Ford’s Garage Menu, Prices and Locations

Ford’s Garage is your neighborhood burger and beer joint, where everyone is welcome.  Ford’s Garage will give you the vibe of being in a 1920’s service station to include vintage Ford vehicles, gas pumps, and fixtures.  Our bars feature prohibition-style elements of old brick, rich wood, and a hand-hammered copper bar top. Many more unique features, too numerous to list, really make The Garage a fun place to visit and take pictures!

We are a gourmet burger bar serving up the finest varieties of Black Angus Beef, American Kobe, Open Range Bison, Turkey, Chicken, Tuna, and Vegetarian products coupled with all-natural aged cheeses and gourmet toppings.

Ford’s Garage Menu

Add to any salad: Chicken $3.95, angus beef $5.95, shrimp $5.95, ahi tuna $6.95. Dressing selections: Sweet onion balsamic vinaigrette, bleu cheese, italian, smoky ranch, caesar strawberry vinaigrette, oil and vinegar, balsamic vinegar
Berries & GorgonzolaMixed greens, dried cranberries, fresh blueberries, candied walnuts, gorgonzola cheese, strawberry vinaigrette$8.95
Chop Shop SaladIceberg and romaine blend, hard boiled egg, tomato, aged sharp cheddar, bacon, chick peas, cucumber, red onion, smoky ranch dressing$8.95
Traditional CaesarRomaine, caesar dressing, parmesan, croutons$8.95
The WedgeIceberg wedge, crumbled bleu cheese, applewood smoked bacon, red onion, tomato, bleu cheese dressing$7.95
Cobb SaladGrilled chicken, bacon, hard boiled eggs, tomato, cucumber, crumbled bleu cheese, choice of dressing$10.95
Baby Spinach SaladFresh baby spinach, red onion, pine nuts, hard boiled egg, applewood smoked bacon, mandarin oranges, sweet onion vinaigrette$9.50
All burgers are served with iceberg lettuce, tomato, onion, fresh cut french fries and pickle
Ford's SignatureBlack angus, aged sharp cheddar, applewood smoked bacon, bourbon BBQ, brioche bun$10.95
Ameicna StanderdBlack angus, american cheese, lettuce, tomato, red onion, dill pickle, brioche bun$10.50
Gulf ShimpWhole fresh shrimp formed in a pinwheel, pan seard spicy boom boom sauce, brioche bun$13.95
Stick To Your RibBlack angus, pulled pork, bourbon BBQ sauce, brioche bun$12.95
The Model ABlack angus, aged sharp cheddar, fried egg, arugula, applewood smoked bacon, pico de gallo, brioche bun$12.95
SouthwesternBlack angus, jalapeno jack cheese, grilled jalapeno peppers, guacamole, chipotle ketchup, brioche bun$10.95
Angus Chili and CheddarBlack angus, aged sharp cheddar, homemade black angus chili, cilantro sour cream, brioche bun$10.95
The Low Crab UretorYour choice of black angus, turkey or chicken patty, caramelized onions, tomato, pickles, sauteed mushrooms, on top of a bed of iceburg lettuce. Add bun for $1.00$9.95
Mushroom SwissBlack angus, baby swiss, sauteed mushrooms, pretzel bun$11.95
Grilled Portobello MushroomsGrilled portobello mushrooms topped with provolone cheese, roasted red peppers, fresh arugula and pesto mustard seed mayo on a wheat bun$10.95
Distinguished Kobe BeefKobe beef, swiss cheese, caramelized onions, arugula, garlic aioli, brioche bun$15.50
Black n BleuBlack angus, blackend, crumbled bleu cheese, applewood smoked bacon, caramelized onions, pretzel bun$12.95
T BirdFree range turkey patty, baby swiss, arugula, pico de gallo, guacamoke, wheat bun$10.95
