Eddie V’s Menu, Prices and Locations

Eddie V’s charismatic vibe draws you in and holds you close, invites you to be seen, or sit back and just savor. The finest seafood and steaks. World-class wine and service. And live jazz in the V lounge.

Eddie V’s can be found across the country. While each location is unique in its setting, artwork and décor, they all share an unmistakable elegance. Enjoy a virtual visit now. An in-person visit at your earliest convenience.

Eddie V’s Menu

Happy Hour - Appetizers
Louisiana OystersServed on ice with lemon and mignonette sauces$1.00
Chilled Gulf ShrimpCocktail style with atomic horseradish and spicy mustard$12.00
Pot StickersFilled with spicy shrimp and pork in a light soy broth$8.00
Jumbo Lump Crab CakeSauteed maryland style with spicy chive remoulade$13.00
Batter-fried OystersLight curry, cilantro and pickled asian cucumbers$7.00
Steak and Lobster TartareTruffled steak tartare and chilled fresh maine lobster with toasted baguettes$11.00
Point Judith CalamariKung pao style with roasted cashews and crisp noodles$12.00
Tartare of Pacific Ahi TunaCurry and sesame oils, sliced avocado, mango and citrus$10.00
Desserts - Baked Fresh Daily
Dark Chocolate and Crushed Toffee S'moresToasted vanilla bean marshmallow$10.00
Hot "Bananas Foster" Butter CakeButter pecan ice cream$10.00
Hot Blackberry CobblerVanilla bean ice cream$10.00
Butterscotch Panna CottaSalted caramel, walnut pralines, biscotti$9.00
Hot Chocolate Godiva CakeVanilla bean ice cream$10.00
Creme BruleeBrown sugar crust and house made cookies$9.00
Fresh Seasonal BerriesFresh whipped cream and house made cookies$9.00
Sorbet and Ice CreamHouse made cookies$9.00
EspressoDark italian roast$3.00
CappuccinoDark italian roast$4.00
LatteDark italian roast$4.00

Visit Eddie V’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Eddie V’s.

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