Fuji Sushi Menu, Prices and Locations

Fuji Sushi is an Authentic Sushi restaurant located conveniently on Hylan Blvd in South Beach. We have the freshest, highest quality sushi available.

We feature a full open sushi chef preparation area as well as a full kitchen making authentic Asian Cuisine such as Thai, Hibachi entrees and some of the best soups you have tasted on this part of Staten Island.

Fuji Sushi Menu

Special Rolls
Black Widow Roll2 Soft shell crabs, FF, scallion, spicy mayo& eel sauce raw$10.95
Bubba RollTwo temp. shrimps, avo, CC inside, steamed shrimp, avocado on top w/eel sauce$13.95
George Washington RollSpicy mixed seafood w/scallion, temp. crumb inside w/special sauce on top raw$7.95
Soccer RollSpicy tuna inside, avo, temp. crumb w/special sauce on top raw$9.95
Aqua Bear RollSpicy salmon, cc, tempura crumb inside, escolar & chopped tuna w/ sweet, spicy sauce on top raw$10.95
Vegetable Appetizers
Eda MameSteamed soy bean$4.25
Goma-AeStir fried broccoli with sesame oil$4.95
OshitashiSteamed spinach served cold with special sauce$4.25
TofuFried or grilled or cold$4.95
Steamed or Grilled Mixed Vegetables$4.95
Hot & Cold Appetizers
Beef NegimakiScallion wrapped in beef with special sauce$7.95
Chicken FriedJapanese fried chicken w/light batter$5.95
Beef TatkiThin sliced rare beef with ponju sauce$6.95
Chicken KushikatsuChicken on a skewer breaded & deep fried$4.50
Chicken RollRolled in chicken w/crab, asparagas & masago$6.95
Chicken LiverFried with special sauce$4.50
Fried ShrimpJapanese 4 pcs. shrimp fried$6.95
Coconut Shrimp3 Pcs shrimp with special sauce$5.95
Green Mussels3 Pcs baked mussels with FF and mayo or steam with ponju & spice$4.95
Gyoza5 Pcs steam fried pork dumpling$4.95
Haru Maki4 Pcs Japanese style spring roll$4.95
HijikiBlack seaweed with bit of tuna$4.95
Ika KarageFried garlic squid$4.95
Ika YakiSauteed squid$4.95
Scallop Kushi KatuScallop on a skewer breaded & deep fried$5.95
Shrimp or Chicken TempuraWith vegetables deep fried in light batter$5.95
Shrimp TeriyakiGrilled shrimp with teriyaki sauce$7.95
Soft Shell CrabDeep fried, served with ponju sauce$8.95
Sumai6 Pcs steamed shrimp dumpling or fried$4.95
Veg. TempuraMixed vegetable, or your choice of vegetable deep fried$4.95
Yaki Tori2 Pcs grilled chicken on a skewer$4.50
Vegetarian Appetizers
Hot & cold
Eda MameSteamed soy bean spicy $1.00 more$4.25
Goma-AeStir fried broccoli w/sesame oil$4.95
OshitashiSteamed spinach served cold w/special sauce$4.25
Steamed or Grilled Mixed VegetablesSteamed or grilled$4.95
TofuFried, grilled or cold$4.95
Sushi Appetizers
Sushi bar - some items have raw fish
Sushi Appetizer3 Pcs nigiri sushi and one hand roll$8.95
Sashimi Appetizer7 Pcs assorted raw fish of the day$12.95
Tuna TatkiThinly sliced tuna with ponju sauce$10.95
Spicy Tuna KobachiSliced spicy tuna in a bowl$12.00 - $20.00
Kobachi DeluxeWith FF & Avo$14.00 - $22.00
Spicy GumboTuna, white tuna, salmon, conch, white fish, & FF served with spicy sauce$13.00 - $20.00
Hot Tuna DomburySliced spicy tuna on top of rice and Dombury with sauce$9.95 - $13.95
UsuzukuriPaper thin sliced daily fish with lemon sauce$9.95
Kimchi Appetizer$4.95
Kimchi Appetizer with Conch or Octopus$8.95
Pretty EyeDeep fried or baked squid stuffed with salmon, egg & crab$7.95
Baby Octopus AppetizerHot or cold$8.95
Naruto MakiSalmon, avo, scallion, crab, FF, cream cheese wrapped in thin sliced cucumber with ponju sauce$7.95
