I Love Teriyaki Menu, Prices and Locations

Flame broiled Teriyaki and Sushi Roll on Sacramento Area, influence beautiful people lunching and munching an great Teriyaki and Sushi Roll.I Love Teriyaki offers a great selection of flame broiled meats and seafood accompanied by super tasty side dishes.You’ll be treated great customer care by our fast friendly courteous staff.

I Love Teriyaki Menu

Edamamesoy beans$3.50
Gyoza8 pcs - potstickery$4.99
Calamari with Spicy Sauce$5.50
Love Wingssweet and spicy chicken wings$5.50
Baked Mussels$3.95
Baked Oystersseasonal$3.95
Potato Croquettepotato eakes$4.99
Shrimp Tempura5 pieces$6.99
Shrimp and Vegetable Tempura$7.95
Vegetable Tempura$5.75
Oshinko Chuka Saladsea weed salad$3.99
3 Pcs Sushimaguro ebi and unagi$4.99
Soft Shell Crab$7.95
Agedashi Tofudeep fried tofu$4.99
Teriyaki Plates
served with rice, vegetable and salad
Chicken Teriyaki$5.95
Beef Teriyaki$6.75
Pork Teriyaki$6.50
Sesame Chickenchicken katus deep fried$5.95
Spicy Chickendeep fried$5.95
Teriyaki Combo Plateany 2 items of the above$8.50
Tofu Teriyaki$5.95
Calamari Platedeep fried$7.75
Short Ribbeef$8.75
Tempura Plate$8.25
Special Combo Boxes
served with rice, tempura, sushi, miso and salad
Beef Teriyaki$14.75
Pork Teriyaki$14.25
Sesame Chickendeep fried$13.25
Spicy Chickendeep fried$13.25
2 Item Combo Boxany 2 items of above$15.95
Calamari Teriyaki$14.95
Salmon Teriyaki$15.50
Short Rib Teriyaki$16.50
Kids Menu
for 12 and under
Kids ChickenTeriyaki$4.50
Kids Beef Teriyaki$4.95
Kids Sesame Chicken$4.50
Kids Spicy Chicken$4.50
Udon Soup$5.95
Chicken Udon Soup$6.95
Tempura Udon Soup$7.95
Curry Udon$5.95
Chicken Curry Udon$6.95
Tempura Soba$9.95
Viper Roll and Soba$10.95
Tempura Roll and Soba$10.95
Soba Noodles$5.95
Shrimp Combo
served with miso soup and rice
Sashimi Combination18 pieces of assorted sashimi$18.95
Sashimi Dinner14 pieces of assorted sashimi$15.95
Sashimi Lunch12 pieces of Assorted sashimi$13.95
Chirashiassorted sashimi over sushi rice$14.95
Tekka Dontuna sashimi over sushi rice$13.95
Tuna Sashimi Box$9.95
Salmon Sashimi Box$9.95
Yellowtail Sashimi Box$11.95
served with rice and salad
Vegetable and Noodles$6.99
Vegetable and Noodle with Cheese$7.50
Vegetable and Noodle with Beef$7.50
Vegetable and Noodle with Pork$7.50
Vegetable and Noodle with Shrimp$7.95
Vegetable Curry$5.95
Chicken Curry$6.95
Sesame Cheese Curry$6.95
Beef Curry$6.95
Shrimp Curry$7.75
Chicken Donburichicken, vegetable and egg over rice$7.50
Sushi Combo
served with miso soup
Sushi Combo6 pieces ca roll, and assorted nigiri sushi$13.95
Sushi Sashimi Combo5 pieces of chef choice nigiri, ca roll and 6 pieces if tuna and salmon sashimi$15.95
Roll Combinationca roll, tuna roll, and cucumber roll$10.50
Vegetarian Roll Combocucumber and avo, shillake and chnka roll$9.95
Unajubroiled eel over rice$12.95
7-8 pieces
White Tuna$8.50
Red Suapper$8.50
Katsuoseared bonito$8.50
Nigiri Sushi
Shiro Maguroalbacore$3.75
Kanisnow crab$4.50
Masagosmelt roe$3.95
Tobikoflying fish roe$4.75
Ikurasalmon roe$4.95
Amaebiraw sweet shrimp$5.50
Hokkisurf clam$3.95
Unagibroiled eel$4.25
Taired snapper$3.75
Inaritofu shell$3.50
Mirugaigiant clam- seasonal$5.95
Unisea urchin- seasonal$5.95
