Hattie B’s Menu, Prices and Locations

Hattie B’s Hot Chicken is an American restaurant chain based in Nashville, Tennessee, founded by a father and son, each named Nick Bishop. The company specializes in hot chicken, a fried chicken dish, and operates several restaurants in the Southern United States.The restaurant is named after three women in the Bishop family with the name Hattie. The company purveys hot chicken, a local specialty and signature dish of Nashville, chicken and waffles, side dishes, desserts and other foods. The chicken is provided at various spice levels.

Hattie B’s Menu

Can Soda$1.25
Aquation Bottle of Water$1.75
6 Pack Drink$4.99 - $6.99
Gallon of SAT Sweet Tea$5.99
Gallon of SAT Unsweet Tea$5.99
Bag of Ice$2.99
Hot Plates
Half BirdServed with two sides, bread and pickles.$12.00
Large White Breasts and WingsTwo breasts and wing. Served with two sides, bread and pickles.$11.00
TendersThree jumbo tenders. Served with two sides, bread and pickles.$8.50
24 Piece TenderServed with two sides, bread and pickles.$33.00
Small DarkLeg and thigh. Served with two sides, bread and pickles.$8.00
WingsThree whole wings. Served with two sides, bread and pickles.$8.00
Large DarkTwo thigh and two legs. Served with two sides, bread and pickles.$10.00
Small WhiteBreast and wing. Served with two sides, bread and pickles.$8.50
Hot Platters
Tenders$18.00 - $48.00
Wings$18.00 - $48.00
Individual Sides
Baked Beans$1.75
Black Eyed Pea Salad$1.75
Homemade Coleslaw$1.75
Red Skin Potato Salad$1.75
Pimento Mac and Cheese$1.75
Southern Greens$1.75
French Fries$1.75
Extra Bread$0.35
Extra Pickles$0.35
Honey Mustard$0.50
Ranch Dressing$0.50
Bleu Cheese Dressing$0.50
Little Un's
Kiddie Jumbo TendersServed with one side.$5.50
Banana Pudding$3.00
Cherry Cobbler$2.75
Peach Cobbler$2.75

Visit Hattie B’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Hattie B’s.

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