Han Dynasty Menu, Prices and Locations

We strive to offer quality authentic szechuan cuisine throughout the Philadelphia area. Our dishes feature signature szechuan peppers to give the entrees our classic spiciness.Our beer and wine selection changes by the season. Please see our most updated beer and wine selection here, or ask your server on our recommendations.

Dedicated to offering our best experience, we offer outdoor seating and ample spacing inside including lounge bar & private seating. Please call ahead with your large party so that we may accommodate you.

Han Dynasty Menu

Scallion Pizza$4.95
Crab Rangoons$3.75 - $5.75
Boneless Barbecued Spareribs$4.70 - $6.50
Peking Ravioli$3.70 - $5.75
Chicken Fingers$4.55 - $6.50
Fried Jumbo Shrimp$4.70 - $7.00
Egg Rolls$2.20 - $4.10
Pork Strips$5.00 - $7.50
Barbecued Spareribs$4.90 - $7.00
Fried Chicken Wings$4.10 - $6.00
Golden Fried Wontons$2.70 - $4.10
Beef Teriyaki$4.75 - $7.00
Chicken Teriyaki$4.75 - $7.00
Spring Rolls$2.20 - $4.10
French Fries$2.20 - $3.95
Fried Spicy Calamari$6.50
Pan Fried Shrimp$10.50
Pu Pu Platter - Tidbits No 1
served for 2, contains chicken fingers, egg roll, fried chicken wings, beef teriyaki, boneless ribs $7.50 each additional person
Egg Roll$7.75
Boneless Spareribs$7.75
Chicken Fingers$7.75
Pu Pu Platter - Tidbits No 2
served for 2, contains chicken fingers, egg roll, fried chicken wings, beef teriyaki, boneless ribs $7.50 each additional person
Beef Teriyaki$7.95
Chicken Wings$7.95
Boneless Spareribs$7.95
Famous Dinner Combinations - A
Egg Roll$7.95
Boneless Ribs$7.95
Subgum Chow Mein$7.95
Pork Fried Rice$7.95
Famous Dinner Combinations - B
Egg Roll$7.95
Boneless Ribs$7.95
Chicken Wings$7.95
Pork Fried Rice$7.95
Famous Dinner Combinations - C
Chicken Wings$7.95
Moo Goo Gai$7.95
Pan Pork Fried Rice$7.95
Famous Dinner Combinations - D
Boneless Ribs$7.95
CK Wings$7.95
Chicken Chow Mein$7.95
Pork Fried Rice$7.95
Hot and Sour Soup$2.95 - $5.50
Roast Pork Wonton Soup$2.95 - $5.50
Chicken Wonton Soup$2.95 - $5.50
Chinese Vegetable Soup$2.95 - $5.50
Chicken Noodle Soup$2.95 - $5.50
Egg Drop Soup$2.95 - $5.50
Chicken Rice Soup$2.95 - $5.50
Chop Suey
Meatless Chop Suey$3.70 - $6.00
Chicken Chop Suey$4.60 - $7.05
Chicken Chop Suey with Mushrooms$5.20 - $8.15
Shrimp Chop Suey$5.85 - $8.80
Beef Chop Suey$4.60 - $7.05
Pork Chop Suey$4.00 - $6.25
Subgum Chop Suey$4.10 - $6.50
Vegetable Chop Suey$4.10 - $6.65
Chicago Chop Suey$4.70 - $7.30
Chicago Chicken Chop Suey$4.95 - $7.65
Chicago Beef Chop Suey$4.95 - $7.65
Green Pepper Chop Suey$4.45 - $6.85
Subgum Chicken Chop Suey$4.95 - $7.65
Subgum Shrimp Chop Suey$5.85 - $8.80
Chow Mein and Lo Mein
Chicken Chow Mein$4.60 - $6.50
Shrimp Chow Mein$5.65 - $8.55
Pork Chow Mein$4.00 - $6.25
Beef Chow Mein$4.60 - $7.05
Subgum Chow Mein$4.10 - $6.50
Chicago Chow Mein$4.70 - $7.30
Vegetable Chow Mein$4.10 - $6.50
Mushroom Chow Mein$4.70 - $7.35
Subgum Chicken Chow Mein$5.05 - $7.75
Subgum Beef Chow Mein$5.85 - $8.80
Subgum Beef Chow Mein$5.00 - $7.75
Chicago Chicken Chow Mein$5.00 - $7.75
Chicago Beef Chow Mein$5.15 - $7.90
Chow Mein, Cantonese Style$5.10 - $7.90
Cantonese Chicken Chow Mein$5.45 - $8.50
House Chow Mein$5.45 - $8.50
