Franco’s Menu, Prices and Locations

Owners Domenico & Giovanni are a father and son duo who hail from Buono Pane, a small town on the island of Ischia in Italy. This team has been working together for more than twenty years.

Domenico made his journey to America in 1976. He has been in the pizzeria business for nearly forty years. Giovanni has worked with his father for most of his life. Together, these two make a great team! Their partnership underscores the true value of family tradition.

Franco’s Menu

Lunch Specials
1 Slice Pizza with 1 Topping and 20 oz Beverage$2.99
2 Slices Pizza with 1 Topping and 32 oz Beverage$5.29
5 Chicken Wings and Lunch Salad$5.99
Deli Meat Wrap and Lunch Salad$5.79
Chicken Fajita and Nachoscheese and chips$5.79
6' Deli Meat Sub and 20 oz Beverage$5.35
6' Deli Meat Sub and Lunch Salad$5.79
Personal Pizza with 1 Topping and Lunch Salad$6.09
6' Deli Meat Sub and French Fries$5.79
5' Chicken Wings and 1 Slice of 1 Topping Pizza$6.19
Franco's First Course
Bruschetta Breada blend of fresh tomatoes, onions, garlic, mozzarella and parmesan cheese$3.99 - $4.59
Garlic Bread Stickswith dipping sauce$3.79
Cheesy Bread Stickscovered with melted mozzarella and parmesan cheese$5.49
Spicy Buffalo Bread Stickswith bleu cheese$3.79
BBQ Bread Stickswith bleu cheese$3.79
Garlic Bread Loafwith melted mozzarella cheese$2.09 - $3.19
French Fries1 pound of fries$2.19
Onion Rings$2.49
Mozzarella Stix5 stix with dipping sauce$4.39
Pizza Logs4 pieces with dipping sauce$4.69
Potato Wedges
1 pound of spuds cut in wedges
Spicy Buffalo Wedgesspicy wedges with blue cheese$3.35
BBQ Wedgesdipped in BBQ sauce and served with blue cheese$3.35
Nacho Wedgeswedges covered in nacho cheese$3.79
Wedges 'Grande'topped with nacho cheese, taco beef, jalapeno peppers and sour cream$4.59
Loaded Wedgeswedges smothered with cheese, bacon and sour cream$4.09
Plain Wedges$2.79
Greek - Grilled Steak or Chickenlettuce, tomatoes, feta cheese, black olives, Greek dressing$5.39
Caesar - Grilled Steak or ChickenRomaine lettuce, parmesan cheese, Caesar dressing$5.19
Deli Meatwe take your favorite deli meat, slice it thin, add cheese, lettuce, tomatoes, your choice of olives, onions, hot or roasted sweet peppers, and wrap it$5.29
Buffalo Chickenspicy breaded chicken wrapped with cheese, lettuce, tomato and blue cheese dressing$5.49
Chicken Clubgrilled chicken, bacon, cheese, lettuce, tomato and ranch dressing$5.49
Sesame Chickenlettuce, mandarin oranges, Asian vegetables, sliced almonds in an Asian sesame dressing, choose cripsy or grilled chicken$5.49
South of the Border
our burritos and fajitas are made on a giant 12 inch soft taco shell
Beef Burrito$3.69
Steak Fajita$4.39
Steak Fajita Deluxewith grilled peppers and onions$4.39
Chicken Fajita$4.39
Chicken Fajita Deluxewith grilled peppers and onions$4.59
Vegetarian Soft Shelled Tacowith lettuce, tomato, roasted sweet peppers, black olives, American and cheddar cheese$3.69
Add Sour Cream or Jalapeno Peppers$0.30
Nacho Chipswith cheese$1.99
Tortilla Chipswith salsa$1.79
Nacho Grandechips, taco beef, cheese, salsa, sour cream, jalapeno peppers$3.79
From the Sea
available daily
Fish Fry$8.49
Shrimp Dinnerboth dinners served with French fries and cole slaw$6.49
Fresh Sliced Deli Meat Subs
Ham$4.45 - $6.15
Assortedham, cappicola, salami$4.45 - $6.15
Cappicola$4.45 - $6.15
Hard Salami$4.45 - $6.15
Tunamade with white albacore$4.45 - $6.15
Roast Beeffresh sliced top round$4.45 - $6.15
Turkey$4.45 - $6.15
CheeseProvolone, American Swiss, and mozzarella$4.45 - $6.15
Grilled, Hot Subs
all hot subs include melted cheese
