Joe’s Stone Crab Menu, Prices and Locations

Joe’s Stone Crab, also known as Joe’s Stone Crabs, is an American restaurant in Miami Beach, Florida. The restaurant was opened in 1913, by Joe Weiss, who began his Miami Beach career by cooking at Smith’s Casino beginning in 1913. Joe’s is the top buyer of Florida stone crab claws, and it plays a significant role in the industry, influencing the wholesale price and financing many crabbers.

Even though stone crabs are their most famous dish now, fish was served, rather than crabs, after the restaurant’s opening. When an ichthyologist asked Weiss why he didn’t serve stone crabs, he answered that no one would want to eat them. He turned out to be wrong, as they found out soon after first cooking them.

Joe’s Stone Crab Menu

Peel & Eat ShrimpChilled$9.50 - $18.50
Shrimp CocktailHouse made cocktail sauce$14.95
Wild Oysters On The 1/2 ShellHouse made mignonette$18.95
Rhode Island CalamariFried with black pepper aioli$13.95
Coconut ShrimpHollerback sauce$14.95
Chilled 1/2 Florida LobsterStuffed with crabmeat salad$18.95
Conch FrittersSpicy cocktail sauce$12.95
Fried OystersTartar sauce & cocktail sauce$12.95
CevicheShrimp & scallop, tuna or grouper
Conch Salad$17.50
Served with homemade dressings: Joes vinaigrette, includes egg, blue cheese, ranch embers, balsamic vinaigrette, oil & vingar
Caesar Salad$8.95
Greek Salad$10.95
Mandarin SaladRomaine, mandarin oranges, candied almonds, scallions & celery with pa rsley vinaig rette$9.50
Lettuce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers & OnionsAny combination$9.95
Chopped SaladServed with joes vinaigrette includes egg, honey roasted peanuts, cucumbers, black olives, feta cheese, tomatoes & ca rrots$10.95
Joes Famous Cole SlawShredded cabbage, sweet cider vinegar, tomatoes, mayonnaise & sweet relish$7.50
16 Ounce serving
Stone Crab Bisque$9.50
Manhattan Clam ChowderServed with bacon$9.50
Soup of the Day
Chicken Soup$4.95
Turkey ChiliServed with white or brown rice$8.95
Remember. All fish have bones be careful
Jumbo Lump Crab CakesGreen tomato remoulade$26.95
ShrimpSauteed or fried$22.95
Ginger SalmonGinger teriyaki glaze & caramelized shallots$22.95
1/2 Fried Chicken$6.95
Fried Chicken Wings (8)Choice of buffalo or honey mustard$9.95
Oven Roasted Herb 1/2 Chicken$8.95
Cold Seafood PlatterStone crabs, shrimp, oysters & 1/2 florida lobster$39.95
King Crab Claws
Sandwiches & Burgers From The Grill
Lobster Reuben$18.95
Lobster Roll$18.95
Crab Cake Sandwich$14.95
Crab Roll$13.95
Chicken Breast$9.95
Dr. Bobs Turkey Burger$9.95
Sirloin Burger$12.95
Panini of the Day
Joes Stone Crabs
All stone crab orders include mustard sauce & butter
Medium 7 Claws
Select 6 Caws
Large 5 Claws
Airplane PackAdditional$10.95
Specialty Sides
Hashed Brown or Lyonnaise Potatoes$6.95 - $9.95
Skinny Fried Sweet PotatoesServed cinnamon sugar$4.25 - $7.95
French Fried Potatoes$4.25 - $7.95
Cottage Fried Chips$4.25 - $7.95
SpinachCreamed or creamed with garlic$7.50 - $12.50
Grilled Tomatoes Order of TwoSpinach stuffing & melted cheese$5.50
Grilled Tomatoes Order of ThreeSpinach stuffing & melted cheese$7.95
Fried Onion Rings$7.95
Fried Green Tomatoes$7.95
Seasonal Vegetable
White or Brown Rice$4.50
Desserts By The Slice
Ask about our selections of whole pies & cakes
Joes Famous Key Lime Pie$7.95
Chocolate Pecan Pie$7.95
Apple Pie$7.95
Angel Chip CakeServed with chocolate whipped cream$4.95
Bread PuddingServed with maple bourbon caramel sauce$7.95
Chocolate Mousse Cake$8.50
Specials Menu
Stone crabs are served chilled with mustard sauce
Stone Crabs$29.95
Stone Crabs$42.95
Stone Crabs$59.95
Stone Crabs$89.95
King Crab Legs24 oz Grilled with roasted garlic oil$72.95
King Crab ClawsSteamed or Grilled$54.95 - $69.95
Bar Menu
Large Stone Crabs (3)$35.95
King Crab Claws (2)Chilled or grilled$27.95
Joes Jumbo Lump Crab CakeServde with green tomato remoulade$14.50
Rhode Island CalamariServed with black pepper aioli$13.95
Conch FrittersServed with spicy cocktail sauce$12.95
Rock Shrimp TacosCilantro cabbage slaw & pickled tomatillo salsa$14.95
Lobster NachosFried wantons, sundried tomatoes, scallions, charred onions & basil oil$13.95
Wild OystersChilled with house made mignonette$18.95
Joes Bar ClassicLarge stone crabs (3)$41.95
Joe's Bar ClassicKing crab (2)$41.95

Visit Joe’s Stone Crab here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Joe’s Stone Crab.

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