Roast Pork Lo Mein$4.95 - $7.00
Chicken Lo Mein$5.15 - $7.90
Pan Fried Soft Noodles$3.15 - $5.70
Fried Noodles$1.50
Beef Lo Mein$5.60 - $8.15
Shrimp Lo Mein$6.70 - $9.95
Vegetable Lo Mein$4.65 - $7.00
House Lo Mein$6.95 - $10.30
Peking Spaghetti$7.90
House Seafood Platter with Crispy Thin Noodles$9.45
Shanghai Pan Fried Noodles$9.95
Fried Rice
Roast Pork Fried Rice$3.85 - $5.50
Pork Fried Rice with Bean Sprouts$4.10 - $6.00
Chicken Fried Rice$4.10 - $6.00
Shrimp Fried Rice$5.30 - $6.95
Beef Fried Rice$4.45 - $6.50
Subgum Fried RIce$4.10 - $6.00
Subgum Chicken Fried Rice$4.45 - $6.90
Subgum Shrimp Fried Rice$5.50 - $8.55
Ham Fried RIce$4.45 - $6.90
House Fried Rice$5.30 - $8.30
Plain Boiled Rice$1.75 - $2.50
Vegetable Fried Rice$4.10 - $6.00
Egg Foo Young
Chicken Egg Foo Young$4.45 - $6.85
Roast Pork Egg Foo Young$4.15 - $6.35
Shrimp Egg Foo Young$5.55 - $8.50
Beef Egg Foo Young$4.75 - $7.50
Pork Egg Foo Young with Mushroom$4.85 - $7.40
Ham Egg Foo Young$4.60 - $7.05
Chinese Style Egg Foo Young$4.85 - $7.40
Lobster, Chinese Style
Lobster Sauce$4.55 - $6.45
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$6.95 - $10.65
Shrimp with Pea Pods$8.65 - $13.20
Butterfly Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$8.45 - $12.85
Shrimp and Beef with Oyster Sauce$8.65 - $13.20
Subgum Har Kew$8.65 - $13.20
Scallops with Mixed Vegetables$8.65 - $13.20
Shrimp and Scallops with Vegetables$8.65 - $13.20
Chun Liu Fishsliced cod fillet sauteed in mildly spicy sauce, served on a bed of crispy broccoli$9.95
House Special Fish Filletcrisp fried cod fillet topped with hot ginger sauce$9.95
Fish Slices with Vegetablessliced cod filled with pea pods, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and tomato$9.95
Woo Dip Hargolden brown butterfly shrimps, sauteed with choice Chinese vegetables$11.25
Subgum Har Kewshrimps sauteed with Chinese vegetables$11.95
Subgum Har Dingdiced shrimps, mushrooms and water chestnuts, sauteed with Chinese vegetables, topped with crunchy almonds$11.25
Hoi Sen Dai Woyshrimp and scallops and select vegetables with oyster sauce, laid on a platter of bean sprouts$11.25
Sea and Surf Specialbeef, shrimps, scallops and select vegetables with oyster sauce, laid on a platter of bean sprouts$11.95
Chicken Wings with Black Bean Sauce$7.35
Chicken Wings with Oyster Sauce$7.35
Chicken Meat with Broccoli$5.55 - $8.60
Sauteed Double Dingdiced chicken, baby shrimps, sauteed with broccoli, water chestnuts, bamboo shoots and straw mushrooms in hot peking sauce$9.95
Hang Sue Gaibreaded chicken meat, fried in egg batter, sauteed with mushrooms, bamboo shoots, pea pods and select Chinese vegetables$9.95
Chicken Delighttender chunks of chicken meat sauteed with mushrooms, pea pods, water chestnuts and hawaiian pineapple with a touch of ginger sauce$10.50
Chicken with Cashew Nuts$9.75
Ho Yu Gai Poochunks of chicken, fried in batter, ham and beef sauteed with white mushrooms, pea pods, bamboo shoots and water chestnuts$10.75
Gai Poo Lo Meinchunks of chicken, fried in batter, blended with ham, beef and choice vegetables on a platter of lo mein$12.95
Moo Goo Gai Panslices of tender chicken meat and mushrooms sauteed with select Chinese vegetables$9.50
