Drago’s Menu, Prices and Locations

It’s been that way since Drago and Klara Cvitanovich opened our restaurant in 1969. They set out to offer delicious seafood and a good time to guests for a reasonable price. At that time, they couldn’t even imagine how many guests that would become.Today it’s still a family atmosphere. Klara is still at the front to greet our guests. Tommy Cvitanovich, Drago and Klara’s son, is there to see that things run smoothly.

Our family has grown a lot since the early days—and our work family too. It would be impossible to do what we do without our very hard-working and loyal staff. Drago’s now has more than 400 employees who help us carry our legacy forward. And we all have a great time doing it!

Drago’s Menu

Tuna with AioliSushi grade raw tuna with a wasabi dressing, topped with our cajun aioli$11.95
Lobster Mac & CheeseGenerous chunks of sweet maine lobster meat and spiral pasta blended with a creamy cheddar cheese sauce. Lightly topped with garlic herbed bread crumbs$14.95
Wicked SquidFried squid and peppers tossed with a sweet and spicy glaze$10.95
Fried Alligator NuggetsPieces of alligator seasoned and fried served with a spicy aioli$9.95
Crescent City ShrimpJumbo gulf shrimp seasoned with fresh herbs and spices, served the new orleans way with french bread$17.95
Crabmeat Au Gratin DipJumbo lump crabmeat served au gratin style with crostini$14.95
Fleur De Lis ShrimpFried shrimp sauteed with peanuts and a spicy red pepper aioli$12.95
Spinach DipA blend of cheeses and sauteed spinach, served with tri colored tortilla chips$11.95
Eggplant RomanoFried eggplant topped with fresh grated cheeses and served with our seduction marinara sauce$9.95
Fried SquidMarinated and lightly fried$9.95
Oyster BrochetteOysters wrapped in bacon on skewers, broiled then fried and served with our jack daniel’s glaze and horseradish sauce$13.95
Duck Spring SaladDuck breast blackened rare, served over fresh assorted greens tossed with candied walnuts, cranberries, bleu cheese and a sweet and spicy vinaigrette$16.95
Spring SaladFresh assorted greens tossed with candied walnuts, cranberries, bleu cheese and a sweet and spicy vinaigrette. Also available with grilled shrimp, oysters or tuna$6.95 - $10.95
Wedge SaladWedge of Iceberg lettuce topped with our creamy bleu cheese dressing, chopped bacon and extra bleu cheese crumbles$8.95
Cobb SaladChicken, bacon, bleu cheese crumbles, cheddar cheese, chopped hard boiled egg and fresh mixed greens, served with dressing of your choice$14.95
Lobster SaladDe shelled maine lobster, with your choice of mixed greens or spinach$19.95
Crabmeat Mediterranean SaladCrisp romaine tossed with a light vinaigrette and Italian cheese style dressing and then topped with jumbo lump crabmeat$7.95 - $18.95
Grilled Shrimp SaladGulf shrimp, seasoned and grilled, with cucumbers, tomatoes and fresh mixed greens, served with dressing of your choice$16.95
Portabella Spinach SaladFresh spinach tossed in a vinaigrette dressing, topped with a grilled portabella mushroom, fresh bleu cheese crumbles and diced bacon. Also available with fried oysters$14.95
Portabella Spinach SaladWith fried oysters$19.95
Buffalo Salad with ShrimpFried shrimp or chicken, buffalo style, served over mixed greens and tossed with bleu cheese dressing$16.95
Buffalo Salad with ChickenFried shrimp or chicken, buffalo style, served over mixed greens and tossed with bleu cheese dressing$14.95
Seared Tuna & Avocado SaladSliced tuna, very rare, drizzled with cajun aioli, served over avocado, tomato and mixed greens tossed in a soy vinaigrette$18.95
Gumbos and Soups
Oyster Chowder$8.95 - $12.95
Mama Ruth’s Seafood Gumbo$7.95 - $11.95
Shrimp & Corn Bisque$7.95 - $11.95
Chicken & Andouille Sausage Gumbo$7.95 - $11.95
House Specialities
Shrimp SeductionJumbo gulf shrimp sauteed in our hot and spicy tomato sauce, tossed with linguini pasta$22.95
Drago’s Mixed GrillHalf charbroiled Maine lobster, a petit filet and blackened shrimp with light cajun cream sauce, served with corn maque choux$28.95
Boudin Stuffed ShrimpJumbo gulf shrimp baked with a spicy cajun sausage, served with corn maque choux$22.95
Shrimp & Eggplant StackSlices of fried eggplant with sauteed shrimp stacked between each layer, then topped with a tomato cream sauce$20.95
Herradura Shrimp or OystersShrimp or oysters sauteed with sun dried tomatoes, pine nuts and onions, deglazed with tequila and seasoned to perfection. Served with a grilled portabella mushroom$22.95
Shrimp N Grits with TassoFresh gulf shrimp and tasso in a house sauce. Served on a bed of grits. Topped with rosemary$22.95
Grilled Shrimp PastaJumbo gulf shrimp, lightly seasoned and grilled, with angel hair pasta and creole sauce. Garnished with fresh parmesan and romano cheese$22.95
Shrimp N Pasta FlorentineShrimp sauteed with sun dried tomatoes, fresh spinach, pine nuts and onions in a cognac sauce$22.95
