Cody’s Menu, Prices and Locations

You’ll only need to look around Cody’s to see why “Original” is our middle name. You’ll enter an era gone by, when things were simpler, more casual and definitely more relaxed. Tubs of roasted peanuts are available throughout for snackin’, crackin’ or throwin’ on the floor. You’ll enjoy Cody’s fresh cut, flame broiled, USDA prime and choice Steaks, Prime Rib, Rotisserie Chicken, Pork Back Ribs, Fresh, Fresh Fish, Burgers, Fajitas and more. At Cody’s, we’re proud of our expert cooking skills and we’ve put the grill front and center for your viewing. All told, Cody’s Original Roadhouse is a fun, casual, family friendly Roadhouse that serves “Just Plain Good Food”. You won’t go home hungry or broke—you’ll just go home happy!

Cody’s Menu

Served with cottage fries, hash browns, or fresh fruit and your choice of toast, blueberry muffin, corn bread or biscuits.
Santa BarbaraHomemade salsa, avocado, cheddar cheese and sour cream add tri-tip for an additional $1.00$10.45
Ham & CheeseDiced ham and cheddar cheese$10.45
WesternHam, bell peppers, onions and jack cheese$10.45
Chile VerdeFilled with simmered pork chili verde and jack cheese, topped with sour cream and avocado$10.45
Italian SausageItalian sausage, jack cheese, onions, bell peppers, and mushrooms$10.45
PopeyeSauteed spinach, feta cheese, and fresh tomatoes$10.45
BaconBacon, jack cheese, and avocado$10.45
Santa CruzChorizo, ham and melted cheddar cheese$10.45
Local Favorites
Selections include Two Eggs, cottage fries, hash browns, or fresh fruit and your choice of toast, blueberry muffin, corn bread or biscuit
Corned Beef HashHomemade corned beef hash$9.95
Huevos RancherosAdd pork chili verde $3.00$9.95
Country Fried SteakThick cut breaded and fried tri-tip topped with sausage gravy$11.95
Cody's Picks
Includes cottage fries, hash browns, or fresh fruit
Breakfast SandwichTwo scrambled eggs, bacon, tomato and cheddar cheese on grilled ciabatta bread$8.95
Breakfast BurritoBurrito is filled with scrambled eggs, jack cheese, avocado, served with fruit$9.45
Chorizo BurritoChorrizo, eggs, cheddar cheese, potatoes, sour cream and avocado served with fruit$9.45
Biscuits & GravyTwo split biscuits covered in cody's rich sausage gravy$5.75
Breakfast Basics
Served with cottage fries, hash browns, or fresh fruit and your choice of toast, blueberry muffin, corn bread, or biscuits.
Bacon and Eggs$9.95
Sausage and EggsChoice of link or patty$9.95
Ham Steak and Eggs$10.95
Italian Sausage and Eggs$9.95
Turkey Patty & Eggs$10.95
Tri-Tip and Eggs$11.95
Two Eggs any Style$16.95
Off the Griddle
Short StackAdd blue berries or bananas and almonds for additional $1.00$6.95
Pancake SandwichTwo cakes, served with two pieces of bacon and two eggs$7.95
Javier's French ToastThick slices of french toast topped with sliced bananas and toasted almonds$7.95
Cafe Benedicts
Includes your choice of cottage fries, hash browns, or fresh fruit
ClassicPoached eggs and canadian bacon on an english muffin covered with hollandaise sauce$10.95
CaliforniaPoached eggs, avocado and tomato on an english muffin, covered with hollandaise sauce$10.95
Crab CakesPoached eggs, crab cakes and avocado on toasted english muffin, topped with our chipotle hollandaise sauce$12.95
FairfaxA toasted bagel covered with smoked salmon and cream cheese, topped with two poached eggs and hollandaise sauce$11.95
Served with cottage fries, hash browns, or fresh fruit and your choice of toast blueberry muffin, corn bread or biscuits.
PasillaTri-tip, fire roasted pasilla chile, onions and jack cheese$9.95
DicedDiced ham and cheddar cheese$9.95
ChorizoTraditional pork chorizo$9.95
Sarah's Smoked SalmonSmoked salmon and cream cheese$9.95
Nick'sGarlic chicken sausage, green onions and cream cheese$9.95
Eric'sBacon, mushrooms, green onions and cream cheese$9.95
LorraineSpinach, bacon and cream cheese$9.95
Spinach & FetaSauteed spinach and feta cheese$9.95
MeatloversHam, bacon, sausage, onion, bell pepper, and cheddar cheese$10.45

Visit Cody’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Cody’s.

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