted cheese.$7.50
Turkey Meltgrilled turkey, lettuce, tomatoes, honey mustard and melted swiss cheese.$7.50
Fresh Tomato, Basil & Mozzarella Sandwich$7.50
B.L.T. Sandwich$6.75
Cheeseburger Club$8.95
Cheeseburgerlettuce, tomatoes, pickles and mayo.$7.50
Breaded Eggplant Sandwichsautéed peppers, onions and mushrooms with tomatoes and melted cheese.$7.50
Tuna Swiss Melt$7.50
Grilled Cheese Sandwich$6.50
Turkey Club Sandwich$8.50
Wraps $6.95
BBQ Chicken Wrapgrilled bbq chicken, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and onions.
Buffalo Chicken Wrapspicy grilled chicken, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and bleu cheese.
Chicken Kabob Wrapsautéed peppers and onions, grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes and melted american cheese.
Chicken Dijon Wrapgrilled chicken, dijon honey mustard, lettuce, tomatoes and pickles.
Chicken Teriyaki Wraplettuce, tomatoes, sautéed peppers, onions and teriyaki sauce.
Chicken Caesar Wrapmarinated grilled chicken, romaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese and caesar dressing.
Chicken Feta Wrapfeta cheese, grilled chicken, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and greek dressing.
Chicken Ranch Wrapgrilled chicken, cucumbers, iceberg lettuce, tomatoes and ranch dressing.
Vegetarian Wraps
Eggplant Wrapbreaded eggplant, grilled peppers, lettuce, tomatoes, cucumbers and melted swiss cheese.$6.95
Cucumber Delight Wrapcucumbers, feta, olive oil, lettuce, tomatoes and onions.$6.25
Caesar Wrapromaine lettuce, croutons, parmesan cheese and caesar dressing.$6.75
Vegetarian Fresh Wrapgrilled peppers, onions, mushrooms, lettuce, tomatoes, pickles and melted provolone cheese.$6.75
Greek Wrapcucumbers, feta, olives, lettuce, tomatoes and greek dressing.$6.95
Pizzas & Calzones
Cheese Calzone$8.00 - $11.00
Cheese Pizza$15.25 - $8.00
Pizzas & Calzone - Toppings
Small $1 / Large $1.75 / Sicilian $2.
Sliced Tomatoes
Feta Cheese
Breaded Chicken
Diced Tomatoes
Black Olives
Grilled Chicken
Extra Cheese
Pizza & Calzone Dipping Sauce
Small $0.25 / Large $0.50.
Honey Mustard Sauce
BBQ Sauce
Teriyaki Sauce
Bleu Cheese Sauce
Buffalo Sauce
Sweet & Sour Sauce
Specialty Pizzas & Calzones
Small 12`` / Large 16``
Amalfi Calzonesliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil.$15.95 - $10.50
Bravo Special Calzonespinach, garlic, olives and feta.$15.75 - $10.50
White Calzonespinach, garlic and sliced tomatoes (no sauce).$15.50 - $10.25
Super Veggie Calzonepeppers, onions, mushrooms and diced tomatoes.$10.50 - $15.75
Meat Lovers Calzonepepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon and meatballs.$10.50 - $15.95
Napoli Calzonegrilled chicken, broccoli and garlic.$10.50 - $15.95
Buffalo Chicken Calzonespicy grilled chicken with bleu cheese.$10.00 - $15.00
Barbeque Chicken Calzone$10.00 - $15.00
Chicken Pesto Calzonechicken and sliced tomatoes over pesto sauce with mozzarella cheese.$11.50 - $16.95
Barbeque Eggplant Calzonebbq sliced pan-fried eggplant.$10.00 - $15.00
Hawaiian Calzoneham and pineapple.$14.00 - $9.50
Amalfi Pizzasliced tomatoes, fresh mozzarella and basil.$10.50 - $15.95
Bravo Special Pizzaspinach, garlic, olives and feta.$10.50 - $15.75
White Pizzaspinach, garlic and sliced tomatoes (no sauce).$10.25 - $15.50
Super Veggie Pizzapeppers, onions, mushrooms and diced tomatoes.$10.50 - $15.75
Meat Lovers Pizzapepperoni, sausage, ham, bacon and meatballs.$10.50 - $15.95
Napoli Pizzagrilled chicken, broccoli and garlic.$10.50 - $15.95
Buffalo Chicken Pizzaspicy grilled chicken with bleu cheese.$10.00 - $15.00
Barbeque Chicken Pizza$10.00 - $15.00
Chicken Pesto Pizzachicken and sliced tomatoes over pesto sauce with mozzarella cheese.$11.50 - $16.95
Barbeque Eggplant Pizzabbq sliced pan-fried eggplant.$10.00 - $15.00
Hawaiian Pizzaham and pineapple.$14.00 - $9.50
All Dinners Are Served With Garlic Bread And Choice Of Side.
Stuffed Shells$10.00
Eggplant Parmigiana$11.00
Baked Ziti$9.75
Spaghettiwith meatballs$10.50
Chicken Parmigiana$11.00
Special $10
Chicken Wings Dinner Special7-piece wings with steak fries and a small salad.
Chicken Fingers Dinner Special5-piece fingers with steak fries and a small salad.
Kids $4.95
2 Chicken Fingerswith fries
Pastawith tomato sauce
Ice Cream & Desserts
Ice Creamvanilla, strawberry, chocolate chip, moosetracks, cookie dough, chocolate, oreo cookie, mint chocolate chip, candy soup$3.50
Frozen Yogurtpurple cow (black raspberry with white and dark chocolate chunks).$3.50
Chocolate Cake$2.95
Soft Drink (Can)pepsi, diet pepsi, mug root beer, crush orange, brisk iced tea, sierra mist, ginger ale, mountain dew$1.00
Poland Spring Water$1.40
Nantucket Nectarpomegranate pear, apple juice, orange mango.$1.75
IBC Root Beer$1.75
Soft Drinkpepsi, diet pepsi, ginger ale, mountain dew$2.75
Gatoradered, yellow, orange.$1.75
Snapplepeach iced tea, lemon iced tea.$1.75
Arizona Arnold Palmer Half & Half$1.75

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