Joy Yee Menu, Prices and Locations

Joy Yee’s Noodles opened in evanston in 1994 and our second location in Chinatown Square in 1996.

We were the first in the midwest to offer Taiwanese style bubble teas. Going a step further, Joy Yee’s was the first to combine the South Asian fresh fruit freezes(smoothies) with the popular tapioca balls.Joy Yee’s Noodles combines different dishes and styles from across Asia into one expansive menu and one cheery little dining room. The end product is pleasing, with a variety of tastes, large portions and, most importantly, low prices.

Joy Yee Menu

Crab Rangoon (6)$5.95
Fried Shrimp Shumai (10)$5.95
Japanese Beef Dumplings (10)$5.95
Japanese Seaweed Salad$5.95
Joy Yee Appetizer PlatterShrimp spring rolls add Vietnamese fried egg rolls add lemongrass grill shrimp add chicken in shrimp crackers add vietnamese pork sausage$18.95
Korean Spicy Fried Vege Dumplings (10)$5.50
Lemongrass Chicken Wings (8)$7.95
Sea Eel$11.95
Shrimp Tempura (60$7.95
Soft Shell Crabs 2 pc$12.95
Spicy Kimchi Vegetables$5.50
Sugar Cane Shrimp (2)$7.95
Szechwan Won Tons$7.50
Tofu Fish Cake (10)$6.95
Vietnamese Fried Egg Rolls (4)$5.95
Vietnamese A PlatterPrawn, beef in egg rolls with rice paper rolls$17.95
Vietnamese B PlatterSugar cane shrimp, chicken wings/lemongrass pork$17.95
Vietnamese Spring RollsChilled rice peppers rolls
Mix Vegetables$5.50
Beef & Chicken$5.95
Mango Soft Shell Crab$8.95
Salad & Lettuce Wrap
Thai Style Lettuce Wrap Beef$11.95
Shrimp add Pork$12.95
Chicken & Pork$10.95
Thai Spicy salad
Chicken Salad$10.95
Beef add Egg Drop Soup$6.95
Wonton with chicken soup$3.95 - $7.95
Hot add Sour Soup$3.50 - $6.50
Korean Spicy Beef add Seafood Soup$9.50
Korean Spicy Tofu add Mushroom Soup$7.95
Korean Spicy Tofu add Beef Soup$8.95
Koren Spicy Seafood Soup$9.50
Tom Yum Shrimp Soup$9.95
Thai Tom Yum Spicy Seafood Soup$9.95
Basil Garlic Fish Fillet$13.95
Basil Shrimp$14.50
Broccoli Fish$13.95
Broccoli Shrimp$14.50
Curry Seafood & coconut Baked Rice$15.95
Garlci Shrimp$14.50
Korean Scallops Stone Hot Plate$16.95
Kung Pao Fish$13.95
Kung Pao Shrimp$14.50
Lemon Grass Shrimp$14.50
Malaysian String Bean Shrimp$14.50
Malaysian String Bean Shrimp$14.95
Malaysian String Seafood$14.95
Mussels In Satay Sauce$13.95
Mussels Black Bean Sauce$13.95
Purple Perilla Mussels$13.95
Purple Perilla Seafood$14.95
Seafood Combination in Satay Sauce$14.95
Shrimp in Lobster SaucePrepared with ground pork sauce$14.50
Shrimp & Pork in Fish Sauce$13.95
Shrimp String Bean$14.95
Shrimp Tofu$14.50
String Bean Salt Fish$13.95
Thai Fried Calamari$13.95
Thai Green Curry Shrimp$14.50
Thai Red Curry Shrimp$14.50
Thai Spicy Basil Shrimp & Calamari$14.95
Vegetable Fish$13.95
Vegetable Shrimp$14.50
Vietnamese Fish with Shrimp$15.95
Vietnamese spicy Calamari$13.95
Walnut Shrimp$15.95
Stone Bowl Rice
Curry Soft Shell Crab Rice w/ Chicken$11.95
Korean Kimchi Beef Rice$9.95
Kimchi Seafood Rice$11.95
Pork & Shrimp Fried Egg Rice$10.95
Salted Fish, Ground Pork & Egg Rice$10.95
Scallop Meat Sauce Rice$13.95
Seafood with Meat Sauce Rice$13.95
Traditional Beef Stone Bowl Rice$9.95
Fried Rice
Fried Rice
BeefChicken, pork, vegetables$8.95
Japanese Jumbo Shrimp Fired Rice$11.50
Kimchi Seafood Fried Rice$10.95
Korean Kimchi Beef Fried Rice$9.95
Mango Chicken Fried Rice$9.95
Pineapple Chicken & Shrimp Fried Rice$10.95
Scallop and Shrimp Fried Rice$11.95
