El Ranchito Menu, Prices and Locations

El Ranchito Restaurant and Bakery invites you to experience a combination of flavors from the latin tradition that makes our dishes out of this world!. We a proud to present fresh ingredients and flavorful taste to all our customers. So, do not wait any longer and check out our menu or simply visit us at our location in New Brunswick.

El Ranchito Menu

chips and salsa complementary
Guacamole Dip$2.85
Mexican Chile Beans$2.95
Two Cheese Quesadillas$3.65
Cheese Dip$3.10
Caramba Dipcheese and beans$2.95
Nacho Order$3.65
Nachos with Beef$4.45
Nachos with Chicken$4.45
Nachos with Beans$4.10
Special Nachos$4.95
Super Nachos$6.45
Beef and Bean Nachos$4.95
Nachos Fajitachicken or beef$7.95
A La Carte
2 Burritos$4.95
2 Chalupas$4.95
3 Cheese Enchiladas$5.25
2 Chicken Burritos$5.25
3 Chicken Enchiladas$5.25
3 Chicken Tacos$4.25
2 Chicken Tostaguacs$5.25
2 Chicken Tostadas$4.95
3 Chiles Rellenos$5.45
3 Enchiladas$4.75
2 Stew Burritos$5.85
2 Beef Tostaguacs$4.85
3 Tacos$3.85
3 Tamales$4.75
2 Tostadas$3.95
Ice Cream$2.55
Banana Burrito$2.25
Tomatillo Salsa (Hot)$0.75
Pico De Gallotomatoes, onions, cilantro jalapenos, and avocados$1.25
Soft Drinks
Coke, Diet Coke, Sprite$1.10
Orange and Lemonade$1.10
Ice Tea$1.10
Orange Juiceno refills$1.15
Milkno refills$1.15
el ranchito margaritas
Ranchito Clasicaon the rocks$3.55 - $8.75
Ranchito Frozenstrawberry - lime- peach$3.75 - $8.95
Ranchito Goldmade with Jose cuervo$4.25 - $9.25
Ranchito Topshelfjose cuervo and grand manier$4.75 - $9.95
Non- Alcohol Margaritason the rocks - or frozen$2.00 - $6.00
Pitcher Classic$12.00
Pitcher Gold$13.95
Pitcher Topshelf$14.25
Cervezas - Import
Corona Lite$2.55
Dos Equis (XX)$2.55
Negra Modelo$2.55
Modelo Especial$2.55
Cervezas - Domestic
Budweiser Lite$2.25
Miller Lite$2.25
Cervezas - Bucket
6 Coronitas$6.95
Cervezas - Pitcher
Michelob Lite$5.95
Dos Equis XX$6.95
Mug 23 oz$2.75
Mug 32 oz$3.75
Mug 32 oz XX$4.75
Camarones a La Diablacooked in red hot sauce. Served with rice and salad sour cream, guacamole, flour or corn tortillas$8.45
Tostadas De Camarononion, cilantro, tomato, lettuce, sauce valentine$6.50
Camarones Al Mojo De Ajoboiled shrimp with yellow squash, onion, bell pepper, cilantro, tomatoes, Served with yellow or white rice and toast$8.45
Filete De Pescadofilet of perch broiled cooked with cilantro, garlic served with black beans, white rice and vegetables$9.95
Shrimp Taco Saladshrimp, lettuce, chopped tomatoes, shredded cheese, gaucamole and sour cream$7.55
Coctel De Camaroncold shrimp, coctel served with onions, avocados tomatoes, crackers, ketchup with hot sauce on the side$6.50
Camarones Al Ranchitoboiled shrimp with bell peppers, tomatoes, onions, squash and mushrooms. Served with rice and two slices of French bread$8.45
Camarones Al Albanilshrimp cooked with salsa verde and served with tortillas, rice and beans$8.45
Fajita De Camaroneslarge shrimp marinated in our special recipe then grilled with tomatoes, bell peppers, onions, rice and beans, two flour tortillas, salsa and salad$9.50
Side Orders
1 Burrito$2.75
1 Chalupa$2.85
Cheese Enchilada$1.95
Chicken Tostada$2.85
Chicken Burrito$3.10
Chicken Enchilada$1.95
Chicken Taco$1.75
Chicken Tostaguac$3.25
Corn Tortilla$0.25
1 Quesadillabeef or chicken$2.95
1 Stew Burrito$3.15
1 Taco$1.55
1 Tamale$2.15
Chile Relleno$2.25
Sour Cream$0.55
Flour Tortilla$0.25
Burritos Y Enchiladas
Steak Burritosteak burrito with bell peppers, onions, tomatoes topped with nacho cheese. Served with black beans, sour cream, guacamole and salad$7.50
Grande Burritorolled flour tortilla with refried beans, beef or chicken fajita and covered with salsa, lettuce and sour cream. Served with rice$6.45
Wrap Fat or Naked Burritosuper flour tortilla filled with your choice (chicken or beef) black beans, rice sour cream, guacamole Mexican style sauce and pico de gallo$6.25
Burritos Supremeflour tortillas rolled around beef or chicken. Top with sauce, lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and sour cream$6.55
Enchiladas Verdescorn tortillas rolled and baked with chicken, beef or cheese topped with special green sauce lettuce, sour cream and beans$6.95
