Dragonfly Menu, Prices and Locations

Welcome to Dragonfly Bar & Grill, a Tamarindo institution since its opening in January 2005. Highly regarded as one of the top dining establishments in the bustling tourist town of Tamarindo, Costa Rica, Dragonfly consistently delivers exceptional cuisine, fantastic wines, cocktails and craft beers with gracious and knowledgeable service. Sourcing fresh local ingredients and seasonally adapting our menu options,  Dragonfly offers creative culinary cuisine and exceptional value in a charming and romantic atmosphere.

Dragonfly Menu

Golden Shrimpdeep fried breaded shrimp served with sweet and sour sauce$7.50
Imperial Rollsminced pork, shrimp, carrot, black mushroom and onion served with vegetables and fish sauce$6.95
Dragonfly Hot Pocketminced pork, fish paste and onions server with sweet and sour sauce$6.95
Shrimp Rice Crackerdeep fried rice cracker with shrimp paste served with fish sauce$7.50
Spring Rollsshrimp, pork, lettuce, bean, sprouts, mint, chinese chives, wrapped in rice paper, served with peanut sauce$6.95
Jicama Rollschinese sausage, shredded jicama and eggs, wrapped in rice paper. served with with peanut sauce$6.95
Treasure RollsBBQ pork, lettuce, mint, chinese chives, deep fried cracker, wrapped in rice paper. Served with fish sauce$6.95
Vietnamese Crapechicken, shrimp, bean sprouts served with vegetables and fish sauce$7.50
Sugercane Shrimpsugercane wrapped in minced shrimp served with vegetables,rice paper and and peanut sauce$10.95
Sesame Beeflettuce cups of grilled beef, rice noodles, peanuts and scallions, served with fish sauce$7.50
Vegetarian Spring Rollssauteed vegetables, bean curd, mushroom and rice noodle, served with soy sauce$6.95
Dragonfly Tastegolden shrimp, spring rolls sesame beef and lotus roots salad -served two$12.95
Lotus Roots Saladshrimp, pork, lotus roots. mint topped with crushed peanuts. served with fish sauce$7.50
Golden Shrimp Saladdeep fried breaded shrimp, cabbage, mint, topped with crushed peanuts served with fish sauce$7.50
Papaya Saladgreen papaya shredded and tossed wth sliced beef and basil$6.95
Beef Capacciothinly sliced raw beef topped with mints onions, cruched peanuts and fish sauce, served with shrimp chips$7.50
Noodles Soup
Vegetarian Phocabbages, broccoli, chicken leg mushroom, tofu and rice noodles with vegetables broth$6.95
Chicken Phochicken onion, rice noodles with chicken broth served with bean sprouts and basil$6.95
Hue Noodles Soupthinly sliced beef with lemongrass. served with bean sprouts and basil - spicy$6.95
Crab Meat Noodles Soupground shrimp, crab meat, eggs, tomatoes and vermicelli with chicken broth$6.95
Nam Vang Style Noodle Soupshrimp, pork, chinese chives, scallion, rice noodle with pork broth$7.50
Special Phothinly sliced beef, tendon, beef ball, rice noodles with beef broth. served with bean sprouts and besil$7.50
Noodles Plates - Bun
Chicken Vermicellisauteed chicken, tomatoes and vermicelli. served with fish sauce$6.95
Saigon Style VermicelliBBQ pork, imperial rolls, vermicelli and vegetables. served with fish sauce$7.50
Garlic Noodlesstir fried eggs noodles, prawn, eggs and garlic$7.50
Seafood Crispy Egg Noodlessauteed prawns, squid, fish balls and vegetables served with garlic gravy$7.50
Stir Fried Fat Noodlesstir fried beef, scallion, with ho fun noodle$6.95
Rice Plates
Sticky Rice with Sausagesticky rice topped with chinese sausage shredded chicken, vietnamese ham, peanuts and scallion sauce$7.50
Saigon Style Pork ChopBBQ marinated pork, shredded pork and cha. served with jasmine rice$7.50
Lemongrass Beefstir fried beef marinated with lemongrass, green bean and scallion served with jasmine rice$7.50
Five- Spice Chickentender roast chicken seasoned with five-spice. served with jasmine rice$6.95
Pineapple Fried Ricestir fried jasmine rice with prawn,chicken and pineapple$7.50
Seafood Curryshrimp, clam. calamari, fish ball, with curry sauce served with jasmine rice - spicy$7.50
Shrimp with Broccolisauteed shrimp, broccolis, onions and garlic grew served with jasmine rice$7.50
Clay Pot Specialchicken, prawns, chinese sausage, chicken leg mushroom, onion, ginger and jasmine rice$7.50
Coconut Porkslow braised pork and egg in clay pot, with coconut juices, and fish sauce served with jasmine rice$7.50
Coconut Chickenslow braised chicken in clay pot with coconut juices and fish sauce served with jasmine rice- spicy$7.50
Dragonfly Tapiocatropical fruit with coconut milk$3.00
Ice Cream Sundaebrownie layer with vanilla ice cream, topped with chocolate syrup, caramal, whip cream and maraschino chrry$5.00
Flanegg custard topped with caramal sauce garnish with mints and maraschino cherry$3.00
Black Sticky Riceblack sticky rice with coconut milk and green bean finished with shredded coconut$3.00
Deep Fried Ice Creamchoices of rocky road or coconut pineapple ice cream$3.00
Mineral Water$3.50
Vietnamese French Drip Coffee$3.00
Coffee Ice Cream Float$4.00
Soda Lemonnade$3.00
Lychee Ice Tea$3.00
Fresh Young Coconut$3.00
Thai Ice Tea$3.00
Soft Drinkscoke, diet coke, sprite, ginger ale$1.50
Lychee Black Teadark$1.50
Green Tealight$2.00
Rose Teadark$2.00
33 - Vietnam$3.50
Saigon - Vietnam$3.50
Hue - Vietnam$3.50
Heineken - Holland$3.50
Tsingtao - China$3.50
Singha -Thailand$3.50
Miller - Local$3.50

Visit Dragonfly here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Dragonfly.

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