Don Pepe Menu, Prices and Locations

Benito and Carmen Lopez opened Don Pepe Steakhouse in 1995, making this the third in the Don Pepe line of restaurants. The couple brings their commitment to high-quality food and friendly service to the newest addition, ensuring that the steaks are cut from choice or USDA prime cuts and preparing them carefully. In addition, they ensure that the best customer service and friendliest atmosphere is available to all visitors.

Don Pepe Menu

Breakfast Special
Served From: 7:00am-11:30am.
1. 3 French Toastwith tea or coffee$3.25
1. 3 French Toastwith bacon, ham or sausage, ham or sausage$3.50
2. 2 Eggs Any Stylewith potatoes tea or coffee with bacon, or toast$3.25
2. 2 Eggs Any Styleham or sausage$3.50
3. 3 Pancakes, Tea Or Coffee$3.25
3. 3 Pancakes, Tea Or Coffeewith bacon, ham, sausage$3.50
Fresh Eggs And Omelettes
All Above Orders Served With Buttered Toast, Home Or French Fried Potatoes.
Cheese Omelette$3.50
Spanish Omelette$3.50
Western Omelette$4.00
Mondongo (Jueves)beef tripe soup (tours)$3.50
Sopa De Pollo (Diaria)chicken soup (daily)$3.00
Sopa De Res (Lunes)beef soup (monday)$3.50
Sancocho (Miercoles Y Sabado)beef & spanish veg. (wed. & sat)$3.50
Sopa De Mariscos (Viernes)seafood soup (friday)$3.50
Ensalada De Langostalobster salad$24.00
Ensalada De Camaronesshrimp salad$12.50
Ensalada De Pulpooctopus salad$12.00
Ensalada De Lechuga, Tomate Y Aguacatelettuce, tomato and avocado salad$3.50
Ensalada De Tomate Y Lechugalettuce, tomato$2.25
Ensalada Mixtamixed vegetable salad$4.00
Grilled Chicken Breast$9.00
Chicken Milanesa$8.00
Chicken Parmellano$9.00
Chicken Francesa$9.00
Spaghettiwith chicken$6.00
Fettuccini Alfredo$8.00
Spaghetti Carbonara$8.00
Salad Of Chicken$6.75
Roast Pork$4.00
Breaded Beef$5.50
Pork Chop$5.00
Beef Steak$5.00
Spanish Sausage$3.00
Fried Egg$2.00
Bacon Or Ham And Egg$2.75
Lettuce And Tomato$2.00
Bacon, Lettuce And Tomato$3.00
Tuna Fish$3.50
Ham And Swiss$3.50
Ham & American Cheese$3.00
American Cheese$2.00
Grilled Cheese And Bacon$2.75
Grilled Cheese And Ham$2.75
Swiss Cheese$2.50
Roast Beef$4.00
Pure Beef Hamburgers$2.00
Hamburger Deluxe$4.50
Cheeseburger$4.50 - $2.50
Arroces Y Asopados
Soupy Rice And Rice.
Asopao De Langostalobster soupy rice$24.00
Asopao De Camaronesshrimp soupy rice$12.00
Arroz Con Langostarice with lobster$24.00
Arroz Con Camaronesrice with shrimps$12.00
Arroz Con Calamaressquid with rice$7.00
Arroz Con Pollorice with chicken$7.00
Arroz Con Chorizos$7.00
Carnes Seleccionadas
Meat Selections.
T-Bone Steakt-bone steak$12.00
Stew Chickenstew chicken$7.50
Bistec A Caballosteak on horseback$9.50
Bistec En Higadobeef steak in a sauce$8.00
Bistec A La Parillaliver steak$9.00
Bistec De Jamonbeef steak on a grill$8.00
Bistec Salteadoham steak$9.00
Bistec Empanizadopepper steak spanish style$9.00
Pernilbreaded steak$7.00
Carne Guisadaroast pork$7.00
Higado Salteadobeef stew$8.00
Chuleta De Cerdo (1) (2)liver spanish style$9.00
Carne Mechadapork chop (1) (2)$8.50
Costillas BBQpot roast$7.00
Mofongobbq spare ribs$4.50
Chivo Guisadomofongo$7.50
Rabo (Miercoles Y Viernes)oxtail (wednesday & friday)$8.00
Bacalao (Viernes)cold fish (friday)$7.50
Carne Frita De Resfried beef$9.00
Carne Frita De Cerdofried pork$9.00
Chicken. All The Above Plates Are Served With Rice And Beans Or Fried Plantains And Salad Or French Fries And Salad.
Pollo Frittofried chicken 1/2$7.00
Pollo Al Hornobroiled chicken$7.00
Chicharrones De Pollofried chicken rings$8.00
BBQ Pollobbq chicken$7.00
Mariscos Y Pescados
Seafood And Fish.
Whole Red Snapplewhole red snapple$14.00
Langosta Enchiladalobster with sauce$24.00
Langosta A La Parillalobster on grill$18.00
Filete De Pescado A La Parillafish filet on grill$9.50
Filete De Pescado Al Sartenfish filet on sauteed$9.50
Pulpo Enchiladooctopus stew$11.00
Enchilada De Camaronesshrimp enchilado$12.00
Pescado De Escabechepickled fish$10.00
Filete De Pescado Fritofried fish of sole$9.00
Camarones Fritofried sole$12.00
Pescado Fritofried fish$9.00
Jugos $1
Juices. Orders To Go $0.25 Extra.
Jugo De Tomatev-8 vegetable juice
Jugo De Pine Y Manzanapineapple
Jugo De Toronjatamarindo juice
Jugo De Guayabaguava juice
Jugo De Nectarpear nectar
Jugo De Pera
Coffeewith milk$0.75
Hot Chocolatewith cream$1.00
Shake $3
Banana Milk Shake
Lechosa Milk Shake
Guavana Milk Shake

Visit Don Pepe here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Don Pepe.

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