City Barbeque Menu, Prices and Locations

City Barbeque founder Rick Malir grew up on a farm in rural Kansas and, as a teenager, served as National FFA president from 1985–1986.. He was introduced to barbeque in college at Kansas State University , where he earned a degree in agricultural economics; Malir also holds an MBA from the University of Illinois . Following graduation, he took a job with John Deere’s marketing and dealer development team, but was always interested in starting his own company.

After meeting John Kean, Jim Budros and Mike Taylor, who comprised the award-winning competition BBQ team the Barbeque Boys , Malir decided to start his company: a barbeque restaurant. Malir left John Deere and teamed up with restaurant industry veteran Frank Pizzo  and Kean, Budros, and Taylor to found City Barbeque.

City Barbeque Menu

Premium Salad with Meat$10.29
Premium Salad$8.49
Jumbo Party Salad$34.99
Small Party Salad$22.99
More Cowbell Pit Master's PickBrisket, provolone, grilled peppers and onions, horseradish$7.99
Lo Lo's Pulled PorkTopped with choice of slaw and a secret vinegar sauce.$6.99
Pulled Pork$6.59
Beef Brisket$7.99
Full Cut Beef Brisket$7.99
Pulled Chicken$6.79
Smoked Sausage with Toast & Slaw$3.99
Lite Lunch Pulled Pork$4.59
Lite Lunch Lo Lo's Pulled Pork$4.99
Lite Lunch Beef Brisket$5.99
Lite Lunch Full Cut Beef Brisket$5.99
Lite Lunch Pulled Chicken$4.79
Sample The City
Deluxe City Sampler1/4 chicken, 1/2 slab plus pork, brisket, 2 sides, 2 corn breads & texas toast.$26.99
City SamplerBrisket, pork, sausage, turkey, two sides and texas toast.$17.99
Family PackPulled pork sandwiches, 2 sides and cornbread.$24.99
Full Slab of Ribs$21.99
Half Slab of Ribs$12.99
Individual Rib Bone$2.25
Rib Bone Tuesday$1.25
Half Chicken$9.99
Breast Wing$7.99
Sides and Desserts
Baked Beans with Brisket$2.19
Banana Pudding$2.29
Basket of FriesDig into shareable sides for two.$4.99
Corn Bread$0.99
Corn Pudding$2.19
Green Beans with Bacon$2.19
Gumbo with Rice$2.19
Hush Puppies$2.19
Mac & Cheese$2.19
Peach Cobbler$4.99
Potato Salad$2.19
Side Salad$2.19
Sweet Potato Casserole$2.19
Vinegar Slaw$2.19
Triple Chocolate Cake$3.49
3 Side Plate$4.59
Kids Lolo's Pulled PorkPulled pork, topped with slaw and carolina style vinegar sauce$4.49
Kids Pulled Pork$4.49
Kids Beef Brisket$4.49
Kids Pulled Chicken$4.49
Kids Smoked Sausage$4.49
Kids Chicken Leg$4.49
Kids Chicken Tenders$4.49
Kids Mac & Cheese$4.49
Individual Chicken Tender$1.50
Kettle Brewed Unsweet Tea$1.99 - $2.49
Kettle Brewed Sweet Tea$1.99 - $2.49
All Natural LemonadeCrafted with pure cane sugar and farm fresh lemons$1.99 - $2.49
Fountain Soda$1.99 - $2.49
Regular Milk$0.99
Chocolate Milk$0.99
Premium Bottle Sodas$2.50
Case of Premium Bottle Sodas$26.99
Gallon of Lemonade$6.99
Gallon of Kettle Brewed Sweet Tea$4.99
Gallon of Kettle Brewed Unsweet Tea$4.99
Bottle Water$1.99

Visit City Barbeque here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local City Barbeque.

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