Dockside Menu, Prices and Locations

Family owned and operated since 1979, our team at Dockside is dedicated to providing great food, drink, sports and fun in a friendly, relaxed atmosphere.

The Dockside Restaurants Company is headquartered in Malden, Massachusetts and presently operates two locations in the Greater Boston area. The first concept created by Dockside founder Jack Urbaczewski was established in 1979. Over the past thirty years, numerous other concepts have developed and a variety of locations were opened. Some of these include: City Hall Pub, Jimmy’s Cafe, Mallside Restaurant, International Pub, Rockefellers Nightclub, TJ’s Roadhouse, Dockside Newport and Dockside Nahant.

Dockside Menu

Signature Gooey’s & Milkshakes
Personal Gooey’s available. 7.50
Butterfinger Hot Fudge GooeyThis one started it all and has been one of our most popular gooey desserts for all ages! Chocolate and vanilla ice cream with tons of hot fudge, whole and crushed Butterfinger® candy, whipped cream,$11.50
Coeur dalene Anniversary GooeyCake batter ice cream, chunks of brownies and blondies, strawberry, hot fudge and huckleberry sauces, huckleberry white chocolate bark, chopped nuts with a jumbo chocolate dipped strawberry on top$11.50
Chocolate Obsession GooeyFrosted brownies, chocolate ice cream, housemade white chocolate ice cream, hot fudge, chocolate chips, Hershey’s® white chocolate, milk chocolate and dark chocolate chunks. Topped with chocolate mou$11.50
Reeses Peanut Butter Cup GooeyCreamy vanilla ice cream, whole and chopped Reese’s® Peanut Butter Cups, peanut butter sauce, hot fudge sauce, whipped cream, crushed peanuts, house-made peanut brittle and a peanut butter lollipop$11.50
Strawberry Shortcake GooeyHouse-made white chocolate ice cream. Klicker Strawberry ice cream, vanilla-almond angel food cake, Klicker Strawberry sauce, sliced fresh strawberries, strawberry mousse with lots of whipped cream a$11.50
Hand Dipped MilkshakesMade with vanilla ice cream, whole milk and double shot syrups! All milkshakes are topped with whipped cream$7.50
Dockside Signature Cakes
Signature cakes, pies, cobblers, crème brulees and bars are made from scratch in the resort bakery. our award winning team has baked and decorated thousands of special occasion cakes sinc
Dockside CheesecakeOur house-made cheesecakes served with your choice of Wild Idaho Huckleberry or Klicker Strawberry sauce$9.50
Caramel Cashew CakeFive layers of devil’s food cake filled with salted caramel cashews, dark chocolate and vanilla mousse. finished in our rich dark chocolate ganache glaze$9.50
Mac Daddy Coconut CakeLayers of luscious coconut milk cake filled with coconut custard and our rich toasted coconut and macadamia nut icing. finished with white chocolate mousse, toasted macadamia nuts and served with van$9.50
Limoncello CakeLimoncello soaked cream cake layered with our lemon curd and lemon mousse. Iced with white chocolate mousse and house-made French macaroons. Served with vanilla ice cream or The Resorts huckleberry s$9.50
Cake PopsChoose from vanilla, chocolate, peanut butter fudge or coconut$2.50
Hand Crafted CupcakesVanilla custard, chocolate raspberry or orange sponge cake$3.50
Triple Chocolate Mousse CakeSix layers of chocolate devils food cake filled with rich dark chocolate mousse with chocolate fudge icing, chocolate ribbons and served with chocolate ice cream and chocolate sauce$9.50
German Chocolate CakeGerman chocolate cake layered with our rich caramel-coconut-pecan filling and coated with chocolate buttercream, all drizzled with chocolate ganache and candied pecans.$9.50
Tres Leches CakeFreshly baked vanilla cake drizzled with our three milk sauce of coconut milk, evaporated milk and sweetened condensed milk. this famous cake is moist yet slightly dense. finished with whipped cream,$9.50
Créme Brulee, Cobbler & Pie
Irresistible Toll House PieOur individual baked toll house pies are loaded with chocolate chips and walnuts. served warm and topped with rich vanilla ice cream, whipped cream and drizzled with chocolate sauce$9.00
Dockside Crème BruleeRich creamy baked custard finished with caramelized sugar to order and served with fresh berries and the pastry chef’s miniature cookies$9.50
Fresh Fruit And Cream PiesBest of the Northwest fresh fruit pies$9.50
Fresh Northwest Apple PiesMade with our all butter crust and served warm with vanilla ice cream$9.50
Wild Huckleberry Deep Dish CobblerHandpicked wild huckleberries from North Idaho, baked in our moist crust. Served warm with a scoop of vanilla ice cream or our coeur d alene Resort recipe huckleberry sorbet$11.50
Very Important Kids
Funcake DecoratorKids create their own cupcake! choices include: a raspberry filled vanilla or chocolate cupcake with buttercream frosting. decorations include: mini m&m’s, sprinkles, chocolate chips, nerds candy, gu$7.50
Worms, Frogs And Dirt SundaeChocolate and vanilla ice cream, hot fudge, m&m’s, oreo cookie crumbs, gummy worms, gummy frogs and rainbow candy topped with whipped cream and candy sprinkles$6.50

Visit Dockside here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Dockside.

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