Buddy’s BBQ Menu, Prices and Locations

The Buddy’s Family operates with our original philosophy of treating customers as if they were guests in our own home. We serve delicious, always-fresh food at a real value with good ole Southern hospitality.The first store with the Buddy’s name opened in 1972 at 5806 Kingston Pike in West Knoxville.

When Dinah Shore stopped by and sampled Buddy’s delicious hushpuppies, she just had to have the recipe for her cookbook. The house was packed on Friday nights to hear bluegrass bands like Ricky Skaggs and the Knoxville Grass. Local politicians knew a good thing and asked Buddy to bring his barbecue to rallies, and Buddy delivered it in his VW van. That’s when the catering business got going.

Buddy’s BBQ Menu

Served cold with lettuce, bite mayo and tomato try buddy's BBQ sandwich with slaw $0.35, extra with cheese $0.35 extra
Pork$2.30 - $2.95
Chicken$2.30 - $2.95
Ham$2.30 - $2.95
Beef$2.30 - $2.95
TurkeyServed cold with lettuce, lite mayo and tomato$2.30 - $2.95
Smoking DawgJumbo all meat hot dog with chili mustart and onions$1.65
Lil Buddy's Piggy PackChild size sandwich of choice, sm. fry, child sized drink & a surprise.$2.75
Hawg Back Potatoes
Big Hawg of a PotatoTopped with meat, cheese & BBQ Sauce. Pork, beef or chicken$3.99
Hawg Back with Chili & Cheese$3.99
Hawg Back with butter & Sour Cream$2.99
Bar-B-Q by the Pound
A pound of Bar-B-Q meat makes 6 small sandwiches, 3-4 large sandwiches or 3-4 dinner portions
Pork Original (Chopped)$4.50 - $8.99
Pulled Chicked$4.50 - $8.99
Beef Sliced (Brisket)$4.50 - $8.99
Ham$4.50 - $8.99
Ribs$5.50 - $9.95
Turkey$4.50 - $8.99
Whole Pork Butt (Per lb)$5.00
Whole Chicken3 lb. Per cooked weight$7.75
Half Chicken1 lb. Per cooked weight$3.50
Served with 'hushpuppies or on a bun and your choice of two side dishes: Corn on the cob, baked beans, fries, potato salad, green beans beans and fresh cole slaw
Chicken (1/2 Chicken)$4.99
Ribs (1/2 Pound)$7.99
Combo DinnerChicken, pork and ribs$8.99
Bulk Orders
Beans$1.50 - $17.00
Slaw$1.50 - $17.00
BBQ Sauce$1.35 - $16.75
Potato Salad$1.50 - $17.00
Chili$3.25 - $22.50
Green Beans$1.50 - $17.00
Buns (Regular)$10.00
Buns (Large)$15.00
Bottled Sauce$2.99
Baked Beans$0.99
Potato Salad$0.99
Fries$1.19 - $1.29
Green Beans$0.99
ChiliOur own secret recipe, made fresh daily$2.19
Potato Chips$0.99
Hot Fudge Cake$1.75
Hot Fudge Cake Jr$1.19
Hot Fudge Sundae$1.29
Soft Ice CreamCone or bowl$0.99
Lamuriel's Lemon Ice Box Pie (Slice)$1.69
Lamuriel's Lemon Ice Box Pie (Whole)$11.99
Jumbo Choc Chip Cookie (1 for)$0.69
Jumbo Choc Chip Cookie (2 for)$0.99
Jumbo Choc Chip Cookie (3 for)$1.19
Soft Drinks$1.20 - $1.45
Lemonade$1.20 - $1.45
Ice Tea$1.20 - $1.45
I. B. C Rootbeer (Bottle)$1.50
Milk (1/2 Pint)$0.90
CoffeeRegular and decaf$0.95
Old Fashion MilkshakeChocolate, vanilla and strawberry$1.89 - $2.39
Bottle Water$1.19
TeaSweet or unsweetened by the gallon$4.00
Lemonde (The Gallon)$4.00

Visit Buddy’s BBQ here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Buddy’s BBQ.

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