Kanki Menu, Prices and Locations

Kanki Japanese House of Steaks & Sushi was founded in 1972. Over the years, our flagship location at Crabtree Valley Mall became so popular that we decided to open two additional locations in the Triangle — one in North Raleigh, and one in Durham/Chapel Hill.

Today, we are Raleigh-Durham’s favorite spot for a flavorful, expertly-prepared hibachi lunch or dinner, as well as specialty sushi and delicious noodle dishes. In fact, we are proud to have been voted “Best Japanese Steakhouse & Sushi Bar in the Triangle” for more than 14 years!

Kanki Menu

Sushi Lunch Specials
Any 2 Rolls$7.95
Any 3 Rolls$9.95
Sushi5pcs of sushi and california roll.$8.95
Sashimiassorted fish served with rice.$9.95
Lunch Specials
L1. Broiled Salmon Fishwith bone. served with rice and seasonal vegetables.$4.95
L2. Tempurabattered, deep-fried, with our special dipping sauce. served with rice.
L2. Tempuraa. shrimp$8.95
L2. Tempurab. vegetable$6.95
L2. Tempurac. assorted, d. chicken$7.95
L3. Teriyakibarbecued with our own sauce, served with rice and seasonal vegetables.$7.95
L4. Curryjapanese style cooked curry.$7.95
L5. Korean Spicy Ramenchef's special soup with noodles and vegetables.$7.95
L6. Japanese Fried Rice$7.95
L7. Japanese Fried Noodle$7.95
L8. Cutletbreaded and crispy fried, served with salad, rice and side of japanese worchester sauce.$8.95