Sea Eel & Shrimp Fried Rice$15.95
Sea Eel & Chicken Fried Rice$13.95
Thai Basil Fried RiceBeef, chicken, pork or vegetable$8.50
Shrimp Fried Rice$9.95
Seafood Fried Rice$10.95
Thai Green Curry Fired RiceBeef, chicken, pork or vegetable$8.50
Thai Green Curry Fired Rice Shrimp$9.95
Beef Teriyaki Baked Rice$10.50
Malaysian Style Seafood with Baked Rice$11.95
Thai Spicy Shrimp w/ Baked Rice$11.95
Thai Spicy Basil Baked RiceScallops, calamari, chicken$11.95
Over Rice
Spicy Basil Chicken w/ Fried Egg$9.95
Spicy Basil Pork w/ Fried Egg$9.95
Beef Cubes in Tomato Sauce$11.75
Black Pepper Beef$9.95
Chicken Teriyaki Fried egg$9.95
Fish Fillet Szechwan Bean Sauce$10.50
Fish Fillet w/ Tofu$10.50
French Style Short Ribs$12.50
Hainam Fried Chicken$9.95
Korean Beef$9.95
Lemon Grass Fried Chicken Rice$8.95
Lemon Grass Fried Chicken & Pork chop$9.95
Lemon Grass Pork chop$8.95
Spicy Lemon Grass Beef Rice$9.95
Spicy Lemon Grass Shrimp$10.95
Mapo Tofu with Pork$8.95
Mushroom Fish Fillet over Rice$10.50
Pepper Steak w/ Black Bean Sauce$9.95
Pork Chop, Shrimp Lemon Grass Chicken$11.95
Pork & Sugar Cane Shrimp$10.95
Salted Fish, Ground Pork & Egg$10.95
Sea Eel & Chicken Teriyaki$17.95
Shrimp & Pork in Fish Sauce$10.95
Shrimp & Pork Choop$10.95
Spicy Basil Chicken$8.95
Spicy Lemon Grass Chicken$8.95
Spicy Szechwan Beef$9.95
Szechwan String Bean w/ Beef, Chicken$9.95
Thai Green Curry Chicken$8.95
Thai Red Curry Beef Brisked$9.95
Tropical Curry Fish Filet Rice$10.95
Tropical Curry Beef Brisket Rice$9.95
Shrimp w/ BBQ Short Rib Rice$15.95
Vietnamese Big Shrimp & Pork RiceServed w/ shell on shrimps$11.95
Noodles Soup
Chicken Pho Noodle Soup$8.50
Combination Egg Noodle Soup$8.95
Fish Ball Glass Noodle Soup$8.50
Foochow Egg Noodle Soup$8.95
Chicken add Seafood Noodle Soup$8.95
Shredded Chicken Vermicelli Soup$8.50
Spicy Tom Yum Shrimp Noodle Soup$9.95
Korean Spicy Beef Noodle Soup$8.95
Korean Spicy Combo Noodle Soup$8.95
Saigon Combo Clear Noodle Soup$8.95
Spicy Beef Shank Noodle Soup$8.95
Thai Hot Sour Beef & Shrimp Noodle Soup$9.95
Thai Hot Sour Noodle Soup$9.95
Udon Noodle Soup Beef$8.95
Udon Noodle Soup Seafood$8.95
Udon Noodle Soup Shrimp Tempura$8.95
Udon Noodle Soup Soft Shell Crab$10.50
Udon Noodle Soup Vegetable$7.95
Won Ton Noodle Soup add Chicken$8.50
Won Ton Beef Brisket Noodle Soup$8.95
Vietnamese Pho Beef Noodle Soups Beef Balls$8.95
Vietnamese Pho Beef Noodle Soups Beef Balls & Brisket$8.95
Vietnamese Pho Beef Noodle Soups Beef Brisket$8.95
Rare Beef add Balls$8.95
Rare Beef add Tripe$8.95
Rare Beef$8.95
Joy Yee Special Beef$9.50
Spicy Orange Tofu$10.95
Chickese Broccoli In Garlic Sauce$9.95
Chickese Broccoli In Oyster Sauce$9.95
Japanese Tofu w/ Two Mushrooms$12.95
Spicy Lemon Grass Tofu$10.95
Malaysian Spicy String Beans$10.95
Mushroom Tofu$11.95
Red Curry Mixed Vegetables$10.95
Szechwan Broccoli in Spicy Garlic Sauce$9.95
Szechwan String Beans in Garlic Sauce$10.50
Spicy Salt Pepper Japanese Tofu$11.95
Spicy Kung Pao Tofu$10.95
Basil Tofu$10.95
Chow Mein, Fuun, Udon
Chow Mein or Chow Funn Beef$10.95
Chow Mein or Chow Funn Chicken, Pork or Black Mushrooms$9.95
Chow Mein or Chow Funn Seafood$12.95
Chow Mein or Chow Funn Shrimp or Fish$11.95
Lo Mein Beef$9.95
Lo Mein Chicken or Vegetable$9.50
Lo Mein Chicken or Shrimp$10.95
Lo Mein Chicken or Combination$10.95
Stir Fry Udon Noodle w/ Spick Kimchi Beef Brisket$10.95