Seafood PastaShrimp and crabmeat cooked in a delicate cream sauce with angel hair pasta and sprinkled with fresh parmesan and romano cheese$19.95
Oyster PastaOysters sauteed in a cream reduction sauce with garlic, butter and herbs, served over angel hair pasta$20.95
Portabella Beef TipsMarinated portabella mushrooms sauteed with USDA prime filet tips. Served with potatoes$28.95
Chicken RomanoA cheese crusted chicken breast, sauteed and served over spiral pasta with our seduction marinara sauce$17.95
Pasta JambalayaAndouille sausage and chicken in a hearty cajun sauce tossed with spiral pasta, derived from the traditional jambalaya$21.95
Pasta Jambalaya with Shrimp$23.95
Twin FiletsTwo petite filets served with new potatoes and sauteed fresh spinach laced with bleu cheese$26.95
Shuckee DuckeeBlackened duck breast over linguini pasta with oysters and cream sauce$21.95
Fried Seafood
Catfish PlatterCatfish thinly sliced and lightly fried, served with french fries$18.95
Shrimp PlatterFresh jumbo shrimp, stacked on a pile of french fries$20.95
Oyster PlatterMounds of our fresh shucked oysters on top of french fries$21.95
Fresh Catch
Catch of the Day – BakedServed with collard greens and potatoes$22.95
Catch of the Day – Baked with Cajun SeasoningsServed with collars greens and potatoes$22.95
Catch of the Day – Andouille CrustedServed with corn maque choux and potatoes$24.95
Catch of the Day – Mediterranean with Tomatoes and HerbsServed with fresh sauteed spinach and potatoes$24.95
Catch of the Day – Stuffed with Crabmeat StuffingServed with corn maque choux$25.95
Blackened CatfishBlackened catfish filet served with rosemary potatoes and collard greens$17.95
Seared Yellowfin TunaLightly seasoned and seared, very rare, then drizzled with a cajun aioli. Served with sauteed fresh spinach and potatoes$22.95
Oysters VoisinFried louisiana oysters, creamed spinach, bacon, bordelaise sauce and extra cheese topped on toasted french bread medallions$10.95
Drago’s Original Charbroiled OystersThe single best bite of food in new orleans$11.95 - $19.95
Raw Oysters on the Half Shell$8.95 - $12.95
The Maine Attraction
Three Pound Lobster2 3/4 to 3 Pounds$51.95
Super Stud Lobster (Per Pound)$17.95
Lobster EmpireA whole lobster stuffed with fresh sauteed oyster and mushrooms, in a delicate cream sauce over angel hair pasta$26.95
Charbroiled Maine LobsterA maine lobster charbroiled with garlic butter. Served with spinach risotto$26.95
Lobster MarcoA whole lobster stuffed with fresh sauteed shrimp and mushrooms, in a delicate cream sauce over angel hair pasta$26.95
Stuffed LobsterA 1 1/4 lb. whole maine lobster filled with a fresh crabmeat and shrimp dressing and topped with crabmeat au gratin$26.95
Stud Lobster2 1/2 to 2 3/4 Pounds$48.95
Large Lobster2 to 2 1/4 Pounds$41.95
Pound-N-A-Halfer1 1/2 to 1 3/4 Pounds$28.95
Jumbo Lobster2 1/4 to 2 1/2 Pounds$44.95
Big Lobster1 3/4 to 2 Pounds$36.95
Maine Lobster1 to 1 1/4 Pounds$19.95
Louisiana Lagniappe
Shrimp CreoleLouisiana style red sauce sauteed with the holy trinity. Served with rice$20.95
Red Beans & RiceRed beans seasoned with sausage and tasso. Served over rice with oyster brochette$17.95
EtouffeesA slightly spicy and delicious cajun stew made with vegetables and a dark roux. Served with rice. Available with crawfish, seasonal or shrimp$20.95
Sandwiches and Po Boys
Portabella Po-Boy with Spinach and Bleu CheeseServed with sweet fries$11.95
Grilled Shrimp BLTServed with french fries$15.95
Fried Shrimp Remoulade Po-BoyServed with french fries$15.95
BBQ Shrimp Po-BoyServed with french fries$16.95
Catfish Po-BoyServed with french fries$13.95
Oyster Po-BoyServed with french fries$15.95
Shrimp Po-BoyServed with french fries$14.95
Maine LobsterServed with salad, larger sizes available, wheat pasta available$19.95
Daily Lunch SpecialServed with salad$14.95
Daily Lunch Fish SpecialServed with rosemary potatoes & salad$18.95
Fried Oyster LunchServed with french fries & salad$16.95
Fried Shrimp LunchServed with french fries & salad$15.95
Fried Catfish LunchServed with french fries & salad$15.95
Stuffed Crab with Crabmeat Au GratinServed with rosemary potatoes, vegetable & salad$14.95
Shrimp LinguiniServed with salad$16.95
Half Stuffed LobsterServed with vegetable & salad$15.95
Sauteed Crab Meat (On Any Entree)$8.95
Collard Greens$3.95
Red Beans and Rice$7.95
Sauteed Fresh Spinach$3.95
Corn Maque Choux$3.95
Rosemary Potatoes$3.95
Spinach Risotto$3.95
Lobster Mac & Cheese$14.95
Childrens Menu
Fried Chicken FingersServed with french fries
Grilled Chicken FingersServed with french fries
Alfredo Pasta
Fried CatfishServed with french fries
Fried ShrimpServed with french fries
Key Lime Parfait$8.95
Bananas Foster Cupcake$9.95
Spicy Praline Parfait$9.95
Ice Cream Sundae$7.95
Vanilla Ice Cream$5.95
Creme Brulee$7.95
Bread Pudding$6.95
Apple Cobbler$9.95
Hot Brownie a la Mode$10.95

Visit Drago’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Drago’s.

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