Buddakan Menu, Prices and Locations

Exhilarating to the eyes and taste buds alike, Buddakan presents the vivid flavors of the Far East in a surreal atmosphere that marries the serenity of Asia with the flamboyance of 16th-century Paris.

Otherworldly art, ornate chandeliers and a bevy of gilded details kick the senses into overdrive, setting a dramatic precedent for fanciful, shareable pan-Asian fare inspired by multiple traditions. Dim sum, noodle soups, seafood and house specialties like whole Peking duck join a bevy of elegant wines and specialty cocktails on a menu made to suit any celebration.

Buddakan Menu

Appetizers Cold
Tuna Tartare Spring RollsCrispy shallot, ponzu.$16.00
Smoked Chili & Pineapple$15.00
Peking Duck SaladPoached egg, sherry vinaigrette.$17.00
Appetizers Hot
Short Rib and Scallion PancakeAsian pear, ginger.$16.00
Chili Rock ShrimpToasted ginger, pineapple.$18.00
Pork BunsCharred pork belly, spicy shallots, napa cabbage.$16.00
Tea Smoked Spare RibsHoisin barbeque, sesame.$19.00
Dim Sum Tasting For Two
Dim Sum Tasting For Twotuna spring rolls, sesame shrimp toast, tea smoked spare ribs, carrot dumplings, cantonese spring roll.$36.00
Black Pepper BeefWok tossed rib eye, crispy birds nest.$34.00
Sizzling Short RibMushroom chow fun, asian pear.$36.00
Charred Filet of BeefWonton crisps, mustard sauce.$38.00
Mongolian Lamb ChopsCrystallized ginger crust.$36.00
Salt & Pepper Black BassGinger, red chili.$38.00
Cantonese Steamed SoleGinger, scallion oil, soy sauce.$33.00
Glazed Alaskan Black CodChili eggplant, black bean relish.$33.00
Sweet & Crispy Jumbo ShrimpCitrus salad, radish.$29.00
Black Bean ScallopsChinese bacon, shiitake mushrooms, shishito peppers.$29.00
Kung Pao MonkfishChili-szechuan sauce, peanuts.$31.00
Shrimp & Lobster Chow FunServed with x.o. sauce.$38.00
Singapore Chili King CrabServed with cilantro, lime.$38.00
Roast Chicken CongeeMaitake mushrooms, chinese cruller.$26.00
Black Dragon ChickenTea smoked, crispy garlic, choy sum.$28.00
Broken Chili ChickenChinese pepper, charred scallion.$27.00
Whole Peking DuckCucumber, scallion, hoisin.$58.00
Dim Sum
Cantonese Spring RollsShrimp, chicken.$15.00
Edamame DumplingsShallot-sauternes broth.$15.00
Lobster Egg RollsServed with shrimp, thai basil, sweet chili.$17.00
Jade Shrimp DumplingsPea shoots, water chestnuts.$15.00
Pork PotstickersServed with soy vinegar, chili.$15.00
Crispy Cauliflower LollipopsServed with truffle, sweet rice, cheese.$15.00
Oxtail DumplingsSweet soy, green apple, jalapeno.$18.00
Foie Gras & Chicken DumplingsLemongrass consomme.$18.00
King Crab & Lobster ShumaiServed with shrimp, red pepper, yuzu.$18.00
Sesame Shrimp ToastServed with soy sauce, spicy mustard.$14.00
General Tsos DumplingsServed with chicken, hot & sour broth.$16.00
Carrot DumplingsCarrots, shiitake mushrooms, scallion.$13.00
Wild Mushroom Chow FunServed with garlic chives.$14.00
Clams and Crispy NoodlesBlack bean, scallions, bok choy.$16.00
Chilled Udon NoodlesLime sorbet, peanut sauce.$13.00
Wok Tossed Noodles With PrawnsChive blossoms, wild mushrooms.$17.00
Minced Pork Lo MeinPickled cucumbers, thai chili.$14.00
Lobster Fried RiceSaffron, thai basil.$23.00
Chinese Sausage Fried RiceSoft poached egg.$15.00
Peking Duck Fried RiceHonshimeji mushroom, scallion.$19.00
Vegetable Fried RiceCoconut-curry, pineapple.$13.00
Dungeness Crab Sticky RiceServed with x.o. sauce, chinese broccoli.$23.00
Asian Green Stir FryPine nuts, garlic chips.$11.00
Green BeansGround pork, dried scallop, kaffir lime.$10.00
Wok Charred BroccoliGarlic, black bean.$11.00
Sugar Snap PeasWild mushrooms, smoked bacon.$12.00
Cauliflower Stir FryChili-garlic sauce, pork, mint.$11.00
Spiced Eggplant & TofuOven-dried pineapple, cashews.$15.00
Crying ChocolateMalted ganache, vietnamese coffee ice cream.$13.00
Apple Tarte TatinCinnamon streusel, soy sauce ice cream.$13.00
Tanggao Chinese DoughnutButterscotch, hazelnut praline.$13.00
Peanut Butter MousseDark chocolate cremeux, sarsaparilla.$13.00
Almond Bread PuddingBananas, butterscotch sauce, whiskey ice cream.$13.00
Passion Fruit MeringueYogurt semifreddo, passion fruit ice cream.$13.00
Chocolate Pistachio CremosoCherries, cocoa nibs, pistachio ice cream.$13.00
Bartlett Pear SorbetAsian pear, black currant snow.$13.00
Cafe Latte$5.25
Tropical PeonyWhite tea, rose, pineapple, coconut.$4.00
SerenityChamomille, lemongrass, rooibos, vanilla.$4.00
Gen Mai ChaJapanese green tea, roasted rice.$4.00
LemongreenChinese green tea, lemongrass.$4.00
Earl Grey ReserveBlack tea, bergamot, blue corn flowers.$4.00
Cool MintCaffeine-free peppermint.$4.00

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