Imo’s Menu, Prices and Locations

Ed and Margie Imo began their journey to St. Louis pizza history as a pair of young, hardworking St. Louisians who fell in love, started a family and dreamt of owning their own home.

As devoted Catholics, they would wait until 11:30 every Friday night to order a meat-topped pizza from one of the many Italian restaurants near their home on The Hill in St. Louis. After years of picking up their pizzas safely after midnight, a simple idea launched a phenomenon.

Imo’s Menu

Build Your Own PizzaSmall (10')$9.30
Build Your Own PizzaMedium (12')$11.60
Build Your Own PizzaLarge (14')$14.45
Build Your Own PizzaX Large (16')$17.35
Deluxe PizzaSmall (10')$12.70
Deluxe PizzaMedium (12')$16.20
Deluxe PizzaLarge (14')$19.95
Deluxe PizzaX Large (16')$23.85
Veggie PizzaSmall (10')$12.70
Veggie PizzaMedium (12')$16.20
Veggie PizzaLarge (14')$19.95
Veggie PizzaX Large (16')$23.85
Cheese PizzaSmall (10')$9.30
Cheese PizzaMedium (12')$11.60
Cheese PizzaLarge (14')$14.45
Cheese PizzaX Large (16')$17.35
All Meat PizzaSmall (10')$12.70
All Meat PizzaMedium (12')$16.20
All Meat PizzaLarge (14')$19.95
All Meat PizzaX Large (16')$23.85
BBQ Chicken PizzaSmall (10')$11.25
BBQ Chicken PizzaMedium (12')$13.50
BBQ Chicken PizzaLarge (14')$16.95
BBQ Chicken PizzaX Large (16')$19.95
Egg-Ceptional PizzaSmall (10')$11.80
Egg-Ceptional PizzaMedium (12')$14.10
Egg-Ceptional PizzaLarge (14')$18.15
Egg-Ceptional PizzaX Large (16')$22.15
Garlic Bread$2.55
Garlic Cheese Bread$3.25
Toasted Ravioli10 Pc.$6.50
Toasted Ravioli30 Pc.$17.50
Toasted Ravioli50 Pc.$28.50
Provel Cheese Bites12 Pc.$4.25
Provel Cheese Bites20 Pc.$6.25
Provel Cheese Bites60 Pc.$15.75
Provel Cheese Sticks8 Pc.$6.50
Provel Cheese Sticks24 Pc.$17.50
Mozzarella Cheese Sticks24 Pc.$17.50
Chicken Wings (Hot, BBQ, Hot Mustard, or Sweet & Tangy)8 Pc.$7.25
Chicken Wings (Hot, BBQ, Hot Mustard, or Sweet & Tangy)24 Pc.$19.95
Boneless Wings8 Pc.$7.25
Chicken Tenders5 Pc.$7.25
Chicken Tenders15 Pc.$19.95
House SaladHalf (Side)$3.25
House SaladWhole (Meal)$4.95
House SaladHalf Party Pan$15.95
Deluxe SaladHalf (Side)$3.75
Deluxe SaladWhole (Meal)$5.95
Deluxe SaladHalf Party Pan$20.95
Chef SaladHalf (Side)$3.95
Chef SaladWhole (Meal)$6.95
Chef SaladHalf Party Pan$22.95
Baked Lasagna$7.25
Baked Mostaccioli$7.25
Spaghetti with Meatballs$7.25
Mostaccioli with Meatballs$7.25
ManicottiRegular (2 Pc.)$7.25
ManicottiLarge (3 Pc.)$8.25
CannelloniRegular (2 Pc.)$7.25
CannelloniLarge (3 Pc.)$8.25
Imo's Meatballs1 Pc.$1.40
Imo's Meatballs2 Pc.$2.80
Imo's Meatballs3 Pc.$4.20
Imo's Meatballs4 Pc.$5.60
Imo's Extra Special Sandwich$6.95
Roast Beef Sandwich$6.25
Turkey Club Sandwich$6.95
Salami Sandwich$6.00
Ham Sandwich$6.00
Meatball Sandwich$6.25
Salsiccia Sandwich$6.95
Kids Meal
Kids Pizza$5.50
Kids Toasted Ravioli$5.50
Kids Chicken Tenders$5.50
Extra Dressings & Sauces
Imo's Italian DressingBottle$2.95
Imo's Vinaigrette DressingBottle$2.95
Fountain Drink16 oz.$1.45
Fountain Drink32 oz.$1.95
Soft Drink20 oz. Bottle$1.75
Soft Drink2 Liter Bottle$2.50
Apple, Fruit Punch or Verry Berry Juice Box$1.00
Lunch Specials
Pizza Lunch SpecialMini (8')$8.25
Pizza Lunch SpecialSmall (10')$9.25
Salad Lunch Special$8.75
Sandwich Lunch Special$8.75
Pasta Lunch Special$8.25
Appetizer Lunch Special$8.25

Visit Imo’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Imo’s.

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