Casa Menu, Prices and Locations

The Casa Restaurant Group originated in 1977 when friends Jimmy D’Angelo and Tom Casaburo opened their first restaurant on Coldwater Road in Fort Wayne, Indiana. Jimmy D, as he was known, retired in 1989. The growing chain, now into the second Casaburo generation, numbers four restaurants. Casa has been an innovator introducing such things as butter and cheese based sauces, wood burning pizza ovens and wood fired rotisseries and grills.

Casa Menu

Molcajeteskirt steak, shrimp, chicken cactus, green onions, and pico de gallo$18.00
Mi Casa SteakNew York steak, marinated in oregano, parsley and garlic sauce$17.50
Enchiladastwo enchiladas red or green sauce and cheese, choice of meat$10.75
Fajitasserved: with rice, beans tortillas, chicken or beff$14.00
Fajitas Shrimp or Mixserved: with rice, beans tortillas, chicken or beff$17.00
Carne Asadagrilled skirt steak, sprinkled with seasoning, rice and beans$13.00
Grilled Chickenhalf chicken grilled to perfection, with casamiento$13.25
Chile Rellenopasilla pepper stuffed with cheese and covered with sauce$12.25
Camarones Ala Diablashrimp baked with hot sauce, cilantro & onions$14.50
Pescado Fritofried tilapia seasoning, with mi casa salad, rice or beans$16.25
Ceviche Mexicanoshrimp, tomato sauce, onion cilantro & spices$9.50
Un Poco De Centro America (A Little Bit of Central America)
Pollo Azado (Estilo Catracho) (Grilled Chicken (Honduras Style))se sirve con casamiento, curtido y tortillas (served with casamiento (rice & beans cooked together) cabbage & tortillas)$13.25
Sopa De Mariscos (Seafood Soup)surtido de mariscos y vegetables (assorted of seafood and veggies)$15.00
Pupusas (Orden De 3)loroco con queso, queso, chicharron y revuelta (salvad orean tortilla, shilled with: beans, cheese, cheese with loroco, fried pork or mix, the order come with 3)$9.00
Chancho Azado (Grilled Pork)se sirve con casamiento, platano maduro y tortillas (served with casamiento (rice & beans cooked together) fried bananas and tortillas.)$13.50
Caldo De Pollo (Chicken Soup)$8.00
Caldo De Res (Beff Soup)$10.00
Pan Con Pavo (Turkey Sandwich with Salad)pan relleno de pavo con ensalada$7.50
Baleadas (Shoot)tortilla de harina, frijoles negros y queso (flour tortilla with black beans & cotije cheese)$3.00
Salads (Ensaladas)
Taco Saladtaco shell with: rice, beans lettuce, cheese and choice of meat$8.25
Cactus Saladlettuce, mix cactus with tomatoes and herbs$7.50
Grilled Chicken Saladlettuce, tomatoes, carrots, cabagge cucumber, garbanzo, cheese, grilled chicken, house dressing$7.75
Soft Drinks
Coke, Diet Coke, Pepsi, Diet Pepsi, 7Up, Diet 7Up, Dr Pepper, Diet Dr Pepper$1.50
Mexican Sodasjarritos, sangrias$1.75
Horchata or Tamarindo Orange Juice$2.00
Arnold Palmer, Sherly Temple, Roy Rogers, Cherry Coke$2.50
Apetizers (Aperitivos)
Bean Dip$5.50
Sopesitosthree little sopes with black beans, tomato and chorizo$8.50
Taquitosfour or eight taquitos served with: lettuce sour cream and guacamole$6.00 - $9.00
Nachos (Regular)$6.00
Pupusitasthree little salvadorean tortillas filled, with: beans, cheese / loroco or fried pork$5.00
Nachos with Meat$8.50
Soups (Sopas)
Tortilla Soupserved with: tomato sauce onions, epazote springs chicken and tortilla strips$7.50
Beef Soupserved with: veggies, potatos, corn and beef$9.50
Scallops Soupserved with: scallops, sweet plantains, yuca and herbs$14.25
Chicken Soupserved with: chopped potatos carrots, blend of spices, herbs and chicken$8.50
Sea Food Soupserved with: different kinds of sea food and veggies$15.00
meats: shredded chicken, grilled chicken carnitas, chile verde, steak, ground beef.
Regular Tacotwo soft tortilla, with choice of meat and pica de gallo.$7.00
Dorado Tacotwo crispy tortilla, with choice of meat cheese and pico de gallo.$7.50
meats: shredded chicken, grilled chicken carnitas, chile verde, azada, ground beef.
Burritosserved with: rice, beans, sour cream, guacamole, cheese, pico de gallo, choice of meat and choice of tortilla (tomatoe or spinach)$9.00
Veggie Burritomix veggies, avocado cheese, pico de gallo.$7.00
Torrejasrice bread with syrup$4.00
Ice Cream (Mango)$5.25
Platanos c/ Crema$5.50
meats: shredded chicken, grilled chicken carnitas, chile verde, steak, ground beef.
Quesadillas (Regular)$5.50
Quesadillas with Meat$6.50
Kids Menu
all meals including a small drink
Cheese Pupusitasalvadorean tortilla stuffed with cheese$5.00
Chicken Nuggets with Fries$5.00
Cheese Quesadilla Jr$5.00
Jr Burgerwith cheese, add 50 cents$5.00
Orange Juice$1.50
Apple Juice$2.00
Cranberrie Juice$2.00

Visit Casa here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Casa.

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