Fuji BombLightly fried spicy tuna, krab, FF, crumbs balled into an avocado w/ special sauce$7.95
Vegetable Naruto MakiSeaweed salad, carrot, kampyo, avo, CC with ponju sauce$6.95
Soup - Salad Rice
Miso SoupSoy bean soup$2.00
OshumashiClear fish broth with fish cake$2.25
Fuji Special Mixed GreenYour choice of : seared or grilled 4 oz. salmon, white fish or escolar rawor with 6 oz. grilled chicken$10.95 - $9.95
Soft Shell Crab SaladCrispy soft shell crab and mixed masago in creamy sauce piled on a bed of fresh spinach$10.95
Seaweed Salad Hiashi Wakame$4.95
Seaweed Salad DeluxeSeaweed salad with avocado & ff raw$9.95
Seaweed Salad and TunaSeaweed salad & diced spicy tuna topped w/avocado,ff, sesame seed, scallion mild, medium or hot raw$12.95
Squid (Ika) SaladSquid salad with seaweed salad$6.95
Ika Zensai Salad ((Squid)$7.50
Cucumber SunomonoThin sliced cucumber served with vinaigrette sauce$3.95
Cucumber Sunomono with Choice of Krab or White Fish Raw$6.95
Cucumber Sunomono with Salmon Raw$7.95
Cucumber Sunomono with Octopus or Counch or Tuna Raw$9.95
House Green SaladChoice of ginger or ponju vinegarette dressing$3.95
Steamed Rice$1.95
Brown Rice$2.50
Egg Fried Rice$5.00
Chicken Fried Rice$9.00
Beef, Shrimp Fried Rice$10.00
Purple Rice (Special Brown Rice)$3.00
Sushi Rice$2.50
Hot Entree & Combinations
Teriyaki & teppan served with miso soup & rice
Fuji Combo 14 oz. Filet, shrimp & vegetable tempura, spring roll, dumpling & california roll$17.00
Fuji Combo 24 oz. Salmon, shrimp or chicken & vegetable tempura, spring roll, gyoza & california roll$17.00
Tori Teriyaki8 oz. Grilled Chicken w/ teriyaki sauce white meat only$13.00
Shrimp TeriyakiGrilled shrimp w/vegetables and teriyaki special sauce$16.95
Beef Teriyaki8 oz. Filet mignon perfectly aged & simply delicious, the most tender cut of all$16.95
Salmon/Escolar TeriyakiFresh Norwegian salmon with teriyaki sauce$16.75
Daily Fish Teriyaki8 oz. Grilled fish with teriyaki sauce$15.75
Calamari TeriyakiGrilled calamari (ika) with teriyaki sauce$15.95
Teppan Ebi, ScallopFresh grilled jumbo shrimp or scallops with vegetable$17.95
Teppan ChickenFresh grilled chicken with vegetable$14.95
Teppan Lobster with Vegetable$18.95
Teppan VegetableVegetables grilled to perfection$10.95
Yaki UdonYour choice of grilled beef, chicken or seafood with veggie's, or vegetable only$15.95 - $11.95
Beef NegimakiScallion wrapped in beef with special sauce$18.95
Tori & Ebi ComboGrilled chicken & shrimps$17.95
Ginger Pork or ChickenCooked with ginger sauce$13.95
Ton KatsuBreaded pork deep fried served with tonkatsu sauce$12.95
Katsu ToriChicken breaded, deep fried served with tonkatsu sauce$13.95
Japanese CurryServer with soup and rice choice of meats, seafood or vegetable (mild, medium or hot$14.95
Gyu NikuStir-fried beef w/grilled onions and scallions$17.95
YakisobaStir fried Japanese noodles w/chicken or w/beef or seafood$12.95 - $15.95
Tempura lightly battered and deep fried tempura served with miso soup & rice
Vegetable TempuraDeep fried lightly battered vegetables$10.95
Tori TempuraChicken and vegetables in light batter$13.95
Tempura ComboFish, shrimp, crab, chicken, calamari and vegi's$17.95
Ebi TempuraJumbo shrimps and vegetables$15.95
Spicy Rolls
Crazy RollConch, cuke, scallion with choice of hot sauce, mild, med, hot$6.95
Dynamite RollCrab, avo, cream cheese inside topped with baked conch, white fish, scallop, shrimp or mixed seafood, scallion, FF, and spicy seafood sauce$8.95