Stir Fry Udon Noodle w/ Spick Kimchi Beef Satay$10.95
Stir Fry Udon Noodle w/ Spick Kimchi Spicy Kimchi Seafood$12.95
Egg Roll Vermicelli Grilled Chicken & Pork or Beef$9.95
Egg Roll Vermicelli Grilled shrimp$11.50
Egg Roll Vermicelli Shrimpw/ Pork or Beef$11.50
Sugar Cane Shrimp add Pork Vermicelli$11.50
Korean Chap Chae Noodles Beef$9.95
Korean Chap Chae Noodles Beef Chop Chae w/ spicy Tofu Soup$16.95
Korean Chap Chae Noodles Sea Eel$17.95
Korean Chap Chae Noodles Shrimp$11.95
Korean Chap Chae Noodles Vegetables$9.95
Korean Special Combination Noodle$11.95
Pad Tai Noodles Chicken$9.50
Pad Tai Noodles Chicken add Shrimp$10.95
Pad Tai Noodles Shrimp$10.95
Pad Tai Noodles Tofu add Vegetables$9.50
Scallop in Meat Sauce Past$14.95
Seafood in Meat Sauce Past$13.95
Singapore Rice Noodle$10.95
Soft Shell Crab With Pasta$17.95
Garlic Shrimp Soft Noodles$13.95
Thai Curry Rice Noodle Beef$10.95
Thai Curry Rice Noodle Chicken & Tofu$9.95
Thai Curry Rice Noodle Shrimp$11.95
Thai Spicy Basil Chow Funny Beef$10.95
Thai Spicy Basil Chow Funny Chicken pork or Tofu$9.95
Thai Spicy Basil Chow Funny Shrimp$11.95
Spicy Bsil Beef$12.50
Spicy Black Pepper Beef$12.50
Broccoli Beef$12.50
French Style Beef Cubes$14.95
Honey Pepper Short Ribs$16.95
Korean BBQ Short Ribs$16.95
Korean Kimchi Beef Hot Plate$13.50
Korean Sliced Beef & Spicy Tofu Soup$17.95
Spicy Lemon Grass Beef$12.50
Malaysian String Bean Beef$12.95
Mongolian Beef$12.50
Spicy Orange Beef$13.95
Sate Sauce Beef$12.50
Spicy Szechwan Beef$12.50
Tomato Pepper Beef$12.50
Spicy Basil Chicken$10.95
Broccoli Chicken$10.95
Spicy Orange Chicken$11.50
Sesame Chicken$11.50
Chicken String Bean$11.50
Chicken w/ Vegetables$10.95
Curry Chicken & Coconut Baked Rice$12.95
Spicy Garlic Chicken$10.95
Kung Pao Chicken$10.95
Lemon Grass Fried Chicken$10.95
Lemon Grass Spicy Chicken$10.95
Mango Chicken$11.95
Teriyaki Chicken Hot Plate$11.95
Spicy Thai Green Curry Chicken$10.95
Spicy Thai Red Curry Chicken$10.95
Sweet Sour Chicken$11.50
Govenors Chicken$11.50
Japanese Tofu & Chicken & Salted Fish$13.95
Spicy Basil Pork$10.95
Spicy Garlic Pork$10.95
Korean Spicy Pork Hot Stone Plate$11.95
Lemon Grass Pork Chops$11.95
Ma Po Tofu Pork$10.95
Malayisan String Bean with Pork$11.50
Spicy Minced Pork Basil String Beans$11.50
Minced Pork Japanese Tofu & Mushrooms$12.95
String Bean Pork$11.50
Salted Fish & Pork with String Beans$13.95
Combination Lunch Platter
Basil$7.25 - $8.50
Broccoli$7.25 - $8.50
Fired Tofu$7.25 - $8.50
Garlic$7.25 - $8.50
Kung Pao$7.25 - $8.50
Lemon Grass$7.25 - $8.50
Mongolian$7.25 - $8.50
Pepper Black Bean Sauce$7.25 - $8.50
Szechwan String Bean$7.25 - $8.50
Thai Green or Red Curry$7.25 - $8.50
Vegetable$7.25 - $8.50
Fried Rice$7.25 - $8.50
Thai Basil Fried Rice$7.25 - $8.50
Thai Green Fried Rice$7.25 - $8.50
Tropical Curry Beef Brisket Rice$7.25 - $8.50
Basil Chow Fuun Noodles$7.95 - $8.95
Chap Chae Noodles$7.95 - $8.95
Pad Tai Noodles Chicken & Shrimp$7.95 - $8.95
Vietnamese Egg Roll Vermicelli Noodles$7.95 - $8.95
Vietnamese Jumbo Shrimp Chow Vermicelli$7.95 - $8.95
Red Curry Mixed Vegetable
Basil Chili Bean Paste Mixed Vegetable
Malaysian Spicy String Beans
Vegetable Tofu
Fresh Fruit Freeze
Add tapioca or mini pearl $0.50. Add jelly $0.75 choice of: coffee, crystal, green, herbal, lychee, mango ro mixed jelly. Add popping boba $0.75 choice of: lychee, mango, passion fruit or strawberry boba. Add pudding $0.75 choice of mango or taro
