Gyu-Kaku Menu, Prices and Locations

First entered yakiniku restaurant business in 1996 and opened its first franchised restaurant in 1997 after changing to the current name. The first overseas restaurant was opened in the U.S. in 2001 and the second in Taiwan in 2002.

There are over six hundred Gyu-Kaku locations in Japan, and locations have also been opened in the United States (New York City, California, Chicago, Houston, Hawaii, Philadelphia, Boston), Canada, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Cambodia, Thailand, Indonesia, Malaysia, Singapore, Vietnam, Philippines and will open in South Korea. Gyu-kaku is part of Reins International Inc. However, every restaurant is different in terms of region and selection availability.

Gyu-Kaku Menu

Yukke (u.s. Kost)japanese style kobe beef tartare$9.95
Ahi Pokea true hawailan delicacy. raw tuna mixed with a traditional soy based sauce on a bed of sea veggies.$7.95
Namuruan assortmeny of korean seasoned vegetables.$4.95
Assorted Kim-cheean assortiment of cabbage, cucumber, and dailcon.$4.95
Kim-cheeyour choice of cabbage, cucumber, and dailcon$2.95
Green Onion Pancakea delectable treat for vegetarians$4.95
Crispy Seaweedw/cream cheese$2.95
Crispy Seaweed$1.95
Gyu-kaku Saladour choice salad topped with our special mustard miso dressing.$6.95
Tofu Saladtofu, greens, & croutons w/a great sesame dressing!$6.95
Seaweed Saladmixed seaweed and greens with cltrus flavored japanese ponzu vinaigrette.$6.95
Mizuna Saladmild japanese mustard greens dressed with karashi soy dressing$6.95
Spicy Tuna Avocado Saladtuna & avocado tossed w/our spicy mayo on a bed of greens.$7.95
Tofu Chigaetofu, xim-chee, and ground chicken served in a red hot. spicy soup.$6.95
Kalbi Soupa spicy to warm you up.$4.45
Egg Soup$1.95
Seaweed Soup$1.95
Miso Soup$1.95
U.s. Kobe Filet (ponzu)the king of filett$29.95
U.s. Kobe Kalbi (tass, Ponzu, Seao)the world famous kobe beef comes to gyu-kaku in lightly salted bite size pieces.$17.95
U.s. Kobe Ribeye (ponzu, Tare)kobe style rebeye cubes served with your choice of marinades. oh so good!.$19.95
U.s. Kobe Tri Tipkobe sirloin steak with our house special cltrus-soy sauce.$16.95
Harami (miso, Seao, Classic, Taas)jolcy slices of skrit steak, corsistently our most popular item when marinated with miso.$5.95
Premium Kalbi (taas, Saeo, Gassk)premium cuts of boneless shorts-rib beef in your choice of marinade.$8.95
Kalbi (tass, Sheo, Garlic)boneless cuts of short-rib beef in your flavorful choice of marinade$5.95
Rosu (ponzu, Tass Miso)thin slices of ribeye in your chocie of marinade.$4.95
Yaki Shabu (shio, Tare, Ponzu)thin slices of beef brilket, shabu-shabu style. shio compliments this cut the best$4.95
Filet Mignon (horeizrasishe Soy, Ponzu)seasoned with salt and pepper, and served with your choice of marinade.$11.95
Prime Ribeye (horeizrasishe Soy, Ponzu)cubes of premium ribeyes beef served with your choice of marinade.$8.95
Pork, Chicken & Lamb
Japanese Sausage Platteras assortment of kurobute pork, spicy pork and chicken$6.95
Japanese Sausagechoose from pork, spicy pork or chicken. these berkihire pork sausage go excellent with beef$4.95
P-toro Shiothe pork complement to kushi's toro. be sure to cook it throughly$5.95
