HuHot Menu, Prices and Locations

HuHot Mongolian Grills, LLC opened its first restaurant in Missoula, MT in 1999. It was a short time later in 2002 that the first franchise opened a store in Omaha, NE. Now, the fastest growing Mongolian grill concept in the United States is moving forward with full force. Business strategies include focus on internal business operational optimization & differentiated growth by emphasizing fast, fresh, healthy, customer-oriented full service restaurants.

HuHot Menu

Crab Rangoonsfilled with crab, cream cheese and scallions.$3.99 - $5.99
Crispy Egg Rollwith sweet / spicy dipping sauce.$3.59 - $5.39
Asian Potstickerswith soy ginger dipping sauce.$3.59 - $5.39
The Mongol Toasta sample of each appetizers with sweet / spicy and soy ginger dipping sauces.$5.19 - $7.99
Soups & Salads
Hot Sour Soupwith meat$1.59
Hot Sour Soupa la carte$2.59
Egg Drop Soupwith meat$1.59
Egg drop Soupa la carte$2.59
House Asian Saladwith meat, mixed with veggies, crispy noodles and asian vinaigrette.$1.59
House Asian Salada la carte$2.59
Chicken Teriyaki Saladtopped with grilled teriyaki chicken, almonds, broccoli, green onions and asian vinaigrette.$7.49
The Stir Fry Grill
please inform your server and the cook of any food allergies. all food bar items must be cooked all made served with steamed rice. tortillas served upon request.
Wednesday Lunch11-4pm$6.59 - $7.99
Children4-12 may choose, mongonon grill, chicken fingers or mozzarella sticks.$3.99
Hot To Pillage
hint - a smart mongol keeps his eye on his own meal.
Stop Hot Meatsfill the bottom third of bowl with meats.
Stop Two Noodlesfill the middle third with pod thai, chinese or yaki saba noodles.
Stop Three Veggiestop with veggies.
Stop Four Saudastop with 4 or 5 ladies of your favorite asian flavors then move to the grill. 9you must be brave)
Stop Five Grillingwatch as our cooks stir fry your creation on the grill.
The Sauces
Mild Traditional Flavorssamurai teriyaki tm, bum your village barbecue tm, not so sweet & sour tm, wine khan's favorite tm, lemon juice, sesame oil, garlic oil
Cold Asian Flavorsfeed the hordes hoisin tm, black thai peanut tm, mean bean garlic sauce tm, bekter's ginger tm, yellow belly curry tm.
Hotmustard, sauce tm, five village fire szechuan tm, kung poo yow tm, sweet chili oil, garlic chili oil, hot chili oil.
The Final Pillage
Khan's Choco Cake$5.29
Ny Cheese Cake$5.29
Cheese Cake$5.29
Cheesecake Rangoons$4.99

Visit HuHot here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local HuHot.

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