Chow Gai Kewchunks of chicken, fried in egg white, sauteed with bamboo shoots and select Chinese vegetables$9.50
Ga Lei Gaichunks of boneless chicken, sauteed with imported curry and select vegetables$9.50
Chow Yoke
beef and pork
Beef with Broccoli$6.20 - $9.45
Beef with Tomatoes$6.20 - $9.45
Beef with Pea Pods$6.40 - $9.70
Beef with Mushrooms$6.40 - $9.70
Beef with Oyster Sauce$6.75 - $10.30
Beef with Mixed Vegetables$6.20 - $9.45
Beef with Pineapple$6.20 - $9.45
Beef with Green Peppers$6.20 - $9.45
Beef with Tomatoes and Green Peppers$6.20 - $9.45
Beef with Oyster Sauce and Bean Sprouts$7.00 - $10.65
Beef with Onions$6.20 - $9.45
Pork with Pineapple$6.20 - $9.45
Pork with Mixed Vegetables$6.20 - $9.45
Spareribs with Black Bean Sauce
Beef with String Beans$6.40 - $9.70
Sweet and Sour
Sweet and Sour Chicken$5.30 - $8.35
Sweet and Sour Shrimp$7.55 - $11.45
Sweet and Sour Pork$5.30 - $8.10
Sweet and Sour Scallops$7.55 - $11.45
Sweet and Sour Wonton$3.90 - $6.35
Moo Shi Style
moo shi, a classic mandarin dish, contains shredded meat, mushrooms, cabbage, bamboo shoots and egg. This can also be cooked with hot peking sauce. Additional pancakes are $0.35 each
Moo Shi Pork$8.15
Moo Shi Chicken$8.15
Moo Shi Beef$8.50
Moo Shi Shrimp$8.95
Kung Pao Style
there are mome of the most popular dishes from szechuan province. They consist of meat, bamboo shoots, peanuts, scallions and peppers in a dark spicy sauce
Kung Pao Spiced Chicken$8.75
Kung Pao Spiced Beef$9.25
Kung Pao Spiced Shrimp$9.95
Kung Pao Three Delights$9.95
Yu Hsiang Style
this is country style szechuan cooking. These dishes are a blend of meat, water chestnuts, red and green peppers in a hot sauce
Yu Hsiang Pork$8.75
Yu Hsiang Beef$8.75
Yu Hsiang Chicken$8.75
Yu Hsiang Shrimp$9.95
American Dishes
Sirloin Steak$14.95
Ham Steak$7.65
Ham Burger$4.95
Fish and Chips$9.95
Low Calorie Tofu with Oyster Sauce$4.25 - $6.75
Fresh Broccoli Spears with Oyster Sauce$4.75 - $7.25
Sliced Mushrooms with Oyster Sauce$6.25
Juicy Straw Mushrooms with Oyster Sauce$6.75
Snow Pea Pods with Oyster Sauce$5.50 - $7.75
Assorted Chinese Vegetablespea pods, water chestnuts, mushrooms, Chinese cabbage and other selected vegetables sauteed in a thin creamy sauce$5.50 - $7.75
Vegetable Lo Meina variety of mixed Chinese vegetables cooked with soft noodles$4.65 - $7.15
Vegetable Fried RIce$4.10 - $6.50
Poly6nesian Cuisine
HanSirloin Steakserved with french fries$14.95
Sizzling Steak Fijichunks of juicy tender steak, expertly mixed selected vegetables, served on a hot - hot platter$14.50
Han Dynasty Chef's Specialchicken, beef, shrimp, sauteed with choice vegetables covered with roast pork and golden brown crispy wontons$15.00
Steak Kewbeef tenderloin broiled and sauteed with mushrooms$13.95
Hawaiian Weedingprime beef, fresh shrimps and lobster sauce on a bed of soft noodles - married to form a most tantolizing and exotic dish$15.65
Hong Kong Steaka broiled sirloin steak sauteed with choice vegetables in a delicious sauce$15.00
Gai Lun Gnow Lo Meinslices of tender beef, broccoli, sauteed with a quite rich sauce in a platter of pork lo mein$12.80
