Giuseppe’s Menu, Prices and Locations

The first Giuseppe’s Pizza & Family Restaurant opened in Warminster Pennsylvania in 1973. The original menu offered nothing more than pizza, pasta, steaks and hoagies.In 1978, the brothers opened the Richboro, PA, location. At this point Giuseppe and Salvatore were joined by their younger brother Antonio. In 1995 the three brothers added the New Hope, PA, location

The Richboro and Warminster locations are still owned and operated by the family in order to maintain the family run atmosphere. Over the years Giuseppe’s Pizza has welcomed thousands of customers, over and over again.

Giuseppe’s Menu

Cold Antipasto$9.75
Hot Antipasto$10.75
Clams Oreganata$6.75
Mozzarella Sticks$5.50
Garlic Bread$2.50 - $3.75
Fried Calamari$9.95
Mozzarella Caprese$8.75
Chicken Fingers (6)$6.25 - $7.50
Buffalo Wings (12)$9.50
Soup of The Day
Quart- Add $3
Lentil & Escarole$4.75
Chicken Noodle$4.75
Pasta Fagioli$4.75
Stracciatella Romano$4.75
Italian Wedding$4.75
Escarole & Bean$4.75
Tortellini en Brodo$4.75
Extra Dressing Add $0.50
Mixed Salad$3.75 - $5.00
Chef 's Salad$8.25
Salad with Tuna$7.95
Seafood Salad$11.75
Caesar Salad$6.55
Chicken Caesar$8.55
Grilled Chicken Salad$7.95
Specialty Salad
Buffalo Chicken SaladIceberg Lettuce, Tomato, Carrots, Celery & Cucumbers Tossed with Bleu Cheese Dressing$7.95
Cajun Chicken SaladRomaine Lettuce with Onions & Tomato in a Lemon Oil Dressing$7.95
Cajun Salmon SaladCajun Seasoned Salmon Over a Mixed Salad Served with Balsamic Vinaigrette$8.50
Grilled Shrimp SaladFresh Grilled Shrimp Served Over a Bed of Arugula with Onions & Cherry Tomatoes$9.75
Grilled Vegetable SaladZucchini, Roasted Peppers, Eggplant, Mushrooms, Olives, Fresh Mozzarella & Balsamic Vinaigrette Served Over Romaine Lettuce$8.50
Chicken Napolitano SaladChicken Cutlet Placed Over a Bed of Iceberg Lettuce Topped with Fresh Mozzarella, Roasted Peppers & Balsamic & Oil$8.50
Baked Dishes
Baked Ziti$9.50
Baked Lasagna$9.99
Baked Manicotti$9.50
Baked Ziti Sicilian$9.50
Baked Cheese Ravioli$9.99
Baked Stuffed Shells$9.50
Pasta Dishes
Meatballs or Sausage$8.99
Garlic & Oil$7.99
Broccoli (with Ziti)$9.75
Primavera (with Cappellini)$12.00
Tomato Sauce$7.99
Meat Sauce$8.99
Clam Sauce (Red or White)$10.50
Cheese Ravioli$8.99
Tortellini (In Cream or Meat Sauce)$9.99
Vodka Sauce (with Penne or Rigatoni)$9.99
Fettuccini Alfredo$9.99
Cavatelli & Broccoli$9.99
Choice of Salad or Pasta
Chicken Parmigiana$13.50
Chicken Marsala$15.00
Chicken Francese$15.00
Chicken Piccata$15.00
Chicken Cacciatore (Boneless Only)$15.00
Veal Parmigiana$16.99
Veal Francese$16.99
Veal Piccata$16.99
Veal Pizzaiola$16.99
Veal & Mushrooms$16.99
Veal Marsala$16.99
Veal & Peppers$16.99
Eggplant Parmigiana$10.75
Eggplant Rollentini$10.75
Shrimp Scampi$16.95
Shrimp Parmigiana$16.95
Shrimp Marinara$16.95
Shrimp Fradiavolo (With Clams & Mussels)$17.95
Fried Shrimp$15.95
Shrimp Mediterranean (With Clams & Broccoli)$16.95
Calamari Marinara$14.95
Mussels Marinara$13.95
Zuppa di Pesce$20.95
Pizza with Cheese$12.75 - $16.00
Toppings Extra - $1.00 extra per toppingToppings: Mushrooms; Peppers; Extra Cheese; Pepperoni; Sausage; Onions; Fresh Garlic; Black Olives; Meatballs; Eggplant; Broccoli$2.00
Gluten Free$15.00
Giuseppe's SpecialMushrooms, Onions, Pepperoni & Sausage$15.50 - $17.50
Sicillian (Large Only)$16.00
Sicillian Toppings Extra$2.00
Sicilian Special$21.00
White Pizza w/Ricotta & Mozzarella$11.00 - $13.25
White Pizza with Broccoli, Spinach or Fresh Tomatoes$13.25 - $16.25
Calzone$7.00 - $13.00
Specialty Pizza
Cheese Steak Pizza$16.75
Baked Ziti Pizza$16.00
Vodka Sauce Pizza$14.75
Square Bruschetta Pizza (Sauce or No Sauce)$17.50
Square Fresh Mozzarella & Tomato$18.00
Buffalo Pizza$18.25
White Pizza Tomato & Garlic$15.00
Pizza DeliziosaFresh Mozzarella, Roasted Peppers, Tomato & Garlic$16.00
Pizza OreganoteFresh Mozzarella, Plum Tomato & Basil$15.00
Pizza PrimaveraBroccoli, Sliced Tomato, Riccotta & Mozzarella$16.00
Chicken Pesto$18.25
Chicken Ceasar Salad$18.25
Grilled Vegetable Pizza$18.25
Chicken Vodka$18.25
Chicken Savoy (Balsamic Sauce)$18.25
Chicken Marsala$18.25