Tuna Me UpSushi grade ahi tuna steak, asian slaw, tomato, fresh cucumber, cucumber wasabi mayo, spicy boom boom sauce, brioche bun$13.95
The RoosterFree range chicken patty, cilantro sour cream, applewood smoked bacon, onion rings, lettuce, tomato, wheat bun$10.95
European ExportBlack angus, chevre goat cheese, caramelized onions, port wine reduction, brioche bun$11.50
Burger Experience
Served with fresh cut fries
Black AngusUSDA Choice black angus beef$8.50
Range Chicken Patty$6.50
Range Turkey Patty$7.50
Grilled Portobello Mushroom$6.50
Ahi Tuna Sushi Grade Tuna$10.95
American Kobe BeefSuperior quality, notably tender and juicy$11.95
Fresh Gulf ShrimpPin wheeled shrimp patty, pan seared$11.95
Choose Your BunBrioche egg, pretzel, wheat, iceberg lettuce wrap
Cheese BoardAll natural cheese $1.50 each. Blue cheese, aged sharp cheddar, jalapeno jack, classic yellow american, chevre goat cheese, smoked gouda, baby swiss, provolone
From The GrillSauteed mushrooms, caramelized onions, roasted red peppers, grilled jalapenos. Add $1.00 each
From The Garden$0.75 each. Tomato, iceberg lettuce, cucumber, red onions, guacamole, celery seed slaw, sliced dill pickle, arugula, pico de gallo
Burger BlingOnion rings, fried egg, applewood smoked bacon, black angus chili, pulled pork, fresh cut fries, sweet potato fries, deep fried dill pickles, grilled shrimp 4. $2.00 each
Sauces$0.50 each. Bourbon BBQ sauce, smoky ranch, cilantro sour cream, chipotle ketchup, cucumber wasabi mayo, hot wing sauce, roasted garlic aioli, spicy boom boom sauce, port wine reduction
Fries and Rings
French FriesFresh cut fresh fries, deep fried, seasoned with kosher salt$3.95
French Fries with Gravy$4.50
Sweet Potato FriesDeep fried, fat tire maple cinnamon beer sauce$5.95
Truffle FriesFresh cut french fries with pecorino romano and truffle oil served with chipotle ketchup$5.95
Chili Cheese FriesFresh cut french fries, black angus chili, scallions, aged sharp cheddar cheese, cilantro sour cream$7.95
Piston Rings (Regular)Jumbo cornmeal dusted onion rings served with chipotle ketchup and smoky ranch$6.95
Piston Rings (Funnel Tower)Jumbo cornmeal dusted onion rings served with chipotle ketchup and smoky ranch$12.50
French Fry Sampler (Regular)French cut french fries, truffle fries, sweet potato fries$7.95
French Fry Sampler (Funnel Tower)French cut french fries, truffle fries, sweet potato fries$12.50
Mac Bar
Chedder Mac & CheeseCavatappi pasta with aged sharp cheddar cheese$6.95
Pulled Pork Mac & CheesePulled pork with bourbon BBQ sauce atop cavatappi pasta, with aged sharp cheddar cheese sauce$9.95
Lobster Mac & Cheese1/4 Pound maine lobster and aged sharp cheddar cheese sauce over cavatapi pasta$15.95
Cajun Chick & Shrimp MacSeasoned shrimp and chicken sauteed in cajun cream sauce, over cavatappi topped with scallions$12.95
Comfort Food
Grilled NY Strip Steak12oz. Grilled to perfection, served with fresh cut fresh fries and choice of broccoli, slaw or baked beans$22.95
Ahi TunaFresh sushi grade ahi tuna sesame seared, sesame ginger sauce, asian slaw and choice of broccoli, slaw or baked beans$17.95
Chicken HenryChicken breast, lemon butter, basil, sun dried tomatoes, goat cheese, with fresh cut fresh fries, and choice of broccoli, slaw or baked beans$13.50