Pizzamozzarella and pepperoni$4.45 - $6.15
Cheeseburger$4.79 - $6.59
Italian Sausage$4.79 - $6.59
Sausage RoyalItalian sausage and cappicola$4.99 - $7.09
Turkey Clubwe add bacon, cover it with mozzarella and bake it$5.05 - $7.25
Chicken Finger$5.05 - $7.29
Chicken Parmesanmozzarella cheese and tomato sauce$5.05 - $7.29
Fish Fillet Made with Haddocklettuce, tomato and tartar sauce$5.05 - $7.29
Meatball Parmesan$4.75 - $7.19
Sausage Parmesanmozzarella cheese and tomato sauce$4.75 - $7.19
Steakwith lettuce and tomato$5.05 - $7.59
Steak Hoagieloaded with mushrooms, roasted sweet, pepper and onions$5.55 - $8.29
Steak in the GrassSpinach, mushrooms, onions$5.55 - $8.29
Grilled Chicken Hoagieloaded with fried mushrooms, sweet peppers and onions$5.55 - $8.19
Grilled Chicken in the GrassSpinach, mushrooms and onions$5.55 - $8.19
Franco's SuperItalian sausage, ham, cappicola, salami, fried peppers and onions$5.25 - $7.69
Bistro Roast Beef Meltfreshly sliced top round, roasted red peppers, grilled mushrooms, covered by melted Provolone cheese$5.05 - $7.39
Chicken Clubcrispy bacon tops our golden chicken fingers with lettuce, tomato and creamy ranch dressing$5.55 - $8.19
Bacon Cheeseburger$5.05 - $7.19
'BLT'with cheese$4.79 - $6.59
Souvlaki Subgrilled chicken or steak with lettuce, tomato, feta cheese, black olives and Greek dressing$5.55 - $8.19
Chicken Wings
enjoy them mild, medium hot or BBQ includes crisp carrot sticks and chunky Franco bleu cheese dip
Big Boxextra BBQ sauce, blue cheese or hot sauce $0.60$23.69
Chicken Fingers
5 Tender Chicken Fingersserved with French fries, carrots and your choice of bleu cheese or BBQ dip$8.39
10 Tender Chicken Fingersserved with French fries, carrots and your choice of bleu cheese or BBQ dip$15.09
Fresh Salads
all of our salads are available in small, large or party sizes, dressings; Italian, ranch,parmesan peppercorn, lite Italian, vinaigrette, bleu cheese, caesar French, sesame dressings
Chef Saladcrisp lettuce and topped with tomatoes, cucumbers, chick peas, black olives, pepperocinis, and onions$3.09 - $16.99
Asian Saladlettuce, carrots, mandarin oranges, sliced almonds, and crunchy noodles with an Asian sesame dressing and choose crispy or grilled chicken$5.05 - $26.49
Santa Fe Chicken Saladcrisp lettuce, fresh tomatoes, black olives, jalapeno peppers, shredded cheddar cheese and top it with breaded chicken strips$5.05 - $26.49
Greek Saladfresh crisp lettuce we add feta cheese, black olives, tomatoes, cucumber, pepperocinis, Bermuda onion$3.89 - $26.49
Topped with Chicken or Steak$5.39 - $26.49
Tuna Saladcrisp lettuce and topped with white albacore tuna, tomatoes, cucumbers, chick peas, black olives, pepperocinis and onions$4.49 - $26.49
Turkey Clubcrisp lettuce, topped with sliced turkey and bacon, tomatoes, cucumbers, chick peas, black olives, pepperocinis and onions$4.79 - $26.49
Julienne Saladcrisp lettuce, topped with strips of ham, turkey cheddar cheese, cucumbers, chick peas, black olives, pepperocinis and onions$4.79 - $26.49
Antipasto Saladcrisp lettuce and topped with slices of ham, genoa salami, pepperoni, Provolone cheese, pepperocinis, black olives, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, chick peas, and croutons$4.79 - $26.49
Grilled Chicken Saladcrisp lettuce and topped with grilled chicken strips, tomatoes, cucumbers, pepperocinis, onion and croutons$4.99 - $26.49
Caesar Salad$3.79 - $26.49
Topped with Chicken or Steak$4.89 - $26.49
Taco Saladwith taco beef
Fajita Salad

Visit Franco’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Franco’s.

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