Pork Gingersliced pork join in ginger b.b.q sauce.$5.95
Chicken Basilbite size pieces of tender chicken breast served in our special pesto marinade.$5.25
Chicken Teriyaki$5.25
Chicken Yuzuchicken with our tangy citrus pepper paste$5.25
Lamb (garlic, Bess)lamb chop with your choice of marinade.$10.95
Shrimp Garlicour butterfilled shrimp rocks the boat in our garlic marinade.$7.95
Salmon Miso or Buttersalmon you steam in foil packet$5.95
Miso Butter Fishbuttesy white fish fillet with miso sauce in a foll packet$5.95
Aburi Style Ahi Tunaraw tuna you sear on the grill. best with a drop of lemon juice$7.95
Calamari Black Pepper$5.95
Scallop Miso$6.95
Assorted Vegetables$7.95
Portobello Mushroom$4.95
Eggplant Shio or Miso$3.95
Shishito Pepper$2.95
Sweet Onion$3.05
Japanese Tofu Plattervegetarian can still have fun cooking! three types of tofu to grill to your liking$5.95
Sanchu Lettuce Wraps$2.95
Vegetables In Foil
Spinach Garlic$2.95
Mushroom Medley$4.95
Enoki Mushroom$3.95
Garlic Butter Mushroom$3.95
Sweet Potatow/butter$3.95
Garlic Butter Potato$3.95
Garlic Cloves$2.95
Original Bibimbarice, chicken, sesoned veggies, and eggs served in a sizzing stone pot, a must try item$7.45
Sukiyaki Bibimbabeef, onion & rice, sukiyaki style in a hot sizzing stone pot.$7.45
Unagi Bbimbafreshwater eel and mizuna greens mixed in a sizzing stone pot$7.95
Steamed Rice$1.50
Brown Rice$2.50
Yakionigirigrill these rice balls to a golden brown. (1 pc)$1.95
Goma Negi Ramenramen noodles served in gyu-kaku's own special broth topped with ample green onions and sesame seeds$6.45
Goma Negi Udonudon noodles served in gyu-kaku's own special broth topped with ample green onions and sesame seeds.$6.95
Kalbi Udonudon served in a spicy broth sure to warm you up on cold nights.$7.95
Kim-chee Ramenthis spicy noodle will warm you to the bone$6.95
Gyu-kaku Cold Noodlesjapanese morioka-style cold noodles$7.95
Dorayaki Ice Creamour signature dessert, a japaneese pancake ice cream. ask your server for intructiond$4.95
S'moresno fancy tricks with this campfine classic served "old school"$2.95
Yakimochi Ice Creamgrilled mochi (rice cakes), served with your choice of ice cream, topped with maple syrup$3.95
Gyu-kaku Ice Creamyour choice of ice cream drizzled w/black sagar syrup and powdered w/kinako soy bean flour.$2.95
Grilled Sweet Potato Ice Creamgrilled, candied sweet potato w/your choice of ice cream$4.95
Ice Creamyour choice of vanilla, green tea, or lychee sherbert.$1.95
Banana Chocolate Ice Creambutter glazed banana and chocolate syrup served with vanilla ice cream make this dessert a mouth watering treat.$4.95
Geisha $48.00
2 Miso Soup
Gyu-kaku Salad
Harami Miso
Premium Kalbi Tare
Shrimp Garlic
Assorted Vegetables
Original Bibimba
Samurai $75.00
2 Miso Soup
Gyu-kaku Salad
Ahi Poke
U.s. Kobe Kalbi
Premium Kalbi Tare
Harami Miso
Shrimp Garlic
Salmon Butter
Assorted Vegetables
Original Bibimba
Kid's Meal $4.95
Kid-size Chicken
Sweet Potato In Foil Packet
Non-Alcoholic Drinks
Sodapepsi, diet pepsi, sierra mist, lemonade, ice tea$1.45
Iced Oolong or Green Tea$1.95
Orange Juice$1.95
Calpico Water$1.95

Visit Gyu-Kaku here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Gyu-Kaku.

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