Hot Chik RollTempura chicken, avo, scallion and hot sauce$5.25
Hot Tempura Ebi RollShrimp, avo, scallion and hot sauce$5.95
Jaguar RollCrab, FF, scallion, mayo, avo$4.95
Kamakazi RollKimchi, conch, octopus, scallion i/o sesame$6.95
Spicy Conch RollConch, FF, mayo,scallion, sesame$6.95
Spicy Ika Tempura RollSquid, avo, scallion i/o sesame$4.95
Spicy Octopus RollTako, FF, mayo, scallion, sesame with spicy sauce$6.95
Spicy Tuna RollTuna, scallion and spicy sauce$6.95
Volcano RollChopped cucumber, scallion, FF with choice of conch, scallop, white fish or octopus mixed with seafood sauce on top of california roll$7.95
Exclusive Rolls
Aqua RollSpicy tuna tempura crumb, avacado inside, white tuna & spicy donburi sauce on top$9.95
Candy CaneSpicy M&M snow crab, asparagus inside topped with tuna and white tuna$9.95
Collage Park RollWhite tuna, BBQ ell, tempura battered with Fuji's eel sauce$8.95
Caterpillar RollSoft shell crab, cream cheese, scallion, FF and eel sauce, avo outside$10.95
Crunch Lobster RollLobster, scallion tempura battered with Fuji's special sauce$9.95
Dessert Roll8 Pcs deep fried, eel, egg and cream cheese inside, coconut & eel sauce outside$8.95
Extreme Roll2 Tempura shrimp, crab, tempura crumb, cream cheese inside with 2 sushi eel, avo & eel sauce on top$13.95
Dream RollSpicy tuna roll lightly deep fried with lemon wasabi sauce on top$8.95
Honolulu Eel RollCoconut shrimp, C.C. peanut, mango, cuke with sweet miso sauce$7.95
Hunter RollTempura giant shrimp with head, snow crab, C.C , inside and avo eel, sweet sauce on top$13.95
Hurricane RollCalifornia C.C with spicy seafood, tempura batter and eel sauce on top$7.95
Lake MarySpicy tuna, salmon, yellowtail with scallion, tempura crumb inside & avacado, lemon ginger honey glazed peanut sauce on top$10.95
Louisana RollCrawfish, avo, sesame seed, FF and special sauce$5.95
Mexican RollTempura shrimp, jalapeno pepper, avo, scallion, parsely and salsa$6.95
Pollar Bear Roll8 pcs. Tempura crumb, salmon, cream cheese, eel sauce inside and white tuna outside$8.95
Ribbon Roll8 pcs. Spicy snow crab, mayo, FF and avo inside, shrimp, salmon, tuna and seaweed outside$9.95
River RollCrawfish, eel and asparagus topped with FF, sesame seeds and sweet sauce$7.95
Scarlett RollSpicy tuna topped with tuna and avo$9.95
Salmon Ecstasy RollSalmon w/special wasabi mayo sauce, tempura battered & seaweed outside raw$7.95
Sea WorldLobster, ell, scallion, C.C. & F.F. inside sesame seed & ell sauce outside$10.95
Seabring Roll8 pcs. Deep fried salmon, tuna, white tuna, eel, scallions, asparagus and cream cheese$9.95
Smoke House RollSmoked salmon, avo, tempura crab, mango, C.C. and eel sauce on top$8.95
Spicy Seafood CrunchAll seafood mixed with spicy mayo, scallion, C.C., tempura crumb & ell sauce on top$7.95
Tempura Roll8 pcs. deep fried, salmon, eel, egg, asparagus, scallion and cream cheese$9.25
United RollEel, avo, cream cheese, mango inside, tuna, white tuna and salmon on top$9.95
2004 RollTempura crab, inari, asparagus, C.C. with tuna, lettuce and eel sauce on top$8.50
2005 RollSpicy salmon, C.C. tempura crumb inside and special sweet sauce on top$8.50
2006 RollPineapple, salmon, C.C. fried with tempura batter, FF and Fuji's special sauce on top$7.95
2007 RoolSpicy tuna, eel, CC inside & salmon, avo, special sweet sauce on top raw$9.95