Torofatty tuna - seasonal$7.95
Vegetarian Roll
Kappa Makicucumber$2.95
Avocado Roll$2.95
Cucumber Avocado Roll$3.50
Oshinko Makipickled radish$2.95
Shitake Maki$3.50
Asparagus Rolldeep fried$3.75
Chuka Roll$3.50
Spicy Rolls
Spicy Crab Crunchtemp crunch, imitation crab, avo and spicy$4.50
Bruce's Rollimitation crab, cream cheese, crunch and spicy$4.50
Spicy Scallop Crunch$4.50
Spicy Tuna$4.50
Spicy Salmon$4.50
Fireeracker Rollalbacore cream cheese deep fried with spicy kani$8.95
Spicy Yellowtail$4.50
Spicy Combo Rollspicy tuna salmon and yellowtail$4.95
Chef Special Spicy Combosalmon, tuna, yellowtail over spicy combo$10.95
Viper Rolldeep fried tuna or salmon spicy and sauce$5.95
Kodiak Rolldeep fried salmon, cream cheese, spicy and sauce$6.25
Makimono - Rolls
California Rollimitation crab meat and avo$3.95
Alaska Kani Rollsnow crab, avo and cucumber$4.50
Tekka Makituna$3.95
Sake Makisalmon and cucumber$3.95
Alaska Rollsalmon, avo and cucumber$4.25
Unakyu Makieel and cucumber$4.25
Rock and Rolleel, avo and cucumber$4.50
Cat's Rollimitation crab, masago, avo$4.50
New York Rollshrimp, avo and cucumber$3.95
Philadelphia Rollsalmon, cream cheese and cucumber$4.50
Hollywood Rolltuna, avo and cucumber$4.50
Potrero Rolltuna, yellowtail green onion and cucumber$4.95
Garisabamackerel and plckied ginger$3.75
Negihama Makiyellowtail and green onion$4.25
Lion King Rollsalmon and sauce over ca roll baked$8.95
Dancing Temp Rolltemp, shrimp crab and masago and sauce$7.50
Deep Fried Ca Rollca roll temp hottered and fried$4.95
Tiger Rollspicy crab with tunagi and spicy tuna and special sauce on top$10.95
Lava Rolltemp roll with albacore tuna and spicy sauceon top$9.95
Cherry Bolssom Rolltuna and avo over slmon and cucumber$8.50
White Bolssomalbacore tuna and avo over tuan and cucumber$8.50
Salmon Tsutsumisalmon and avo over ca roll$8.50
Zesty Rollsalmon, lemon and avo over ca roll$8.75
Tony's Special Rollspecial sauce and avo over imitation crab shrimp, masago and avo$7.50
Super California Rollspecial sauce and avo over ca roll$4.95
Godzilla Rolleel, yellowtail, avo, cucumber green onion$7.50
Love Rollscallop a top ca roll baked with sauce$8.95
Dragon Rollunagl and avo shrimp tempura$9.95
Rainbow Rollassorted crab, avo and cucumber$9.95
Spider Rollsoft shell crab, avo and cucumber$7.95
Caterpillar Rollavocado over imagi and avocado$5.95
Mani Rolltuna and albacore, garlic green onion sunred$7.50
Tempura Rollshrimp tempura and avocado$4.95
Salmon Skin Rollsalmon skin cucumber and green onion$4.50
Jeremy 's Specialebi and shitake mushroom$4.25
Danville Rollalbacore and avocade with salmon and slices of cucumber and vinigerette sauce$8.95
Christal Rollsalmon and cucumber roll with scallops, tobiko, and mayo and spicy sauce$8.95
Sodafountain drinks - pepsi drink pepper, diet pepsi, orange soda, root beer, sterra mist, iced tea and fruit punch$1.79
Juicesbottled drinks$1.79
Soda Drinks$2.35
Bottled Water$1.65
Ice Creamgreen tea, ginger, vanilla$2.75
Mochi Ice Creamgreen tea, mango, strawberry, coffee, red bean vanilla, chocolate$2.75
Side Orders
Dinner Salad$1.99
Miso Soup$1.50
Kim Chee$1.99

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