Kanki Bento Box Lunch Combo
C1. Chicken Teriyakiwith california roll.$8.95
C2. Beef Teriyakiwith california roll.$8.95
C3. Tilapia Teriyakiwith california roll.$8.95
C4. Salmon Teriyakiwith california roll.$8.95
C5. Chicken Or Pork Cutletwith california roll.$8.95
C6. Shrimp Tempurawith california roll.$9.95
C7. Tofu Teriyaki Or Veg. Tempurawith vegetable roll.$7.95
1. Sushi Appetizer$6.00
2. Sashimi Appetizer4pcs of sliced fish.$7.00
3. Tuna Tatakithin sliced tuna with ponzu sauce.$8.95
4. Yellowtail Jalapeño$7.95
5. Edamamesteamed soybean.$2.95
6. Kimchikorean pickle.$3.00
7. Agedashi Tofudeep-fried tofu and bonito flake with special sauce.$4.95
8. Hijikisautéed with seaweed, vegetables and fried tofu.$3.50
9. Pork Harumakijapanese style spring roll.$4.95
10. Chicken Kara-Ageseasoned, deep-fried.$4.75
11. Tempura Appetizerbattered deep fried, with dipping sauce.
11. Tempura Appetizera. shrimp$6.95
11. Tempura Appetizerb. assorted$5.95
11. Tempura Appetizerc. vegetable$4.95
12. Yaki Toribroiled chicken and onion on a skewer.$5.95
13. Negimakisliced beef wrapped around scallion.$6.95
14. Gyozapan-fried or steamed dumping.
14. Gyozaa. pork, b. beef, c. shrimp$4.75
14. Gyozad. vegetable$3.95
15. Shumaisteamed dumpling.$4.75
1. Miso Gitatesoybean flavor.$3.95
2. Vegetableclear soup with mixed vegetables.$3.95
3. Seafoodtide flavored, with vegetables.$5.95
4. Man-Dudumpling soup.$3.95
5. Miso Shirusoy bean paste soup with tofu, seaweed and scallion.$1.75
1. Kankigreen salad, mixed with raw fish, served with ginger dressing.$7.95
2. Kanicrabmeat and green salad with japanese mayonnaise dressing.$6.95
3. Healthygreen salad with bean curd, seaweed, avocado and tofu.$5.95
4. Seaweed Greenseasoning seaweed with lettuce leaf and sliced lemon.$4.00
5. Green$2.75
6. Black Pepper Tunablack pepper tuna and green salad with japanese mayonnaise dressing.$7.95
7. Seafoodoctopus, squid, scallop, crab meat, shrimp, over iceberg lettuce and seaweed salad.$9.95
Sushi & Sashimi A La Carte
1. Crab Stickkani.$1.75
2. Eggtamago.$1.00
3. Shrimpebi.$1.95
4. Squidika.$1.95
5. Flukehirame.$1.95
6. Red Snappertai.$1.95
7. Mackerelsaba.$1.75
8. Spanish Mackerelsawara.$1.75
9. Octopustako.$2.25
10. Scallophotategai.$1.95
11. Tunamaguro.$2.00
12. Salmonsake.$2.00
13. Yellow Tailhamachi.$2.50
14. Salmon Roeikura.$2.50
15. Flying Fish Roetobiko.$2.00
16. Eelunagi.$2.50
17. Black Pepper Tuna$2.75
18. Fried Seasoned Bean Curdinari.$1.50
19. White Tuna$2.25
20. Spicy Tuna$2.50
21. Spicy Salmon$2.25
Maki Roll & Hand Roll
1. Kappa Makicucumber roll.$2.75
2. Avocado$3.50
3. California Acrab meat, avocado and cucumber.$3.75
4. California Bcrab meat, avocado, cucumber and tobiko.$4.50
5. Vegetableavocado, carrot and cucumber.$3.50
6. Asparagus$3.50
7. Vegetable Tempura$4.00
8. Tofu, Cucumber & Avocado$3.75
9. Avocado Mint Makiavocado, mint leaf and plum.$3.75
10. Nato Makifermented soybean and scallion.$3.50
11. Tekka Makituna.$3.95
12. Sake Makisalmon roll.$3.75
13. Futo Maki5 pcs. spinach, avocado, mushroom, radish, pickle, tamago and dried squash with tobiko.$4.95
14. Negihamachiyellowtail with scallion.$4.00
15. Spicy Crab$4.50
16. Spicy Chickencooked chicken and spicy mayo.$3.95
17. Spicy Hamachiyellow tail, spicy mayonnaise, scallion and tobiko.$5.25
18. Spicy Tunatuna, spicy mayonnaise, scallion and tobiko.$4.95
19. Spicy Salmonsalmon, spicy mayonnaise, scallion and tobiko.$4.50
20. Spicy Scallopscallop, spicy mayonnaise, scallion and tobiko.$5.25
21. Salmon Skingrilled salmon skin and scallion.$3.75
22. Eel Avocado$4.95
23. Yaki Salmoncooked salmon and avocado.$4.25
24. New Yorktuna, avocado and tobiko.$4.50
25. Bostonshrimp, cucumber, boston lettuce and mayo.$4.25
26. Alaskafresh salmon, avocado and cucumber.$4.25
27. Philadelphiasmoked salmon, cucumber and cream cheese.$4.25
28. Tokyocooked salmon, steamed radish, crunchy flake and scallion.$4.00
29. Villageshrimp tempura, avocado, cucumber, sesame seed and tobiko.$5.95
30. Eastshrimp, tamago, avocado, cucumber with tobiko inside.$4.75
31. Shrimp Tempuradeep fried shrimp, lettuce and mayonnaise.$5.95
32. Black Pepper Tunablack pepper tuna, avocado and spicy mayo.$5.25
House Special Rolls $8.95
1. Honey Moonsalmon, eel, seaweed salad inside, avocado and tobiko on top.
2. Spiderdeep-fried soft shell crab, lettuce, cucumber, avocado, with tobiko outside.