Homemade Meatloaf Mom's RecipeBlack angus beef, onions, celery, homemade gravy, fresh cut french fries choice of broccoli, slaw or baked beans$11.95
Fish & ChipsFresh fish, deep fried, served with tartar sauce and fresh cut french fries$10.95
Three served on mini brioche buns
Black AngusBlack angus, aged sharp cheddar cheese, iceberg lettuce, tomato, red onion, dill pickle slices$8.95
Pulled PorkPulled pork, bourbon BBQ sauce, dill pickle slices$8.95
Chicken SlidersGround chicken breast, sun dried tomato pesto, cilantro sourcream, dill pickle slices$8.50
Mini Nathan's Hot DogsMini nathan's hot dogs, black angus chili, cilantro sour cream, aged sharp cheddar cheese$7.95
Slider TrioChoice of 3: Black angus, pulled pork, chicken, mini nathan's hot dogs$8.95
Snacks and Bar Bites
Guinness French Onion SoupFrench style onion soup with guinness stout, baby swiss$5.95
Black Angus ChiliHomemade black angus chili, aged sharp cheddar cheese, onions, cilantro sour cream$5.95
Edsel's Hot PretzelsDeep fried, soft pretzels served with your choice of cheddar cheese or jalapeno cheddar dipping sauce$6.95
Ford's WingsJumbo chicken wings, original buffalo hot sauce or bourbon BBQ sauce, served with bleu cheese and celery$9.95
Deep Fried Dill PicklesDeep fried pickle chips with smoky ranch and cucumber wasabi mayo$6.95
Firestone's ShrimpSeasoned shrimp, deep fried, tossed with our spicy, boom boom sauce$9.95
Spinach Artichoke DipFresh spinach, artichoke, fresh herbs, parmesan, mozzarella and cream cheese, tortilla chips$9.95
Ahi TunaSushi grade ahi tuna sesame seared, asian slaw, sesame ginger sauce, wasabi$10.95
Steamed BroccoliBaby broccoli florets steamed with lemon$2.50
Celery Seed SlawWhite cabbage, carrots, celery seed, slaw dressing$2.50
Side House SaladLettue, tomato and red onions, cucumber, choice of dressing$3.50
Side Caesar SaladRomaine, homemade caesar salad dressing, parmesan$2.95
Homemade Baked BeansA ford's original recipe$2.50
Cheddar Mac & CheeseCavatappi pasta with aged sharp cheddar cheese$3.95
Ford's Cinnamon Pretzel Dip StixSoft pretzel sticks, deep fried, roiled in cinnamon and demerara cane sugar crystals. Served with a nutella hazelnut chocolate sauce$5.95
Mom's Rum CakeHomemade moist yellow cake, glazed with bacardi dark rum, sprinkled with chopped walnuts$5.95
Hot Apple PieCalifornia granny smith apples slowly baked with a crispy light flaky crust. A la mode add $1.95$5.95
Key Lime PieHomemade key lime pie made with fresh key lime juice, graham cracker crust, fresh whipped cream and a lime$5.95
Chocolate Cupcake Ala MOdeDelicious chocolate cupcakes served with a scoop vanilla ice cream$5.95
Love Boat Ice CreamLocal homemade vanilla or chocolate$3.95
Vanilla$4.95 - $7.95
Chocolate$4.95 - $7.95
Strawberry$4.95 - $7.95
Apple Pie$4.95 - $7.95
Banana Foster$4.95 - $7.95
Soft DrinksCoke, diet coke, sprite, cherry coke, mellow yellow, pink lemonade, ginger ale, coffee$2.75
Gold Peak Iced TeaSweet, unsweetened, sweet green tea, sweet raspberry$2.75
Lunch Box Specials
Lunch Box SpecialsAmerican standard burger, fresh cut fries, soda ford's signature burger, fresh cut fries, soda wrap or sandwich of the day, fresh cut fries, soda$10.95

Visit Ford’s Garage here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Ford’s Garage.

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