Chicken Bacon RanchChicken Cutlet, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion, American Cheese, Ranch Dressing & Bacon$18.25
Disco Fries PizzaFrench Fries, Brown Gravy, Mozzarella & American Cheese$16.50
Broccoli Rabe Sausage PizzaSauted Brocolli Rabe with Sliced Sausage, Mozzarella and Roasted Red Peppers$18.25
Side Orders
French Fries$3.00
Pasta in Tomato Sauce$5.00
Broccoli Saute$5.50
Spinach Saute$5.50
Escarole Saute$5.50
Broccoli Rabe Saute$7.95
Onion Rings$3.00
Steak Sandwiches
Additional Toppings Add $0.50
Cheese Steak$6.99
California Cheese SteakWith Lettuce, Tomatoes, Onions & Mayo$7.49
Pizza Steak$7.50
Special Cheese Steakw/ Onions, Peppers & Mushrooms$8.99
Burger Specials
All burgers are cooked to order & served with your choice of french fries or onion rings
Texas BurgerGrilled to your Liking & Topped with BBQ Sauce, Bacon & American cheese$6.95
Buffalo BurgerBurger Topped with Hot Sauce & Bleu Cheese$6.50
Classic Bacon Cheeseburger1/4 Cheeseburger Topped with Crispy Bacon, American Cheese, Lettuce & Tomato$6.95
Swiss BurgerSwiss Cheese & Grilled Mushrooms atop a 1/4 lb. Burger$6.95
Italian BurgerOur Burger Gets Topped w/Spinach, Roasted Peppers & Fresh Mozzarella$7.50
Cowboy Burger1/4 Burger Topped with Grilled Ham, BBQ Sauce, Grilled Onion and American Cheese$7.25
Hot Subs
Add Cheese $0.50; Fresh Mozzarella $2; Prosciutto $2. Cold Subs are served with Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Oil & Vinegar
Meatball Parmigiana$7.00
Sausage & Peppers$6.75
Veal Cutlet Parmigiana$8.50
Veal & Peppers$8.50
Peppers & Egg$6.75
Potatoes & Egg$6.75
Chicken Parmigiana$8.00
Chicken Francese$9.25
Eggplant Parmigiana$7.00
Shrimp Parmigiana$9.25
Italian Hot Dogw/Peppers, Onions & Potatoes$6.00
Cold Subs
Add Cheese $0.50; Fresh Mozzarella $2; Prosciutto $2. Cold Subs are served with Lettuce, Tomato, Onions, Salt, Pepper, Oregano, Oil & Vinegar
Italian (Ham, Salami & Provolone)$6.50
Ham, Provolone & Capicola$6.50
Ham & Provolone$6.00
Ham, Provolone, Salami & Capicola$7.25
Salami & Provolone$6.00
Provolone & Pepperoni$6.25
Roast Beef$7.25
Roast Beef & Turkey$7.75
Tuna Fish$7.75
Grilled Chickenw/Fresh Mozzarella & Roasted Peppers$8.00
All Wraps are Served with Your Choice of French Fries or Onion Rings
Buffalo Chicken WrapFried Chicken, Carrots, Celery, Lettuce, Bleu Cheese & Hot Sauce$7.95
Godmother WrapGrilled Chicken, Fresh Mozzarella, Sun-Dried Tomatoes, Grilled Zucchini, Oil & Vinegar$8.75
Godfather WrapGrilled Chicken, Roasted Peppers, Prosciutto, Provolone & Grilled Eggplant with House Dressing$8.75
Prosciutto Di Parma WrapFresh Prosciutto, Salami, Provolone, Romaine Lettuce & Balsamic Vinegar$8.75
Grilled Veggie WrapZucchini, Eggplant, Mushrooms, Roasted Peppers, Fresh Mozzarella, Lettuce & Balsamic Vinegar$7.95
Chicken Fajita WrapGrilled Chicken with Fried Onions, Peppers in a Spicy Sauce$7.95
Broccoli Rabe & Chicken WrapSautéed Broccoli Rabe, Grilled Chicken with Melted Mozzarella & Balsamic Vinegar$8.75
Ham, Turkey & Cheese WrapWith Lettuce, Tomato & Honey Mustard Dressing$7.95
California Chicken WrapFried Chicken, Lettuce, Tomato, Onion & American Cheese$7.95
Italian WrapArugula, Roasted Peppers, Fresh Mozzarella, Grilled Chicken, Balsamic Vinegar$7.95
California Cheesesteak WrapLettuce, American Cheese, Tomatoes, Onion, Mayo & Ketchup$7.95
Turkey BLT WrapTurkey with Lettuce, Tomatoes, Mayo & Bacon in a Wheat Wrap$7.95
BBQ Bacon WrapBBQ Chicken with Crumbled Bacon, Mozzarella, Cheese and Red Onion, in a Flour Tortilla$8.25
Chicken, Broccoli, Pepperoni, Sausage or Spinach$4.50
Italian Cannoli$3.00
Italian Cheesecake$3.25
Giuseppe Party Trays
3, 4 & 6 Foot Party Subs. $13 For Italian. Also Available - Call for Prices. We would like you to feel free to bring your own wine or beer
Baked Ziti$50.00
Penne in Vodka Sauce$55.00
Stuffed Shells or Manicotti$55.00
Cavatelli & Broccoli$60.00
Chicken Parmigiana$80.00
Chicken Francese$85.00
Chicken Marsala with mushrooms$85.00
Chicken Cacciatore (Boneless)$70.00
Eggplant Parmigiana$70.00
Eggplant Rollatini (25)$65.00
Italian Meatballs (50)$60.00

Visit Giuseppe’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Giuseppe’s.

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