Gai Lun Gai Lo Meinsliced of tender chicken, broccoli, sauteed with a quite rich sauce in a platter of pork lo mein$12.35
Wor Borchicken, roast pork, sauteed with mushrooms, pea pods, water chestnuts and oyster sauce$11.70
Tahitian Weddingchunks of tender steak, chicken, roast pork, selected Chinese vegetables blended with exotic sauce$12.80
Beef and Pork
Sizzling Beeftender beef with water chestnuts, bamboo shoots, sesame seeds, onions and scallions on a sizzling hot platter$10.25
Mandarin Sauteed Beefshredded beef sauteed with celery, mushrooms and carrots$9.95
Orange Flavored Beef$9.95
Beef with Scallion$9.95
Tow Goo Gnowsliced tender beef, sauteed with small juicy tender straw mushrooms and savory oyster sauce$11.50
Hawaiian Beeftender steer beef, expertly cooked with Hawaiian pineapple, pea pods, water chustnuts and mushrooms$9.95
Steak Kewbeef tenderloin, broiled sauteed with mushrooms, select vegetables and an exotic oyster sauce$14.25
Pork with Hot Peppersshredded pork sauteed with red and green peppers and celery in a hot sauce$9.25
Hung Sue Yukstrips of pork tenderloin dipped in egg batter, deep fried sauteed with mushrooms and choice Chinese vegetables$9.50
Pork with Vegetablespork tenderloin sauteed with select vegetables$9.25
Mandarin Specialties
Strange Flavored Chickentender chicken pan fried with pea pods, water chestnuts, baby corn, bamboo shoots and red peppers in our special szechuan spicy sauce$9.50
General Gau's Chickencubes of chicken coated with water chestnut flour and egg, deep fried and cooked with hot ginger sauce$9.50
Szechuan Orange Chickentender chicken, fried with pieces of tangerine peel, dried hot peppers, scallions and peppercorns in a special spicy sauce, served on a bed of Chinese rice noodles$9.50
Lemon Chickencrispy chicken topped with special lemon sauce$9.50
Pork Cooked Twicesliced tender pork with bamboo shoots, black mushrooms and Chinese cabbage all cooked in a spicy szechuan sauce$8.95
Spicy Szechuan String Beansfresh string beans spicely sauteed with shredded pork tenderloin, can be ordered without pork$7.75
West Hot Fishpieces of fish, batter fried, topped with west hot sauce, green and red peppers and bamboo shoots$9.50
Cashew Shrimpshrimps sauteed with green peppers, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots, garnished with cashew nuts$10.95
Cashew Shrimpshrimps sauteed with green peppers, water chestnuts and bamboo shoots, garnished with cashew nuts$10.95
Ocean Bounty Wor Borshrimps, scallos, fish and chicken with broccoli, straw mushrooms, baby corn, carrots and bamboo shoots in the chef's own sauce. Served on a sizzling hot platter$12.75
Delights of Threeshrimp, chicken and beef sauteed with select vegetables$9.95
Crisp Aromatic Beefsauteed crisp beef with bamboo shoots, straw mushrooms and lettuce in our chef's special hot aromatic sauce$10.25
Hunan Beeffillet of beef garnished with fresh watercress in a hot sauce$9.50
Chicken with Sesame Seedchicken sauteed with sesame seed$9.50
House Specialties
Chow Foon with Roast Pork, Shrimp, Chicken or Beef$7.25
Singapore Thin Rice Noodles$6.75
Hung Sue Tofu$7.75
Han Salad$7.50
Grilled Beef Salad$7.50
Chicken Salad$7.50

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