Flour Bakery Menu, Prices and Locations

We offer buttery breakfast pastries, grand homemade cookies, luscious pies, gorgeous cakes, and sandwiches, soups, salads, and grain bowls. Everything is prepared in-house by our professional kitchen staff. Our business includes morning commuters stopping in for breakfast, area employees and neighbors enjoying lunch, friends meeting for coffee and talk, office workers seeking to satisfy their 4pm sugar craving, people picking up bread, salad, or dessert for their evening meal. Along with our quality product, our success depends on a well-trained, professional service staff. We strive to be constantly and consistently friendly, attentive, and courteous.

Flour Bakery Menu

Sconescurrant-spelt-oat, lemon ginger, cheddar scallion$2.95
Brioche Au Sucreclassic french roll made with lots of butter and eggs$3.25
Muffin Cakessweet, fragrant blueberry and seasonal rotating flavors$3.25
Banana Breadmoist and full of bananas and walnuts$2.95
Cinnamon Cream Briochebrioche topped with crème fraiche and cinnamon sugar$3.50
Pain Aux Raisinsbrioche baked with pastry cream and raisins$3.25
Brioche Au Chocolatbrioche filled with pastry cream and chocolate$3.25
Sticky Sticky Bunsdark, sticky caramel and toasted pecans$3.75
Old-Fashioned Sour Cream Coffee Cakebrown sugar-pecan-cinnamon swirl$2.95
Cinnamon Sugar Apple Cakeapples layered in a cinnamon buttermilk cake$2.95
Country Rolls / Loavesopen, airy, moist crumb$3.00 - $0.60
Raisin-Pecan Rolls / Loavesgolden raisins, toasted pecans, honey-sweetened dough$4.00 - $0.85
Multigrain Rolls / Loavesbuckwheat, whole wheat, millet, flax, sunflower seeds$0.85 - $4.00
Brioche Loaf$7.00
Smoked Turkeycranberry chutney, cheddar, greens$8.50
Applewood-Smoked Bacon* arugula, and tomato$8.50
Sweet Potatoapple, walnut pesto, blue cheese, kale$8.50
Lemon-Caper Tunaolive tapenade, fennel, red onion$8.50
Roasted Lamb* tomato chutney, goat cheese$8.50
Roast Chickenmashed avocado, jicama$8.50
Roast Beef* horseradish mayo, crispy onions, tomato$8.50
Hummusmoroccan spiced carrots, spaghetti squash$8.50
Grilled Roast Chickenbrie, arugula, peppers, onions$8.50
Grilled Portobello Meltpesto, mozzarella, tomato$8.50
Breakfast Egg Sandwichham / bacon, cheddar$6.95
Kid's PB&J Or Grilled Cheese$4.95
Specialty Salads
Quinoatofu, roasted veggies, spinach, portobello mushroom, ginger-scallion dressing
Kaletuscan white bean, mozzarella, tomato, focaccia, red wine vinaigrette
Chopped Greekfeta, chicken, green goddess dressing
Simple Salads*
Simple Mixed Green Salad$2.95 - $3.95
Green Saladwith vegetables$3.95 - $4.95
Everything Else
Soup Of The Day$4.95
Pizza Of The Day$5.95
Quiche Of The Day*$5.95
Stuffed Bread Of The Day*$5.95
Cookies $1.95
Tcho Chocolate Chip
Tcho Double Chocolate
Chunky Lola
Peanut Butter
Oatmeal Raisin
Ginger Molasses
Cornmeal Lime
Almond Macaroon
Coconut Macaroon
Coconut And Chocolate
Chip Macaroon
Mixed Nut & Honey Biscotti
Chocolate Meringue
Almond Meringue
Raspberry Crumb Bar$3.25
Granola Bar$3.25
Belgian Chocolate Brownie$3.75
Midnight Chocolatedeep, dark devil's food cake, creamy milk chocolate buttercream, chocolate ganache
Triple Chocolate Moussemilk, dark, and white chocolate mousse in between flourless chocolate cake layers
Lemon Raspberrylemon pound cake brushed with lemon syrup, lemon curd, crushed raspberries, buttercream
Carrot Cakeclassic with walnuts, raisins and spices, frosted with creamy cream cheese frosting
Boston Cream Piesponge cake, vanilla cream, coffee syrup, chocolate ganache
Hazelnut-Almond Dacquoiselayers of nut meringue, espresso buttercream, dark chocolate ganache
Chocolate Creamrich dark chocolate pudding with whipped cream and milk chocolate curls
Coconut Creamcoconut custard with whipped cream and toasted coconut
Lemon Meringuetart lemon curd piled high with toasted meringue
Fresh Fruitseasonal fruit and vanilla cream
Lemon Lustbright tart lemon curd
Tartlettes $1.25
Chocolate Cream
Coconut Cream
Lemon Meringuelemon lust
Fresh Fruit
Hot Drinks
Fazenda Coffeehouse blend or french roast$2.25 - $1.75
Lattechai spice latte$2.95 - $3.50
Hot Chocolate$3.95 - $3.50
Mem Teablack- assam breakfast, blue flower earl grey, spicy chai, decaf english breakfast. green- china mao feng, japanese genmai cha, jasmine. tisanes- crimson berry, peppermint, chamomile$2.25 - $1.75
Cold Drinks
Iced Coffee And Tea$2.95 - $2.50
Purity Organic Juices$2.50
Spindrift Fresh Soda$2.75
Bottled Springsparking water$1.50
Housemade Raspberry Seltzer$2.50 - $2.95
A Tallcold glass of milk$1.50 - $1.95

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