Johnny Garlic’s Menu, Prices and Locations

After 20 years of steady evolution, the Johnny Garlic’s you’ve known is mixing it up! We still are and always have been pretty much a “made-from-scratch” kitchen. We’ll continue to serve our handcrafted cocktails utilizing fresh ingredients and throwback techniques and artfully selected regional wines. We’ve just added several small-batch, craft drafts that have been carefully selected for your exploration and enjoyment.

Johnny Garlic’s Menu

Salads & Soups
Baby Kale CaesarParmesan & focaccia croutons$10.00
Mixed Greens Heirloom TomatoRed wine vinaigrette$10.00
Kale, Beet, Farro & Goat CheeseRed wine vinaigrette$11.00
Soup & SaladFrench onion $3.00$10.00
Tortilla Chicken Soup$4.00 - $7.00
Roasted Tomato Soup$4.00 - $7.00
Caramelized French Onion SoupMelted swiss$8.00
Cranberry Honey-AlmondPt reyes blue cheese, balsamic$11.00
Sashimi Ahi Asian CrunchSesame ginger vinaigrette$14.00
Chipotle Shrimp PenneCajun hot sausage & cream$16.00
Heirloom Tomato & Roasted VegetableCappellini$14.00
Shrimp ScampiCappellini$16.00
Cajun Chicken FettuccineSun-dried tomatoes & parmesan cream$15.00
Classic BurgerAdd bacon, avocado, cheddar, ghost pepper jack or swiss $2.00, sauteed mushrooms, caramelized or pickled onions $1.00$10.00
The Bacon Mac & Cheese$13.00
Black BeanCorn, onion & peppers on warm pretzel bun$11.00
Black & BlueBison & sausage, fried egg, pt reyes blue cheese$14.00
Small Plates
Sticky CalamariSweet thai chili glaze$7.00
Sashimi Tuna TacoMango jicama salsa$3.00
Garlic FriesParmesan$6.00
Ugly FriesChipotle bbq & pt reyes blue cheese$6.00
Lobster Deviled Egg$2.00
Nuts & BoltsMixed olives & warm rosemary spiced nuts$6.00
Nashville WingsButtermilk dipped & tennessee spiced$6.00
Shanghai Chicken Lettuce Cups$8.00
Mac & Cheese Hush PuppiesChipotle sauce$8.00
Lava-Rock ShrimpMango jicama salsa$8.00
Shrimp & GritsGhost pepper jack cheese grits$6.00
Artichoke & Spinach DipCorn crisps$8.00
EdamameSalted or szechuan garlic$5.00
Lobster Mac & CheeseIn a hot iron skillet$12.00
Big Plates
Fish & ChipsPale ale battered, fries & slaw$13.00
Bourbon Bison MeatloafGarlic mash$16.00
Cedar Plank SalmonApricot jalapeNo glaze, vegetable$18.00
Double Cut Duroc Pork ChopEdamame tahini grits$18.00
Bacon Wrapped ShrimpChipotle bbq, pepper cheese grits$18.00
Korean SRF Wagyu Flat Iron SteakWarm sesame asian slaw$18.00
Roasted Mary's Organic Garlic 1/2 ChickenMash$15.00
Cherry Cola Baby Back Ribs 1/2 RackFries, full add $8.00$18.00
Rustic Stone Hearth Pizza
Cherry Cola BBQ DuckRed onions & cilantro$12.00
Crimini & ShiitakeWhite truffle oil$11.00
Burrata MargheritaFresh basil$10.00
MediterraneanOlives, artichoke, veg & goat cheese$11.00
Chicken Bacon RanchGreen onions$12.00
Spinaci BiancaRicotta, mozzarella & parmesan$10.00
CochonCured pork belly, sausage & pepperoni$12.00
Street Tacos
Pork Belly KimchiChinese bbq glaze$7.00
Lava-Rock Shrimp$8.00
Mango Duck Confit$9.00
Pale Ale Battered Fish$8.00
Korean Srf Wagyu Flat Iron Steak$9.00
Smoked Bison Tri-Tip Dip$16.00
Grilled 4 Cheese & Tomato Soup$10.00
California Turkey ClubAvocado$12.00
Nashville ChickenCreamy slaw & pickles on garlic texas toast$12.00
BBQ Bison Meatloaf SandwichOnion straws, pretzel bun$12.00
Seared Ahi TunaAsian slaw on house-made focaccia$15.00
Lobster "Roll"On grilled garlic texas toast
Eats - Happy Hour
EdamameSalted or szechuan$3.00
Nuts & Bolts (olives)$4.00
Sticky Calamari$5.00
Garlic or Ugly Fries$3.00
Lobster Deviled Egg$1.00
Weekday Specials - Happy Hour
Burger & a ShotBacon mac & cheese burger 6 shots of fireball. Served on monday$3.00
Tequila Taco - FishLava rock shrimp, pork belly kimchi. Served on tuesday$1.50
Tequila Taco - Mango DuckKorean wagyu flat iron steak. Served on tuesday$2.50
Tequila Taco - Coronas & Sauza Blue ShotsServed on tuesday$3.00
Small Plate & Big BowlaServed on wednesday.$2.00
Wine Down Rustic PizzaAll stone hearth pizzas. Chicken bacon ranch, mediterranean, burrata margherita, crimini & shiitake, spinaci bianca, cochon. Served on thursday$6.00
Double Down NashvilleNashville chicken sandwich. Served on friday$6.00
Baby Kale Caesar$6.00
Mixed Greens Heirloom Tomato Salad$6.00
Rosemary Garlic Mash$5.00
Baked Mac & Cheese$6.00
Seasonal Vegetable$5.00
Ghost Pepper Jack Cheese Grits$6.00
Peanut Butter Snickers Ice Cream PieSalted caramel$8.00
Seasonal Cheesecake$7.00
Big A Chocolate CakeStout creme anglaise$10.00
Breath Mint PieMint chocolate chip ice cream, oreo crust, jr mints$8.00

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