Avocado Freeze$3.85 - $4.35
Banana Freeze
Cantaloupe Freeze
Coconut Freeze
Durian Freeze & Red Bean Topping$4.95 - $5.50
Durian Fruit Freeze$4.95
Green Tea & Red Bean Blend$3.85
Green Tea & Freeze
Green & Red Bean Coconut Milk Freeze
Honey Dew Freeze
Jack Fruit Freeze
Kiwi Freeze
Kiwi Strawberry Freeze
Lychee & Honeydew Freeze
Lychee & Kiwi Freeze
Lychee & Mango Freeze
Lychee & Papaya Freeze
Lychee & Strawberry Freeze
Lychee & Waternelon Freeze
Lychee Freeze
Mango Freeze
Mango Kiwi Freeze
Mango Passion Fruti Freeze
Mango Strawberry Freeze
Mint Green Tea Freeze
Mint Green Tea Freeze
Papaya Freeze
Peach Freeze
Peach Lychee Freeze
Panch Mango Freeze
Peach Strawberry Freeze
Pineapple Coconut Freeze
Pomegranate Peach Freeze
Red Bean w/ Coconut Milk Freeze
Strawberry Banana Freeze
Strawberry Freeze
Taro Freeze
Taro & Red Bean Blend
Watermelon Freeze
Milk Tea
24 oz $3.50. Milk tea with pudding $4.25 choice of mango or taro
Avocado Milk Green Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Coconut Green or Black Milk Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Coffee Milk Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Ginger Green or Black Milk Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Herbal Milk Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Honey Dew Green or Black Milk Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Jackfruit Lychee Milk Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Logan Milk Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Lychee Milk Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Mango Green or Black Milk Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Milk Green Tea Tapioca$3.95 - $4.25
Milk Tea Tapioca$3.95 - $4.25
Papaya Milk Tea Tapioca$3.95 - $4.25
Peach Milk Green or Black Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Red Bean Milk Tea Tapioca$3.95 - $4.25
Red Bean Yuan Yang Tapioca$3.95 - $4.25
Rose Green or Black Milk Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Strawberry Green or Black Milk Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Taro Green or Black Milk Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Thai Milk Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Watermelon Milk Tea$3.95 - $4.25
Mixed Fruit Cups
Fruit Cup AWatermelon, cantaloupe, honeydew$4.50
Fruit Cup BKiwi, pineapple, papaya$4.50
Fruit Cup CStrawberry, mango, honeydew$4.50
Green Tapioca Freeze with Fruit Topping
BananaCoconut Green tapioca freeze$4.85
Green BeanCoconut Green tapioca freeze$4.85
MangoCoconut Green tapioca freeze$4.85
papayaCoconut Green tapioca freeze$4.85
PeachCoconut Green tapioca freeze$4.85
PineappleCoconut Green tapioca freeze$4.85
Red BeanCoconut Green tapioca freeze$4.85
TaroCoconut Green tapioca freeze$4.85
Popping Boba
Banana Popping Boba$4.55
Honeydew Popping Boba$4.55
Lychee Peach Popping Boba$4.55
Lychee Popping Boba$4.55
Mango Popping Boba$4.55
Peach Strawberry Popping$4.55
Pineapple Popping Boba$4.55
Strawberry Popping Boba$4.55
Watermelon Popping Boba$4.55
Coffe Drinks & Chocolate Drinks
Cappuccino Freeze w/ Coffee$4.35
Chocolate Freeze w/ Coffee$4.35
Chocolate Mint Tapioca$4.35
Red Bean Coffee Tapioca$4.35
Vietnamese Ice Coffee Tapica$4.35
Fruit Freezes w/ Pudding
Choice of mango or taro pudding
