Green Leaf’s Menu, Prices and Locations

Founded in 1976, Green Leaf’s started offering better for you options before it became trendy. Green Leaf’s continues to be the better for you option when eating on the go. With over 35 locations across the U.S., Green Leaf’s is proud to be the feel good, taste good, be good choice!

Green Leaf’s specialty is made-to-order salads. Guests customize their order by choosing from several fresh ingredients, dressings and toppings. Delicious wraps, grilled paninis and specialty sandwiches offer guests a meal made from ingredients that are fresh and healthy.

Green Leaf’s Menu

Po Pia Spring RollsSpring rolls, bamboo shoots, cabbage, carrot & bean threads with thai sweet & sour sauce$3.95
Pia Sod Fresh Summer RollsFresh vegetable summer rolls w. mint leaves in rice pepper$3.95
Fried Mini Spring Roll 8 Pcs$5.95
Khao Neow GaiSticky rice stuffed w. chicken & vegetables in banana leaf$5.95
Indian Pancake$5.95
Pla Muok Tod Fried CalamariDeep fried breded calamari, thai style$7.50
Khanom Jeep Vegetable DumplingsSteamed or pan fried vegetable dumplings served w. basil garlic dipping sauce$5.95
Steamed Chicken Dumplings$5.95
SatayChicken or beef grilled on skewers w. peanuts sauce$6.95
Khao Giab Paak MawSteamed shrimp dumplings w. garlic ginger sauce$6.95
Gang Sarong (4)Deep fried shrimp wrapped in noodles$6.95
Mee-KrobSweet cripsy noodles w. shrimp, sauteed in plant sauce served w. raw bean sprout$6.95
Curry SamosaDeep fried samosa filled with potato, onion, carrot, mushroom and curry powder$5.95
Tom Yum KoongThai spicy & sour soup w. shrimp, lemon grass, mushroom, pepper & lime juice.$3.95
Tom Kah KaiSpicy thai coconut milk soup w. chicken, mushroom, lime juice & galimgal.$3.50
Poh TaekSeafood soup w. shrimp, calamari & glass noodles.$3.95
Salad Kaek Green SaladMixed green salad w. peanut sauce dressing$5.50
Tam Taeng Cucumber SaladCucumber salad mixed w. tomatoes, topped w. ground peanuts$4.95
Yam Pla Muk Calamari SaladThai calamari salad mixed w. mint, basil, lemon grass, tomatoes, onion & chili.$6.95
Som Tam Esan Papaya SaladThai green papaya salad mixed w. string beans, tomatoes, chili, lime juice & ground peanuts.$6.95
Yam Nuer Yarng Steak SaladGrilled sliced steak w. onion, tomatoes, cucumber, lime juice & mint.$7.95
Yam Goong Shrimp SaladGrilled shrimp on mesclun salad.$7.95
Spicy Roasted Duck SaladBoneless duck w. onion, tomatoes, cucumber, lime juice & mint.$8.95
Noodles & Fried Rice
Pad ThaiStir fried thai noodles w. baby shrimp, egg, bean sprouts, dry tofu & topped w. ground peanuts$10.50
Kwyatio Pad GaiFrish noodles stir fried w. chicken, vegetable & lime leaf$10.50
Pad See EawThai country style stir fried broad rice noodles w. chinese broccoli & eggs, choice of chicken or beef$10.50
Pad Ki Mao (Drunken Noodle)Spicy stir fry broad noodle with basil, onion, and bell peppers, choice of chicken, beef, or tofu$10.50
Lar NardStir fried broad rice noodles topped w. chicken or beef & chinese broccoli in a brown bean oyster gravy$10.50
Bamee SiamCrispy pan fried egg noodles topped w. shrimp, calamari, chicken & vegetables in garlic oyster sauce$11.50
Mee Ga ThiSpicy stir fried coconut noodles w. chicken, baby shrimp, pepper mushroom, bean sprouts & basil$11.50
Pad WoosonStir fried clear noodles w. shrimp, shiitake mushrooms, tomatoes & vegetables$13.95
Khao Pad Supparot Pineapple Coconut Fried RiceCoconut fried rice w. chicken topped w. ground peanut & fried onions$8.50
Khao Pad Bar Saranee Mint Fried RiceWith chili garlic onion & fresh mint, chicken or beef$8.50
Pineapple Shrimp Fried Rice$9.50
Served with rice