2008 RollLayers of FF, tuna, spicy mayo & temp. crumbs w/eel sauce on top raw$9.95
2010 RollFried salmon, avo, CC, krab & white fish and tuna on top w/ mango white sauce raw$9.95
2011 RollFried lobster and scallion inside, avo layered on top w/buttery garlic sauce & temp crumbs$10.95
Vegetarian Rolls
Tempura Vegetable Combo RollServed with miso soup, sweet potato, carrot & broccoli$10.95
Vegetarian Combo RollServed with miso soup, asparagus roll, seaweed salad roll & cucumber roll$10.95
Vegetable RollCarrots, cucumber, avo seaweed salad & kampyo$4.95
Cucumber RollCucumber & seaweed$3.25
Cuke and Avo RollCucumber, sesame & avo$4.50
Popeye RollTemp sweet potato, CC, spinach w/ sesame seeds$5.95
Kimchi Roll$3.95
Seaweed Salad RollMarinated seaweed$3.95
Takuwan RollJapanese pickle radish with sesame$3.95
Kampyo RollMarinated squash with sesame$3.50
Asparagus RollTempura asparagus with scallion$4.25
Country RollFried beancurd, cuke, carrots and sesame$4.95
Yama Gobo RollJapanese mountain root with sesame$3.95
Sushi - Sashimi Combination Dinners
All dinners below are served with miso soup
Sushi Moriawase6 pcs. Assorted sushi, tuna roll and one hand roll$16.95
Sushi Moriawase Deluxe8 pcs. Sushi, California FF roll and one hand roll$19.95
Sashimi Moriawase13 pcs. Assorted raw fishwith side of white rice$21.95
Sashimi Moriawase Deluxe18 pcs. Larger portion of assorted raw fish with side of white rice$29.95
Sushi & Sashimi Combo8 pcs. Sushi, one temaki and 8 pcs. sashimi$26.95
Chirashi8 pcs. Assorted raw fish on top of sushi rice$17.95
Unagi Don5 pcs. Eel served on top of steamed white rice$16.95
Ala Carte Rolls
Quail Egg (Uzura) (Raw)$2.00
Sushi with Quail Egg$1.00 Extra$2.00
Egg (Japanese Style Omelet)$4.00
Fish of the Day (Daily Fish) (Raw)$4.00
Inari (Bean Curd), Jelly Fish (Raw)$4.00
Krab (Kani), Mackerel (Saba) (Raw)$4.00
Squid (Ika) (Raw), White Clam (Shirogai) (Raw)$4.00
Surf Clam (Hokki Gai) (Raw)$4.00
Conch (Hora Gai), Octopus (Tako)$7.00
Eel (Unagi), Salmon Roe (Ikura) (Raw)$7.00
Flavored Caviar (Orange, Wasabi or Original) (Raw)$7.00
Flying Fish Roe (Tobiko) (Raw)$7.00
Smoked Salmon$7.00
Sweet Shrimp (Ama Ebi) (Raw)$7.00
Yellowtail (Hamachi) (Raw)$7.00
Abalone (Awabi), Escolar (Raw)$5.00
Crab (Snow Crab), Shrimp (Ebi)$5.00
Ff (Masago, Smelt Row) (Raw), Idako (Baby Octopus)$5.00
Salmon (Sake) (Raw), Scallop (Hotate Gai) (Raw)$5.00
Tuna (Maguro) (Raw )$5.50
Scallop w/ Ff & Mayo (Raw)$6.00
Tuna Belly ( Toro ) (Raw)$8.00
Yellowtail Belly (Hamachi Toro) (Raw)$8.00
Giant Clam (Miru Gai) (Raw)$8.00
Sea Urchin (Uni) (Raw)$8.00
Original Rolls
California Roll$4.95
California with FF Roll$5.95
California Cheese Roll$5.50
California CC Ff Roll$6.25
Futomaki (Giant Roll)Kampyo, spinach, egg, bonito, inari & carrots$7.95
Combination Rolls
Tekka Dinner3 Tuna rolls$12.95
Kappa Dinner3 Cucumber rolls$10.95
Nori Maki DinnerCrab roll, tuna roll and cucumber roll$9.95
Nabemono (Kettle Dish)
Curry UdonJapanese style thick noodle curry chicken or pork$14.95
Yosa NabeAssorted seafood and vegetables cooked in special broth$15.95
Suki YakiAssorted vegetables and beef cooked in suki yaki sauce$15.95
UdonJapanese noodles served with tempura shrimp and vegetable$12.95
Hibachi Teppan Dinner
All dinners cooked on the teppan grill with a professional chef. entrees served with soup & salad, vegetables, noodles, steamed rice or fried rice
N.Y. Steak$18.95
Hibachi Teppan Combination
Calamari & Salmon$18.95
