Flyers Pizza Menu, Prices and Locations

In February of 1976  the founder, Wayne Ulrey, purchased a small, existing pizza shop in West Jefferson, Ohio called “Tonni’s Pizza for $19,000. With no previous experience in the pizza industry, Wayne and his family were supposed to fail! The plan was, by the former owner and broker who sold the business to the Ulrey’s, to buy it back at a drastically reduced cost within a year. Sales were $173.22 on their first day of ownership and they have never looked back since!

In 1987, the West side of Columbus was rapidly expanding. The family saw a need and opened their second location at the corner of Hall & Norton Roads. In 2002, they moved the location into a new 2200 square foot facility nearby.

Flyers Pizza Menu

Dasani Water$1.89 - $1.99
Bottled Soda$1.89 - $1.99
Gatorade$1.89 - $1.99
2 Liter Soda$2.59
Meatball HoagieA hoagie bun loaded with our savory meatballs, sauce and provolone cheese.$4.99
Pizza SubA hoagie bun loaded with our savory pepperoni, sauce and mozzarella cheese$4.99
Whole Pizzas
Whole Pizzas
Cheese Pizza$10.99 - $12.59
Pepperoni Pizza$11.99 - $13.79
Sausage Pizza$11.99 - $13.79
The Ultimate Flyer PizzaMozzarella cheese, pepperoni, beef, bacon, sausage, onion, green pepper, black olives and mushrooms.$12.99 - $15.79
The Meaty Flyer PizzaMozzarella cheese, beef, sausage, bacon and pepperoni.$12.99 - $15.79
Bacon Cheeseburger PizzaMozzarella cheese, cheddar cheese, beef and bacon.$12.99 - $14.99
Hawaiian PizzaMozzarella cheese, ham and pineapple.$12.99 - $14.99
Veggie PizzaMozzarella cheese, mushrooms, black olives, onion, green pepper and tomato.$12.99 - $15.79
Large Pizza DealLarge Pizza, any toppings$10.00
Spaghetti and MeatballsA hefty serving of spaghetti topped with a robust sauce and hefty meatballs. Served with a garlic bread stick.$6.99
Spaghetti and SauceA hefty serving of spaghetti topped with our robust sauce. Served with a garlic bread stick.$5.99
Baked ZitiA hefty serving of baked ziti. Served with a garlic bread stick.$6.49
8 Garlic Breadsticks$5.99
8 Cheese Sticks$6.99
Garden Fresh SaladFreshly prepared daily. Your choice of ranch, Italian or fat free French dressing.$2.99
Caesar Salad$2.99
Whole Deli Dill Pickle$1.25
Dessert Pizzas
Dessert Pizzas
16" Cherry PizzaTopped with cherries, a fruit glaze and a sweet drizzle.$13.99
16" Apple PizzaTopped with apples, a fruit glaze and a sweet drizzle.$13.99

Visit Flyers Pizza here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Flyers Pizza.

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