Avacado w/ Pudding$4.55
Banana w/ Pudding$4.55
Coconut w/ Pudding$4.55
Coconut Milk Tea Pudding$4.55
Mango Strawberry Pudding$4.55
Peach with Pudding$4.55
Red Bean Coconut Pudding$4.55
Taro w/ Pudding$4.55
Jelly Drinks
Apple Cooler with Lychee Jelly$4.35
BlackoutGrass jelly, coffee jelly w/ tapioca and coconut milk freeze$4.55
Grass Jelly w/ Coconut Milk$4.35
Lemon Ice Tea w./ Pomegranate$4.35
Passion Fruit Coconut Milk & Mango Jelly$4.35
Passion Fruit Green Tea w/ Mix Jellt$4.35
Passion Fruit Juice w/ Lychee Jelly$4.35
Red Bean and Grass Jelly Freeze$4.35
Mixed Berry Freeze
Banana BerryBanana, raspberry, blueberry$4.45
Berry BestBanana, raspberry, blueberry, strawberry$4.45
Frozen Ice MangoMango, coconut, raspberry, banana$4.45
Frozen Ice RaspberryRaspberry, coconut, pineapple, banan$4.45
Frozen Ice StrawberryStrawberry, pineapple, coconut, banan$4.45
Lychee BerryLychee, raspberry, blueberry$4.45
Mango BerryMango, raspberry, blueberry$4.45
Peach BerryPeach, raspberry, blueberry$4.45
Triple Berry FreezeBlueberry, raspberry, strawberry$4.45
Jelly Ice Drinks
Lychee Jelly Ice$4.55
Mango Jelly Ice$4.55
Mango Strawberry Jelly Ice$4.55
Passion Fruit Jelly Ice$4.55
Pineapple Jelly Ice$4.55
Strawberry Jelly Ice$4.55
Fresh Fruit Lemonade or Fresh Fruitsprite
Blueberry Lemonade$4.25
Jackfruit Lemonade$3.95
Jackfruit Sprite$3.95
Kiwi Lemonade$3.95
Kiwi Sprite$3.95
Lychee Lemonade$3.95
Lychee Sprite$3.95
Pineapple Lemonade$3.95
Pineapple Sprite$3.95
Strawberry Lemonade$3.95
Strawberry Sprite$3.95
Watermelon Lemonade$3.95
Watermelon Sprite$3.95
Mini Pearl Freeze w/ Fresh Fruit Topping
Avocado Mini Pearl Freeze$4.85
Banana Mini Pearl Freeze$4.85
Cantaloupe Mini Pearl Freeze$4.85
Coconut Mini Pearl Freeze$4.85
Honeydew Mini Pearl Freeze$4.85
Kiwi Mini Pearl Freeze$4.85
Papaya Mini Pearl Freeze$4.85
Mango Mini Pearl Freeze$4.85
Mango Strawberry Mini Pearl Frz$4.85
Strawberry Mini Pearl Freeze$4.85
Pineapple Mini Pearl Freeze$4.85
Watermelon Mini Pearl Freeze$4.85
Mini Pearl Freeze w/ Grass Jelly & Fruit Topping
Honeydew Mini Pearl Jelly$4.85
Kiwi Mini Pearl Jelly Freeze$4.85
Lychee Mini Pearl Jelly Freeze$4.85
Mango Mini Pearl Jelly Freeze$4.85
Papaya Mini Pearl Jelly Freeze$4.85
Strawberry Mini Pearl Jelly Freeze$4.85
Watermelon Mini Pearl Jelly$4.85
Tapioca Crysta Jelly Freeze
Banana Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze$4.85
Cantaloupe Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze$4.85
Coconut Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze$4.85
Coffee Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze$4.85
Honey Dew Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze$4.85
Jackfruit Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze$4.85
Kiwi Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze$4.85
Lychee Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze$4.85
Mango Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze$4.85
Peach Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze$4.85
Pineapple Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze$4.85
Strawberry Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze$4.85
Taro Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze$4.85
Watermelon Tapioca Crystal Jelly Freeze$4.85

Visit Joy Yee here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Joy Yee.

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