El Indio Menu, Prices and Locations

El Indio was founded at the corner of India and Grape as a tortilla factory in August of 1940 by Ralph Pesqueira Sr. Fresh corn tortillas were made by hand. During WWII, customers from Consolidated, Convair and other nearby factories soon began asking for ready to eat lunch items. Ralph Sr. responded by making the “taquito,” a word he coined meaning “little taco.”

El Indio Menu

Add cheese, guacamole or sour cream to your meal for $0.85 cents each.
Bean & CheeseWith taco salsa$4.05
Mixed - Chicken & Bean$5.31
Mixed - Beef & Bean$5.42
Shredded Chicken$6.15
Shredded Beef$6.40
Fajita - ChickenWith onions, peppers & tomatoes$6.65
Fajita - BeefWith onions, peppers & tomatoes$6.78
Chile RellenoLettuce, peppers & onion$6.14
FishBeans, guacamole, tomatoes, cabbage & tartar sauce$6.75
CarnitasWith guacamole & ranchera salsa$6.89
CaliforniaCarne asada, fries & cheddar cheese$6.99
Carne AsadaWith guacamole & ranchera salsa$6.99
San DiegoGrilled chicken served with guacamole, sour cream & cheddar cheese$6.72
Burrito IndioWhole wheat tortilla filled with seasoned zucchini, corn, beans, jack cheese, tomato & onion$6.65
A deep fried combination burrito with cheddar cheese garnished with lettuce, served with sour cream & guacamole on the side
Bean & Cheese$6.31 - $4.18
Shredded Chicken & BeanWith cheese$7.23 - $4.82
Shredded Beef & BeanWith cheese$7.37 - $4.92
Carne Asada & BeanWith cheese$7.96 - $5.46
Our tamales are handmade everyday with our stone ground MASA
Chicken PreparedWith chili beans on top$3.49
Beef PreparedWith chili beans on top$3.49
Veggie PreparedWith enchilada sauce on top$3.49
Pork PreparedWith salsa verde on top$3.49
In the Husk (plain)Beef, chicken, veggie or pork$2.49
All our quesadillas are made with grated cheddar cheese.
Supreme QuesadillaA flour tortilla served flat with grilled chicken, guacamole, sour cream & salsa ranchera.$8.11 - $8.27
Deluxe Flat QuesadillaWith guacamole, sour cream & salsa ranchera$5.36
Plain Flat Quesadilla$4.85
Corn Quesadilla$3.26
Burrito Style - Cheese$4.95
Burrito Style - Shredded Chicken$6.27
Burrito Style - Shredded Beef$6.52
CheeseWith diced onions$3.52
VegetableZucchini, corn & jack cheese$4.17
Shredded Chicken & Cheese$4.38
Shredded Beef & Cheese$4.49
Carnitas & Jack Cheese$4.49
VerdeWith jack cheese & sour cream$4.49
Bean and Cheese$3.16
Shredded Chicken$4.54
Shredded Beef & Bean$4.63
Grilled Chicken & Bean$5.05
Carnitas & Bean$5.26
Carne Asada & Bean$5.37
Taco SaladShredded chicken$7.24
Taco Salad Carne AsadaGrilled chicken, carnitas or beef$7.99
A La Carta
3 corn or flour tortillas with butter $0.88
Chile Relleno$4.85
French Fries$3.83
Carne Asada French Fries$7.89
Hot BeansCooked without animal fats$2.70
Hot Rice$2.70
Our world famous tortilla chips served with spicy nacho cheese and topped with jalapeno slices.
Nachos RegularServed with beans, guacamole and sour cream. Add pollo asado $2.60 or carne asada $2.75 to your nachos$3.26
Nachos JumboServed with beans, guacamole and sour cream. Add pollo asado $2.60 or carne asada $2.75 to your nachos$4.28
Nachos DeluxeServed with beans, guacamole and sour cream. Add pollo asado $2.60 or carne asada $2.75 to your nachos$6.32
Beef or chicken taquito not fried
Cheese EnchiladaWith diced onions$2.94
Chicken Enchilada$3.24
Beef Enchilada$3.30
Chile Relleno$3.41
BeefChicken, veggie or pork tamale$3.53
Enchilada Sauce$7.50 - $2.60
Cold Rice or Beans$5.75 - $2.45
El Indio Chips
