Eddie Merlot’s Menu, Prices and Locations

Eddie Merlot’s is an upscale American steakhouse with a twist! Eddie Merlot’s offers outstanding cuts of Prime beef including, a tomahawk, ribeye, filet mignon, New York strip, and more with other unique types of meat such as bison and wagyu.Quality, exceptional service and an unparalleled atmosphere have made Eddie Merlot’s one of America’s great steak houses. But who is Eddie Merlot? Bill Humphries, founder of Eddie Merlot’s, is a well-known wine connoisseur. In fact, Bill’s talent for choosing appropriate dinner wine was one of his responsibilities as a board member for a worldwide corporation.

Eddie Merlot’s Menu

Beef CarpaccioRaw Filet Mignon slices, capers, truffle aioli, balsamic glaze, watercress, olive oil$16.95
Escargot BourguignonEscargot baked in gorgonzola garlic butter with mushrooms and puff pastry$12.95
Filet Mignon Pot-stickersHand-chopped filet, blended with Asian flavors in wonton wrappers, lightly browned$12.95
Sweet and Spicy ShrimpTempura-battered shrimp with spicy asian sauce$13.95
Sesame CalamariSesame batter, trio of dipping sauces$14.95
Ahi Tuna WontonsMarinated raw ahi tuna, wonton chips$15.95
Spinach and Artichoke DipArtichoke, spinach, garlic, cream cheese, pita chips$10.95
Crab CakesLump crabmeat, jalapeno creamed corn, sweet potato frites$19.95
Barbeque ShrimpBacon-wrapped, horseradish, southern comfort barbeque sauce$22.95
Raw Bar - Appetizers
Eddie's Smoking Shrimp CocktailFresh horseradish cocktail sauce. Gluten free$19.95
Oysters on the Half-ShellRaw, on the half-shell $4.00 ea, rockefeller-style $5.00 each. Gluten free
Chilled Alaskan King Crab LegsSplit and served with cocktail and spicy mustard sauces. Gluten free$25.95 - $49.95
House-made dressings: balsamic vinaigrette, bleu cheese, ranch, creamy herb, hot bacon, maple apple cider vinaigrette, lemon basil vinaigrette
Caesar SaladChopped romaine leaves and hearts, pParmesan cheese, croutons, creamy caesar dressing$8.95
The Merlot IcebergIceberg lettuce wedges, chopped eggs, bacon, pickled red onions, tomatoes, olives. Gluten free$8.95
Roasted Beet SaladCucumber, celery, goat cheese, avocado, oranges, lemon basil dressing. Gluten free$10.95
Spinach SaladFresh spinach, eggs, red onion, candied bacon, strawberries, goat cheese, hot bacon dressing. Gluten free$8.95
Romaine Waldorf SaladGranny smith apples, red grapes, gorgonzola cheese, candied pecans, maple apple cider vinaigrette. Gluten free$8.95
Chopped SaladCrisp lettuce, gruyere cheese, red onion, celery, tomatoes, artichoke hearts, prosciutto and seasoned almonds, creamy herb dressing. Gluten free$10.95
Soups are made in-house with only the freshest ingredients
French Onion SoupSimmered in rich broth with five types of onions, croutons, gruyere and parmesan cheeses$9.95
Lobster BisqueRich and creamy, herbs, spices and sherry with lobster garnish$9.95
Cedar-Roasted SalmonBBQ glaze, roasted garlic aioli, edamame and fresh corn saute.$29.95
Crab-Stuffed ShrimpParmesan-tabasco cream$33.95
Sesame Ahi TunaSesame seeds crust, wasabi, soy sauce, gari ginger and seaweed salad$33.95
Seared Sea ScallopsButternut squash puree, brown butter vinaigrette, crispy capers$37.95
Sea BassPan-roasted, julienne vegetables, maple vinaigrette, balsamic glaze. Gluten free$41.95
Lobster One Tail8-10 oz. cold water lobster tails. Gluten free$34.95
Lobster Two Tails8-10 oz. cold water lobster tails. Gluten free$64.95
Alaskan King Crab LegsSplit for your convenience. Gluten free$25.95 - $49.95
USDA Prime Beef
7oz Filet MignonGluten free$35.95
10oz Filet MignonGluten free$44.95
16oz Bone-in Filet MignonGluten free$63.95
Trio of Medallions3-4 oz. filet medallions oscar-style, peppercorn, bacon gorgonzola$47.95
12 oz Prime New York StripGluten free$43.95
16 oz Prime New York StripGluten free$52.95
16 oz Prime Ribeye SteakGluten free$47.95
Bourbon-Marinated Prime Ribeye SteakGluten free$49.95
Reserve Cuts - Greg Norman Signature Wagyu
Wagyu Tomahawk RibeyeGluten free. 30 oz. MS 5-6$99.95
Wagyu Bone-in New York StripGluten free. 20 oz. MS 6-7$89.95
Reserve Cuts - Lean & Healthier Cuts
Bison Filet Mignon6 oz. lean and nutrient dense. Gluten free.$46.95
Bone-in Bison Ribeye18 oz. lean and nutrient dense. Gluten free$54.95
Steak Enhancements
Sauce ItBearnaise $3.00, hollandaise $3.00, peppercorn $3.00, red wine demi-glace $3.00
Top ItFried egg $3.00, bacon gorgonzola cheese $4.00, truffle butter 4.00, caramelized onions and mushrooms $6.00, oscar-style $12.00 maxwell style $12.00
Surf ItBacon-wrapped BBQ shrimp $6.00, sauteed crab cake $10.00, alaskan king crab legs 1/2 pound $25.95, 8-10 oz. cold-water lobster tail $34.95
Chef’s Creations
Includes caesar or merlot iceberg salad
Vegetarian GnocchiPan-seared gnocchi, button mushrooms, sauteed fresh spinach, sweet corn beurre blanc$24.95
Triple Prime MeatloafBraised tenderloin, red wine sauce, crispy onion straws, roasted garlic mashed potato$27.95
Roasted Bell & Evans ChickenRoasted chicken half, finished with truffled miso honey glaze, baby carrots. Gluten free$28.95
Niman Ranch Frenched Pork ChopsGrilled, southern comfort barbeque sauce, peaches, mashed sweet potato$32.95
Braised Short Rib StroganoffBraised short rib, red wine sauce, pappardelle pasta, rosemary cream$29.95
Steak Frites8 oz. flat iron steak, red wine sauce with fresh-cut fries$33.95
New Orleans Mixed Grill4 oz. filet mignon, grilled shrimp, andouille sausage, roasted garlic mashed potatoes$35.95
Baked PotatoSour cream, bacon, cheddar cheese. Gluten free$7.95
Eddie's PotatoesDiced potato, jalapeno accent, cheese, au gratin. Gluten free$8.95
Creamed-Style CornFresh-cut, cream, butter$8.95
Sweet Potato CasseroleSpiced pecan brown sugar topping$9.95
Parmesan Truffle FriesFresh-cut potatoes, truffle oil and shredded parmesan$9.95
Mashed PotatoesRoasted garlic with lobster. Gluten free$18.95
Hash BrownsShredded potato pie. Gluten free$9.95
Macaroni and Cheese$9.95
Macaroni and Cheese with Lobster$19.95
Cauliflower Gratin$9.95
BroccoliSteamed broccoli crowns. Gluten free$9.95
Creamed Spinach$7.95
Sauteed MushroomsButton mushrooms, shallots, garlic, sweet vermouth$9.95
Brussels SproutsOnions and diced bacon. Gluten free$9.95
Asparagus SpearsGluten free$9.95

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