Chicken & Salmon$18.95
Lobster & Chicken$25.95
Lobster & N.Y. Steak$26.95
Lobster & Scallop$26.95
N.Y. Steak & Calamari$20.95
N.Y. Steak & Salmon$20.95
N.Y. Steak & Shrimp$21.95
Shrimp & Chicken$18.95
Shrimp & Scallop$21.95
Chicken & Calamari$18.95
Chicken & Scallop$19.95
Lobster & Calamari$25.95
Lobster & Salmon$25.95
Lobster & Shrimp$26.95
N.Y. Steak & Chicken$19.95
N.Y. Steak & Scallop$21.95
Shrimp & Calamari$21.95
Shrimp & Salmon$19.95
Hibachi Teppan Specials
Fuji A. Dinner For 2 N.YSteak, chicken & shrimp$45.95
Fuji Dinner B. For 2 N.YSteak, chicken & scallop$45.95
Fuji Dinner C. For 2 N.YSteak, lobster & shrimp$55.95
House Rolls
Alaska RollSalmon, avo, cream cheese, scallion and FF$6.95
Beauty and The Beast RollHalf tuna, half eel on top and scallion, avo, crab, cream cheese inside$9.95
Birthday RollEel tempura shrimp, avo, scallion with special sauce$7.95
Crunch RollChoice of fish deep fried rolled in seasoned rice with eel sauce$7.25
Dancing Eel RollCrab, avo, cream cheese, FF inside and eel on top$9.95
Dragon Roll1/4 lb. Jumbo shrimp, eel, avo, FF with cream cheese$10.95
Eel Avo Ff Roll$6.95
Florida RollEel, tempura shrimp, avo, cream cheese, FF and eel sauce$7.95
Fuji RollHamachi, eel, scallion, cuke, avo, asparagus with hot and sweet sauce inside sesame seed and flying fish egg outside$8.95
Fried Scallop RollScallops, FF, avo and mayo$6.95
J.B. RollSalmon scallion and cream cheese$6.25
Lee Road RollSalmon skin, eel, asparagus, scallion and FF$8.95
Lobster RollFried lobster with seafood sauce, scallion, avo and FF$9.95
Marathon RollCrab, avo, cuke, FF, mayo and choice of tuna, salmon or white fish$7.50
Marathon Roll Fried White FishWith avo, spicy mayo, FF$8.25
Miami RollFried white fish with avo, spicy mayo, FF$5.95
New Zealand RollSalmon, avo, cream cheese, scallion inside and kiwi on top$6.95
Orlando RollDeep fried shrimp, avo, scallion, cuke, mayo i/o out with FF$6.25
Orlando Magic RollSoft shell crab with vegetables, mayo and flying fish roe$9.95
Rainbow RollCrab, avo cuke, FF, mayo with white fish, tuna, salmon on top$9.95
Rock and RollTuna, eel, crab, asparagus, scallion, FF and sesame seed with eel sauce$9.95
Rollins RollCrab, avo, cuke, onion, tempura batter and sweet sauce$6.25
Salmon Skin RollBaked salmon skin with eel sauce and scallion$4.95
Shrimp Tempura Roll$5.25
Spider Roll2 Deep fried soft shell crab with scallion$8.95
Super Spider Roll2 Fried soft shell crab, tempura batter, scallion, eel sauce and flying fish eggs on top$9.95
Summer RollTuna, avo, CC, temp crumbs & scallions inside w/ FF & eel sauce on top raw$8.95
Winter Park RollReal crabmeat mixed with FF, mayo, avo, cuke, i/o sesame seed$6.95
Hibachi Side Orders
Fried Rice$3.25
N.Y. Steak$9.00
Steamed Rice$1.95
Hibaci Kid's Menu
N.Y. Steak$10.95
Shrimp, Scallop, Calamari or SalmonAny choice of one$9.95
Kid's Menu
Served with a softdrink, rice and ice cream after meal, age up to 10 yrs. old
Japanese Style Deep Fried or GrilledCombination of shrimp, chicken & fries$10.95
Tempura BananaW/vanilla ice cream deep fried w/light batter$4.95
Tempura Cheese Cake (Deep Fried w/Light Batter)$4.50
Fried Ice Cream$4.95
Ogura (Red Bean) Ice Cream$3.50
Green Tea Ice Cream$3.50
Vanilla Ice Cream$3.50
Iced Tea or Green Tea$1.95
Soft Drink Soda$2.25

Visit Fuji Sushi here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Fuji Sushi.

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