El Indio ChipsSmall bag serves 1 - 4, large bag serves 8 - 10, 5 lb. box of chips serves 40 - 50$3.00 - $19.50
El Indio Tortillas
Corn 4" (1 dozen)$1.45
Corn 6" (1 dozen)$1.45
Corn 9" (1 dozen)$2.65
Flour 6" (1 dozen)$2.30
Flour 10" (1 dozen)$3.20
Flour 14" (1 dozen)$4.20
Salsas and Dips
Mild Taco Salsa$4.00 - $7.00
Hot Taco Salsa$4.20 - $8.00
Salsa Ranchera$4.20 - $8.00
Roasted Pepper Salsa$5.55 - $9.00
Verde Salsa$5.55 - $9.00
Guacamole$7.00 - $14.00
Breakfast plates include beans & hot corn or flour tortillas
Cheddar Cheese Omelet$6.99
Huevos a La MexicanaWith salsa ranchera$7.55
Huevos Albanil$7.55
Huevos RancherosServed on two corn tortillas$7.55
Huevos Con Chorizo$7.65
Huevos con Jamon$7.65
Chilaquiles with Egg$7.99
Egg & Cheese Burrito$4.95
Egg, Potato & Cheese Burrito$5.41
Breakfast Burrito$5.44
Chorizo, Egg & Potato Burrito$6.44
Ham, Egg & Potato Burrito$6.44
Machaca Burrito$7.30
Steak & Egg Burrito$7.39
Combination Plates
Combo plates are served with rice, beans & a few chips.
Two Cheese Enchiladas$7.87
Two Beef Enchiladas$8.74
Two Chicken Enchiladas$8.57
A Cheese Enchilada & a Tamale$9.99
A Beef Enchilada & a Tamale$10.29
A Chicken Enchilada & a Tamale$10.19
Four Taquitos or FlautasChicken, beef or potato$8.05
Mini Bean & CheeseWith enchilada sauce on top$6.45
Mini Mixed BurritoBeef & bean or chicken & bean$7.82
Mini Beef or Chicken Burrito$8.02
Two Tamale PlateChicken, pork, beef or veggie$7.99
Chile Relleno$7.87
MachacaFlour or corn tortillas$9.34
Taco & Cheese EnchiladaCK, potato-$9.10 or ca, bf, carn, fish - $9.65$9.65
Two Taco PlateChicken, beef or potato$8.66
Mini ChimichangaBean/chz, ck - $7.99, ca, bf, carn – $8.99$8.99
Mini Carne Asada or Carnitas Burrito$8.30
Tamale & Taco Plate$10.09
CarnitasFlour or corn tortillas$10.29
Two Fish Tacos$9.23
Mini Fish Burrito$8.12
Chile Relleno & Taco$10.19
FajitasBeef or chicken, flour or corn tortillas$10.23
Carne Asada or Pollo AsadoFlour or corn tortillas$10.54
Chile Relleno & Cheese Enchilada$10.19
Two Carne Asada Tacos$10.39
Two Carnitas Tacos$10.09
Two Grilled Chicken Soft Tacos$10.09
“Build Your Own” PlateChoice of any 3 of the following items: Tacos, enchiladas, tamales or a chile relleno$13.35
Taquitos are sold individually. Order as many as you like. Beef, chicken or potato. Substitute a taquito for a flauta. A flauta is a taqutio made with a flour tortilla
Our Regular Taquito has Salsa & Lettuce$1.06
A Regular Taquito with Cheese$1.42
A Regular Taquito with Guacamole$1.46
A Regular Taquito with Cheese & Guac$1.55
Mordiditas (Five Taquitos)$7.34
Mini Mordiditas (Three Taquitos)Bite size taquitos covered with nacho cheese & jalapeno slices.$5.30
Soft Carne AsadaWith guacamole & ranchera salsa$4.25
Soft CarnitasWith guacamole & ranchera salsa$4.17
Soft Grilled ChickenServed in a flour tortilla with sour cream$3.46
Soft FishTarter sauce, cabbage & tomatoes$3.41
Shredded Beef w/ Guacamole$3.00
Shredded Chicken w/ Guacamole$2.94
PotatoSalsa & jack cheese$2.91
Childrens Menu
Comes with a mini drink cup and your choice between rice, beans or french fries on the side. (Choose 2)
Baby Burrito MealBean & cheese or beef$5.20
Baby Flat Quesadilla Meal$5.20
One Taquito MealBeef, chicken or vege$5.20
Flour tortilla filled with fruit of your choice deep fried & sprinkled with cinnamon sugar
Rice Pudding$1.54
Bunuelo Chips$3.25
Apple Fruit Burrito
Cherry Fruit Burrito
Peach Fruit Burrito$3.64

Visit El Indio here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local El Indio.

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