Jack Brown’s Menu, Prices and Locations

Jack Brown’s Beer & Burger Joint is the childhood dream of two best friends, Aaron Ludwig and Mike Sabin. While spending their youthful days skateboarding and collecting old beer cans, they often talked about opening their own bar. Flash forward to adulthood, and Aaron had spent 15 years in the business world operating a ski & snowboard shop in Harrisonburg, VA. Mike had spent 20 years in the restaurant world in South Beach Miami. After one crappy day at work in 2008, Aaron called Mike to propose a “what if” scenario and the rest, as the saying goes, is history. Aaron was really into craft beer and Mike had been the chef of four restaurants. With their powers combined, a beer & burger joint was born!

Jack Brown’s Menu

Our Grub
Hot DogsWe are now serving awesome hot dogs with great toppings and flavors$2.49
HamburgerA waygu patty with our special sauce better then that other special sauce$4.99
Flip Flop Grilled CheeseA classic grilled cheese sandwich that is sure to make you say yum$3.49
CheeseburgerOur classic burger with cheese$5.49
Our Everyday Burgers
Danny LarusoBurger topped with cream cheese and jalapeno jelly$6.99
The ElvisBurger topped with peanut butter, mayo, applewood smoked bacon and cheese$6.99
Jalapeno PopperOur burger topped with cream cheese and pickled jalapenos$6.99
ShockerFresh jalapenos, fresh habeneros, pepper jack cheese, and shocker sauce$6.99
The ChifletApplewood smoked bacon, egg, & cheese burger$6.99
The CowboyBurger topped with BBQ sauce, applewood smoke bacon and cheddar$6.99
Jack on Piggy BackBurger topped with split & griddled hot dog, with pickled jalapenos & cheddar cheese$6.99
Add a little something on the side
French FriesClassic ripple fries that are sure to be crisp and hot$2.25
Fried Oreo1 Each deep fried oreo with powdered sugar, be sure to get more than one to share with friends$1.00
Sweet Potato FriesSweet potato crinkle fries that are sweet, hot, and crispy$3.25
Special Daily Burgers and Dogs
The ShowalterBurger topped with applewood smoked bacon, egg and cheese, with the bun switched for a glazed doughnut sunday$6.99
Chili VerdeBurger topped with roasted poblano chilis and pepper jack cheese monday$6.99
The Big JackTwo patties, jack brown's sauce, lettuce, cheese, pickles and onions tuesday$8.99
The PopeyeBurger topped with house-made spinach-artichoke dip, pepper jack cheese and fried onions wednesday$6.99
Nacho LibreBurger topped with diced black olives and jalapenos, pepper jack cheese, green onions mixed in sour cream, re-fried beans and house made tortilla chips thursday$6.99
The Greg BradyBurger topped with house made mac n cheese and martin’s BBQ potato chips friday$6.99
Freestyle Burger or DogSurprise topping on the burger or hot dog for your dining pleasure saturday$6.99 - $3.99
BedheadHot dog topped with applewood smoked bacon, fried egg and shredded cheese$3.99
Banh Mi DogHot dog topped with spicy mayo, sliced cucumber, shredded carrot, cilantro and fresh mint leaves$3.99
BLT DogHot dog topped with shredded lettuce, diced tomatoes, 2 strips of applewood smoked bacon and mayo$3.99
Manhattan DogHot dog topped with cream cheese, everything bagel seasoning and scallions$3.99
HomewreckerHot dog topped with jalapeno, applewood smoked bacon, jb’s meat chili, cheese, slaw$3.99
The Cindy BradyHot dog topped with mac n cheese and martin’s BBQ chips$3.99

Visit Jack Brown’s here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Jack Brown’s.

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