Pad Ruom MittHouse special stir fried mixed vegetables & tofu w. basil & chili paste$9.50
Tao Hu HorStuffed bean curd sheat w. shiitake mushrooms, bamboo shoot, & tofu served on a bal of spinach w. basil or black bean sauce$9.50
Ma Khue Puang EggplantEggplant stir fried w. dried tofu, scallion, garlic & soybean$9.50
Tua Yau String BeansString beans stir fried w. dried tofu, scallion, garlic & soybean$9.50
Pad Nor Mai AsparagusAsparagus w. shiitake mushroom in oyster sauce$9.50
Served with rice
Gaeng Keo Wahn PlakMixed vegetables w. green curry in coconut milk$11.50
Gaeng Keo Wahn Green Curry$12.50
Gaeng Panang Panang CurryThick panang curry w. chicken or beef w. basil, coriander, peppers & coconut milk$12.50
Gaeng MassamanMassaman curry w. coconut milk, onions, patatoes & peanuts, chicken or beef$12.50
Gaeng Goong Sappard Pineapple Curry ShrimpPanang curry shrimp w. string bean, bamboo shoots, basil & pineapple$13.95
Served with rice
Spicy Basil Frog's LegStir fried frog's leg w. pepper, onion, basil & chili paste$16.50
Ginger Frog's LegStir fried frog's leg w. ginger, black fungus, scallion, oyster sauce$16.50
Chili Frog's Leg$16.50
Served with rice
Gai Pad Bai Ga-Paw Spicy Basil ChickenSpicy bastil chicken w. pepper, onion & chili paste$11.50
Gai Pat Prik KingChicken stir fried w. string bean, basil, chili paste & soy bean$11.50
Gai Yang Siam ChickenGrilled marinated chicken breast ser4ved on bed of greens w. our special sauce$11.50
Gai Kana Chicken W. Chinese BroccoliSauteed chicken w. chinese broccoli & baby corn$11.50
Gai Pad Kieng Ginger ChickenChicken stir-fried w. young ginger, black fungus, scallions soya bean & oyster sauce$11.50
Gai Pad Prik Haeng Cashew ChickenCashew chicken w. mushroom, bell peppers, bamboo shoot & dry hot pepper$11.50
Gai Pad Nor Mai Chicken or Beef W. AsparagusAsparagus w. shiitake mushroom in oyster suace$12.50
Nuer Pad Nam Mun HoeySauteed sliced beef w. mushrooms, scallions & ginger w. black bean over a bed of spinach$12.50
Moo Yang Ta Krai Lemon Grass Pork ChopGrilled thin slices of pork chop marinated w. lemon grass, galangal, garlic & lime juice$12.50
Nua Pad PrikGrilled marinated steak topped w. sauteed onions, pepper corns, scallions & lime leaves$14.50
Served with rice
Pla Lard PrikWhole fried crispy snapper w. chili, garlic & tamarind$21.50
Sweet & Sour PlaWhole fried cripsy snapper w. sweet & sour sauce$21.50
Ginger SalmonGrilled chunks of salmon w. onion, scallions & ginger sauce$16.95
Black Bean SalmonStir-fried chunks of salmon w. onion, scallions & black bean sauce$16.95
Pla JeanGrilled salmon coater w. thai herbs & served on a sizzling platter w. ginger brown bean sauce$16.95
Kratieum Prik Thai Garlic ShrimpGarlic shrimp w. shiitake mushrooms, scallions & bamboo shoots$13.95
Goong Ta Kria Lemon Grass ShrimpLemon grass shrimp stir fried w. peppers, bamboo shoots. Basil & chili paste$13.95
Gung Pla Murk PatShrimp & calamari stir fried w. onion, mint, chili & black beans$14.50
Goong Phao Nam Prik PaowBangkok's favorite grilled king prawns served w. our special chili sauce$19.50
Served with rice
Spicy Basil DuckBoneless roasted duck w. pepper, onion, basil & chili sauce$16.50
Ginger DuckBoneless roasted duck w. ginger, black fungus, scallion, oyster sauce$16.50
Chili DuckBoneless roasted duck w. onion, pepper & chili sauce$16.50
Panang Curry DuckBoneless roasted duck in panang curry$16.50
Ice Cream$2.50
Fried BananaTopped w. honey & sesame seeds$2.95
Thai Coconut Cake (3)$2.95
Pumpkin Custard$3.95
Kao Niew Ma-MuangFresh mango w. sweet sticky rice topped w. coconut milk.$4.50

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