Goodies Menu, Prices and Locations

Our Delicatessen offers a variety of different menu categories: Hot Sandwiches, Cold Sandwiches, Vegetarian Sandwiches, Gourmet Salads, Side Salads, Soups, Desserts & Pastries, and other delicious choices to accompany your meal.All of our sandwiches come with mayonnaise, mustard, lettuce, and tomatoes unless otherwise specified. You are also welcome to customize any sandwich to your liking!

Goodies Menu

Seafood Soup Dumpling (8)$8.95
Dried Scallop, Shrimp & Pork Soup Dumpling (8)$7.95
Crab Meat & Pork Soup Dumpling (8)$6.25
Pork Soup Dumpling (8)$4.25
Three Delight Soup Dumpling (6)$5.25
Turnip Pastry (2)$3.25
Fried Dumplings (8)$4.25
Seafood Dumplings (8)$6.25
Chives, Pork, Shrimp Dumplings (8)$5.25
Chives & Pork Dumplings (8)$4.25
Vegetable Dumplings (8)$4.25
Wonton In Hot Sauce (8)$3.75
Fried Wontons (10)$4.75
Vegetable & Pork Wonton (10)$4.45
Scallion Pancake$2.75
Threaded Bun$1.35
Spring Roll$1.35
Cold Dishes
(any combinations $5.25 each $5.25)
Shanghai Shrimp$7.95
Jelly Fish$6.25
Vegetarian Duck$6.25
Smoked Fish$6.25
5 Flavor Beef$5.75
Wine Chicken$4.75
Vegetarian Chicken$4.75
Shanghai Kau Fu(bean wheat)$4.75
Soya Duck$4.95
Preserved Duck Egg & Tofu$4.75
Shanghai Bamboo Shoots$4.75
Pickled Cabbage$4.75
Cold Noodles
(with sesame sauce)
Any Style$5.25
Crab Meat With Shark Fin Hot & Sour Soup (2)$7.95
Shark Fin With Chinese Vegetables Soup$9.95
Sea Cucumber & Yellow Fish Cubes (4)$14.95
Yellow Fish With Cabbage (4)$12.95
Yellow Fish Cubes & Egg Drop (4)$12.95
Hong Kong Style Hot & Sour (2)$5.25
Ham & Winter Melon (2)$4.75
Winter Melon (2)$5.25
Fried Tofu & Pickled Cabbage (2)$4.25
Preserved Cabbage, Tomato & Tofu (2)$4.25
Chicken With Corn & Egg Drop Soup (2)$4.25
Preserved Spicy Vegetable & Pork (2)$4.25
Seaweed, Tomato & Tofu (2)$4.25
Watercress & Tofu (Shanghai Style) (2)$4.25
Mushroom, Tofu & Spinach$4.25
Hot & Sour (1)$1.45
Shanghai Wonton (1)$1.45
Noodle Soups
(homemade thick noodles, thick noodles, chow fun, rice cake, lai fun, mei fun & vermicelli)
Baby Shrimps$5.25
Little Bit Of Everything$5.25
Smoked Fish$5.25
Preserved Cabbage & Shrimp$5.25
Chicken, Shrimp & Pork In Lobster Sauce$4.95
Mushroom And Vegetables$4.95
Preserved Cabbage & Shredded Pork$4.75
Pork Chopfried$4.75
Spicy Beef$4.75
5 Flavor Beef$4.75
Spicy Vegetable & Pork$4.25
Spicy Meat Sauce$4.25
Vegetable(thin noodle)$4.25
Shanghai Plain Noodles Soup$3.25
Noodles & Fried Rice
(homemade thick noodles, thick noodles, pan fried noodle, rice cake, chow fun mei fun, lai fun, lo mein & fried rice)
Three Delight$6.75
Baby Shrimps$6.75
Little Bit Of Everything$6.75
Singapore Chow Mei Fun$6.75
Yong chow Fried Rice$6.75
Chicken & Anchovies With Fried Rice$6.75
Shanghai Fried Rice(scallion & Egg)$3.75
Mushroom And Vegetables$9.95
Pan Fried Tofu In Brown Sauce$9.95
Sauteed Mushroom, Bean Curd Skin & Cabbage$9.95
Vegetarian Chicken With Vegetables$9.95
Sauteed Mushroom & Bamboo Shoots$9.95
Buddhist Delight$7.95
Sizzling Tofu With Black Pepper Sauce$7.95
Cabbage In Hot & Tangy Sauce$7.95
Sauteed Dry String Beans$7.95
Spicy Eight Vegetable Delight$7.95
Steamed Tofu With Ginger & Scallion$7.95
Cabbage With Dried Baby Shrimps$7.95
Cabbage In Cream Sauce$7.95
Tofu Szechuan Style$7.95
Fried Tofu Family Style$7.95
Eggplant With Garlic Sauce$7.95
Shredded Chinese Hot Pepper & Potato$7.95
Sauteed Seasonal Vegetablesp
Goodies's Specialties
Jumbo Sea Cucumber W. Shrimp Egg$24.95
Shelled Jumbo Prawns In Szechuan Peppery Sauce$19.95