Enchiladas Ala Tiatwo rolled corn tortillas filled with chicken, cheese or beef and covered with salsa verde. Served with lettuce, tomatoes, Mexican cheese, beans and a slice of carne asade$7.25
Enchiladas Mexicanascorn tortilla rolled and baked with chicken, beef or cheese topped with mole poblano, lettuce, cheese and sour cream. Served with rice$6.95
Enchiladas Supremas3 enchiladas - 1 chicken, 1 beef, 1 cheese. Served with rice and beans, salsa, lettuce tomato, sour cream and guacamole$6.95
Child's Plate
children 10 and younger
One Taco, Rice and Beans$3.25
Mexican Hamburger$2.75
Encilada, Rice and Beans$3.35
Cheese Quesadilla, Rice and Beans$3.95
One Taco and Burrito$3.95
Spinach Cream Burritoflour tortilla rolled around spinach topped with lettuce, cheese, tomatoes and sour cream$6.55
Quesadilla De Hongosflour tortilla grilled and stuffed with mushrooms and cheese topped with lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole and sour cream$5.50
El Vegetarianospinach burrito, cheese enchilada, rice, beans and sour cream$6.35
Spinach Quesadillaflour tortilla grilled and stuffed with spinach topped with lettuce, tomatoes, guacamole and sour cream$5.55
Express Vegetarianospinach burrito, chalupa and beans$6.10
Ranchito Vegetarianopoblano pepper, cheese enchilada and beans$6.15
Enchiladas Rancherastwo enchiladas stuffed with crabmeat and cheese. Served with sauce, lettuce, sour cream, tomatoes, rice and beans$6.35
Chiles Poblanostwo poblano peppers stuffed with cheese, fried in egg butter. covered with special sauce and sour cream. Served with refried beans and rice$6.95
Fajita Vegetariangrilled peppers, onions, tomatoes and fresh mushrooms served with rice, beans two flour tortillas and salad$6.95
Green Burrito (Delight)giant veggie burrito filled with mushrooms, grilled bell peppers, zucchini, squash. Top with melted cheese. Served with black beans and rice$6.95
Especiales De Ranchito
Flag Taquitosfried rolled corn tortillas stuffed with chunks of beef or chicken, covered with red, green and cheese sauce. Served with rice and beans$6.75
El Mejorone Mexican stew burrito, one chicken tostaguac and one cheese enchilada$6.75
Special Dinnerchalupa, chile relleno, taco, enchilada, tamale, rice and beans$8.95
Flautasfried rolled corn tortillas stuffed with chunks of beef or chicken. Served with lettuce, guacamole, sour cream and tomatoes$6.10
Pancho Villathe ultimate combinations one beef burrito. One chicken chimichanga topped with cheese, lettuce tomatoes and sour cream. Served with rice and beans$6.50
Chilaquiles Mexicanospieces of corn tortillas cooked with chucks of chicken prepared in our special sauce and topped with cheese. Served with rice$6.45
Chimichangabeef chunks or chicken rolled and a flour tortilla and fried topped with cheese and salsa, then baked. Served with rice lettuce, sour cream, guacamole and tomatoes$6.50
Mole Poblanochicken sauteed with mole sauce. Served with rice, beans and two flour tortillas$6.95
Tortillasthin corn pancakes used as a basis for many dishes
Frijoles Refritosfried beans
Caramba Dipfried beans and cheese dip
Nachosmelted cheese with jalapenos peppers on toasted tortillas
Tacostortillas folded and fried crisp, seasoned fillings and topped with cheese, onions and sauce
Guacamolesmashed avocados
Chalupaflat tortilla with fried beans, sprinkled with cheese and topped with guacamole salad
Burritosflour tortilla rolled around beef fillings and topped with cheese, onions and sauce
Chiles Rellenosbell peppers stuffed with cheese and meat
Tamalessavory meat fillings steamed in commeal casings
Quesadillagrilled flour tortilla with cheese inside
Tostaguacflat tortilla with beef topped with lettuce, cheese and guacamole
Enchiladascorn tortilla rolled around seasoned fillings and topped with cheese and sauce
Sopapillafried flour tortilla with honey and butter
FlanMexican custard

Visit El Ranchito here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local El Ranchito.

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