Carolina’s Menu, Prices and Locations

The restaurant was founded in 1968 by namesake Carolina Valenzuela, who still presides over the kitchen. It was first at 105 W. Hilton Ave. and later at 1519 E. Mohave St. Since 1986, it has been at 1202 E. Mohave in a building that also has housed a coin-operated laundry and a grocery store. The character of the neighborhood is etched on the building’s cinder-block facade. The restaurant’s skin has been pockmarked by bullets and its windows and doors outfitted with heavy metal security bars.

Carolina’s Menu

Breakfast Menu
Egg w/Potatoes$3.75
Chorizo w/Egg$3.80
Chorizo w/Egg, Potatoes$3.90
Chorizo w/Egg, Potatoes, Beans$3.95
Machaca w/Egg$3.85
Machaca w/Egg, Potatoes$3.95
Machaca w/Egg, Potatoes, Beans$4.00
Hand Made Flour Tortillas
1/2 Dozen$2.50
By The Dozen$4.65
Corn Tortilla by the Dozen$1.20
Butter Tortilla$1.40
Cheese Tortilla$3.60
Cheese Tortilla Red, Green or Machaca$4.95
Chorizo by the 1lb. Raw Hot or Mild$4.60
Shredded Beef or Chicken (Hard)$2.25
Machaca or Chicken (Soft)$2.25
Carne Asada$2.25
Tacos Salad
Machaca or Chicken$6.50
Beef or Chicken Plain Each$1.55
(2) Beef or ChickenSour cream or guacamole$4.00
(2) Beef or Chicken with Sour Cream & Guacamole$4.40
Red Beef or Green Corn$2.50
1/2 Dozen, Red or Green (Uncooked)$7.95
1/2 Dozen, Red or Green (Cooked)$12.95
Dozen, Red or Green (Uncooked)$17.55
Dozen, Red or Green (Cooked)$27.55
Beef, Chicken or Chorizo$2.55
Shells by The Dozen$2.75
Bean w/Potatoes$3.25
Red or Green Chile$3.80
Red or Green Chile w/Beans$3.90
3 Way Red, Green, Beans$3.90
Machaca (Shredded Beef)$3.95
Machaca w/Beans$4.00
Red or Green Machaca$4.00
Chicken (Shredded)$3.95
Chicken w/Beans$4.00
Red or Green Chicken$4.00
Chorizo w/Beans$3.85
Chorizo w/Potatoes$3.85
Carne Asada$4.40
Oaxaca Special
Chorizo, Beans, Potatoes, Cheese$3.90
Beef, Chicken or Machaca$2.20
Order of (3) Cheese$5.40
Order of (3) Beef, Chicken or Machaca$6.00
Beef or Chicken Plain$5.35
Beef or ChickenW/sour cream or guacamole$6.35
Beef or Chicken (w/both Sour Cream & Guacamole)$6.55
1/2 Pint$2.50
Includes rice & beans
Enchilada & Taco$5.95
Enchilada & Tamale$6.15
Enchilada, Taco & Tostado$6.75
Red or Green Chile & (1) Flour Tortilla$5.95
Machaca & (1) Flour Tortilla$6.55
Chorizo w/Potatoes & (1) Flour Tortilla$6.05
(2) Soft Machaca or Chicken Tacos$6.35
(2) Cheese Enchiladas$6.05
(2) Hard Tacos (Beef or Chicken)$6.35
(2) Beef or Chicken Enchiladas$6.15
(2) Red or Green Tamales$6.55
(2) Double Wrapped Beef Enchiladas$6.50
(3) Mini Chimi's Beef or Chicken, w/Sour Cream & Guacamole$6.90
(2) Bean Tostadas$5.80
(3) Beef Flautas w/Sour Cream & Guacamole$6.25
Chimichanga w/Sour Cream & Guacamole$8.75
Family Size
Quart serves 5-8, 1/2 tray serves 15-20, full tray serves 45-55
Beans$6.55 - $45.00
Rice$6.55 - $45.00
Red Chile Beef$15.35 - $107.00
Green Chile Beef$15.35 - $107.00
Machaca$21.95 - $153.00
Chicken$21.95 - $153.00
Double Wrapped$1.00
Enchilada Style$1.65
Side Orders
Chips w/Hot Sauce Side$2.15
Sour Cream$1.05 - $2.05
Pico De Gallo$1.05 - $2.05
Guacamole$2.65 - $5.00
Green Salsa$1.05 - $2.05
Hot Sauce$0.95 - $3.30
Beans$2.70 - $3.60
Rice$2.70 - $3.60
Enchilada Sauce$3.25 - $5.75
Red Chili w/Beef$4.25 - $8.00
Green Chili w/Beef$4.25 - $8.00
Machaca$6.60 - $11.30
Kids Meals
10 and under, Includes beans, rice & small drink
Mini Cheese Tortilla$4.25
Mini Bean Burro$4.25
2 Mini Beef or Chicken Chimis Plain$4.25
Taco Beef or Chicken$4.25
Apple Chimis (2)$3.25
Chocolate Chimis (2)$3.25
Coke (20 oz)$1.50
Iced Tea$1.50
Bottled Water$1.50
Coffee$0.85 - $1.45

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