Steamed Shelled Jumbo Prawns W. Fresh Garlic$19.95
Crab Meat W. Mushroom & Veg$17.95
Seafood Combo In Salt And Pepper$18.95
Braised Spare Ribs W. Mushroom & Veg$14.95
Special Duck$14.95
Smoked Duck$14.95
Fried Crispy Duck$14.95
Crispy Chicken$13.95
Fish Fillet In Seaweed Batter$13.95
Fish Fillet In Wine Sauce$13.95
Braised Pork Shoulder$12.95
Braised Pork Meal Balls$12.95
Sauteed Baby Shrimps$10.95
Sauteed Eel Served In Hot Pot$10.95
Tong Po Pork$12.95
Spicy Eight Treasure Delight$9.95
Sauteed Dried Bean Curd And Jalapeno$9.95
Kidney With Ginger & Scallion$9.95
Pork W. Dried Bean Curd & Chinese Hot Pepper$8.95
Pork W. Dried Bean Skin Strips, Salty Veg. & Pod Beans$8.95
Pork With bean Curd Ribbon$8.95
Pork Chop In Salt And Pepper$8.95
Peking Style Pork Chop$8.95
Shredded Pork In Peking Sauce$8.95
Preserved Cabbage With Sliced Pork$8.95
Moo Shu Pork$8.95
Double Cooked Pork$8.95
Orange Flavored Beef$12.95
Sesame Beef$12.95
Sizzling Beef With Black Pepper Sauce$11.95
Silver Shredded Beef$11.95
Beef With Scallion$10.95
Beef With Mushroom And Bamboo Shoots$10.95
Shredded Beef With Salty Veg. & Jalapeno$10.95
Shredded Beef With Chinese Hot Pepper$10.95
Beef With Dried Bean Curd & Pepper$10.95
Spicy Beef With Tofu$10.95
Shredded Beef In Spicy Sauce$10.95
General Tso's Chicken$11.95
Sesame Chicken$11.95
Steamed Half Chicken With Ginger & Scallion$10.95
Steamed Half Chicken With Scallion$10.95
Braised Chicken Shanghai Style$9.95
Sliced Chicken With Ginger & Scallion$9.95
Slice Chicken With Celery$9.95
Sliced Chicken With Chinese Hot Pepper$9.95
Chicken In Jalapeno Garlic Sauce$9.95
Crispy Shrimps$13.95
Sea Cucumber In Brown Sauce$15.95
Sliced Shrimp With Ginger & Scallions$13.95
Scallops With Black Pepper Sauce$12.95
Scallops With Green Vegetables$12.95
Prawns With Salt Pepper(with or without shell)$12.95
Prawns With Chili Sauce(with or without shell)$12.95
Prawns In 5 Flavor Sauce(with or without shell)$12.95
Braised Prawns In Brown Sauce(with or w/out shell)$12.95
Clams In Hot Black Bean Sauce$11.95
Squid With Hot Pepper Sauce$11.95
Baby Shrimps With Ham & Bean Curd$9.95
Sauteed Baby Shrimps & Kidney$9.95
Crabs With Ginger & Scallion Sauce$9.95
Sauteed Live Crab With Rice Cakes$9.95
Sauteed Live Crab$9.95
Sauteed Batter Live crab$9.95
Soft Shell Crabsp
Fish Fillet In Brown Vinegar Sauce$12.95
Braised Yellow Fish In Chili Saucesp
Crispy Yellow Fish In Sweet & Pungent Saucesp
Braised Yellow Fish In Brown Saucesp
Crispy Yellow Fish In Brown Hot Saucesp
Crispy Seabass In Brown Hot Saucesp
Braised Carp Belly In Brown Sauce$12.95
Braised Carp Belly With Ginger & Scallion$12.95
Braised Carp Tail In Brown Sauce$10.95
Crispy Salt Pepper Eel$10.95
Crispy Eel With Sweet & Pungent Sauce$10.95
Salty Pork, Bamboo & Bean Skin$15.95
Little Bit Of Everything$13.95
Fish Head$10.95 - $14.95
Vegetarian$8.95 - $11.95
Pork Meat Balls$11.95
Pork Wrap In Bean Curd Skin & Shrimp Stuffed In bean Curd$14.95
Small Casseroles
Crispy Seafood In Black Pepper$14.95
Chicken In Black Bean Sauce$10.95
Clams In Jalapeno Black Bean Sauce$10.95
Salty Fish Cubes & Chicken Cubes$9.95
Chicken In Hot Pot$9.95
Eight Treasure Sticky Rice$4.95 - $8.95
Red Bean Paste Pancake$4.95
Shanghai Red Bean Rice Ball In Soup$3.75
Shanghai Red Bean Rice Ball In Peanut$3.75
Red Bean Paste Pastry$3.25
Fried Banana With Red Bean Paste$3.95
White Rice$1.00 - $1.50
Brown Rice$1.00 - $2.00

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