Italian Garden Menu, Prices and Locations

One of the most iconic restaurants in San Marcos, TX, Italian Garden is proud to have called San Marcos home since the spring of 2000. Since then, it has been our mission to serve Italian cuisine of the highest quality to San Marcos residents at a price affordable to anyone, from families to college students.You don’t have to go far or spend big to find quality Italian Cuisine. We take pride in preparing each of our wide variety of dishes with the utmost care, from the comfort of our homemade dishes to the decadence of our imported pastas and much more.

Italian Garden Menu

Mozzarella SticksLightly breaded and fried, served with marinara sauce$4.95
Fried RavioliLightly breaded ravioli fried and served with marinara sauce$4.95
Italian MushroomsWhole mushrooms lightly breaded and fried, served with ranch dressing$4.95
Italian SamplerMozzarella, ravioli and mushrooms$8.95
Stuffed Shrimp JammersShrimp stuffed with Monterrey Jack cheese, lightly breaded and fried$6.25
Cheese BreadOur fresh baked garlic bread topped with melted cheddar and mozzarella$4.50
Spinach Artichoke DipA blend of artichoke, spinach and cream cheese served with our famous bread$6.25
Quiche & Salad
Quiche & Garden Salad$5.25
Quiche & Pasta Salad$5.25
Quiche & Fruit Salad$5.25
Simply Quiche$3.95
Large Garden Salad$4.95
Chicken Salad$6.50
Shrimp Salad$7.95
Served with oven roasted potatoes, fries or salad
Italian Meatball$4.95
Grilled Chicken Breast$4.75
Italian Sausage$4.95
Grilled Sirloin$5.50
Chicken Parmigiana$5.50
Italian Sausage$5.25
SupremeMozzarella, mushrooms, peppers,onions, beef, pepperoni$5.25
Chicken Pizza(Alfredo sauce, grilled chicken, onions, peppers, mozzarella, mushrooms$5.50
Spinach & MushroomAlfredo sauce, mushrooms, spinach, mozzarella, peppers, onion$5.25
Rich Tomato SauceCrushed tomatoes, herbs, and spices slowly simmered$4.75
Rich Meat SauceOur special recipe with ground beef, herbs and spices in our rich tomato sauce$5.25
Fresh MushroomRich tomato sauce with sauteed mushrooms$5.25
Italian MeatballsHomemade with fresh ground beef and spices$5.25
Italian SausageTwo fresh links of spicy Italian sausage$5.25
House Specialties
Fettuccine AlfredoFresh butter, cream, garlic and freshly grated parmesan cheese on fettuccine$6.50
Chicken AlfredoSlices of fresh chicken breast sauteed and topped with our creamy Alfredo Sauce$7.50
Sirloin FettuccineThin slices of sirloin sauteed with onions and peppers with creamy brown gravy and mushrooms$7.50
LasagnaOur incredible baked lasagna, made from scratch, features pasta layered with rich tomato sauce, ricotta, romano and Mozzarella cheeses, herbs, and spices, baked in our rich tomato sauce$7.25
ManicottiPasta tubes stuffed with our homemade blend of mozzarella, ricotta, romano and parmesan cheese, herbs and spices, baked in our rich tomato sauce$7.25
TortelliniHat shaped pasta filled with cheese, topped with rich tomato or alfredo sauce$8.50
Fettuccine FlorentineClassic Alfredo with fresh sauteed mushrooms and spinach$6.50
Fettuccine Florentine with Chicken$7.95
Fettuccine Florentine with Shrimp$8.95
On the Side
Oven Roasted Potatoes$2.50
Italian Sausage$1.50
Sauteed Mushrooms$1.95
Dinner or Fruit Salad$3.50
Alfredo Sauce$2.50
Garlic Bread (Loaf)$3.50
Pasta Salad$3.00
Light Side
Lemon Pepper ChickenLemon pepper seasoned chicken, sauteed in a light broth served over fettuccine pasta$6.75
Garden PastaFresh veggies seasoned and sauteed in a light broth served over fettuccine pasta$5.95
Chicken PrimaveraChicken seasoned and sauteed with fresh veggies in a light broth and served over fettuccine$6.95
Sirloin Veggie PastaGrilled sirloin and fresh veggies sauteed in a light broth served over fettuccine pasta.$7.50
Beverages & Espresso Drinks
Soft Drinks$1.75
Iced Tea$1.75
LemonadeRegular or raspberry$1.75
Hot Tea$1.50
Flavored Tea$2.25
Cafe Mocha$2.50
Iced Mocha$2.50
Hot Chocolate$1.95

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