3. Dragoneel, cucumber inside, avocado and tobiko with eel sauce on top.
4. Rainbowcalifornia roll with assorted fish and avocado on top.
5. Astoriacrab meat and cucumber inside with eel, avocado on top.
6. Ditmarsspicy tuna, cucumber inside with salmon and avocado on top.
7. Tigercrab meat, cucumber inside with shrimp and avocado on top.
8. Yankeescrab meat, cream cheese inside with black pepper tuna, avocado and spicy mayo on top.
9. Jimmysalmon, eel, crab, avocado, asparagus, crunchy flake with tobiko.
10. Mango Salmonsalmon inside and mango on top.
11. Gigioshrimp tempura inside, spicy tuna and avocado on top.
19. Narutorolled in sliced cucumber.
12. Happytuna, yellow tail and crunchy flake inside with white fish, avocado and tobiko on top.
13. Hungry Eyedeep fried squid, spicy mayo inside with smoked salmon and avocado on top.
14. White Housespicy salmon, crunchy flake inside with white fish and tobiko on top.
15. Green Riverspicy yellowtail inside with avocado and scallion on top.
16. Scorpioneel, avocado inside with shrimp, tobiko and special sauce on top.
17. Fallsalmon, avocado, cucumber inside with spicy crab on top.
18. Angelshrimp, avocado inside with white tuna and mango on top.
Chef's Special Rolls $9.95
1. Kazutospicy crab, crunchy flake inside with mango and black caviar on top.
2. Exoticsquid, papaya, jalapeno, with scallop and ikura on top.
3. Battera Pressed Sushi Cakemango, salmon, eel and avocado.
4. Black & Orangeblack pepper tuna, avocado and scallion, topped with fresh salmon and black caviar.
5. Fantasyasparagus, cucumber, salmon, avocado, mango, topped with seaweed salad and caviar.
6. Mexicansalmon skin, yamagobo, avocado, topped with jalapeno pepper and scallion.
7. Sweet Heartsalmon, mango, avocado, topped with fresh tuna.
8. Green Teatuna, salmon, yellowtail, avocado wrapped with green soy paper.
9. Zorroshrimp, avocado, cucumber, spicy salmon, tobiko, wrapped with green soy paper.
10. Dynamitetuna, salmon and crunchy flake inside, with yellowtail and scallion on top.
11. Goldenspicy white tuna, avocado, crunchy flake with white tuna on top.
12. Crazyspicy white tuna, avocado, masago and cream cheese.
13. Kankicrab stick, avocado, mango and spicy white tuna.
14. Chihuahuasalmon skin, tamago, crab stick, cucumber and guacamole.
Sushi & Sashimi Entrées
1. Sushi Regular8pcs sushi and tuna roll.$12.95
2. Sushi Deluxe10pcs sushi and choice of tuna or california roll.$14.95
3. Sushi Sashimi Combo4pcs sushi, 6pcs sashimi and california roll b.$15.95
4. Sashimi Regular12pcs sashimi combination with rice on the side.$17.95
5. Sashimi Deluxe21pcs sashimi combination with rice on the side.$25.95
6. Chirashivariety of raw fish over sushi rice.$14.95
7. Roll Combocalifornia roll, tuna roll and salmon roll, 18pcs$11.95
8. Funamori-A4 different kinds of rolls and 12pcs sushi combination for 2 persons.$31.95
9. Funamori-B5 different kinds of rolls and 18pcs sushi combination for 3 persons.$41.95
10. Black Pepper Tuna Sushi Dinner5pcs sushi and one roll.$15.95
11. Tuna Sushi Dinner6pcs tuna sushi and one tuna roll.$13.95
12. Salmon Sushi Dinner6pcs salmon sushi and one salmon roll.$11.95
13. Salmon Sashimi Dinner10pcs sliced raw salmon with rice on the side.$14.95
14. Salmon Donslices of fresh salmon served over sushi rice.$10.95
15. Unagi Donbroiled eel served over rice.$13.95
16. Spicy Combospicy tuna, spicy salmon and spicy crab.$12.95
17. Party Tray6 different kinds of rolls, 20pcs of sushi and 18pcs sashimi.$74.99
1. Tempurabattered deep fried, with special dipping sauce and served with rice.
1. Tempuraa. shrimp$12.95
1. Tempurab. assorted$11.95
1. Tempurac. chicken$9.95
1. Tempurad. vegetable$8.95
2A. Oyako Donsliced chicken and scallion egg cooked with onion, shitake mushroom, bamboo shoot and carrot. served over rice and oshinko.$8.95
2B. Katsu Donbreaded deep-fried cutlet cooked with egg. served over rice and oshinko.$8.95
3. Teriyakibarbecued with our special teriyaki sauce, served with veg. and rice.
3. Teriyakia. chicken, b. pork$9.95
3. Teriyakic. tofu (bean curd)$8.95
3. Teriyakid. beef$11.95
3. Teriyakie. shrimp$13.95
3. Teriyakif. salmon$12.95
4. Cutlet Entréebreaded and crispy fried. served with fresh salad, rice, with japanese style worchester sauce.$9.95
5. Beef Negimakisliced beef wrapped around scallion, served with rice.$11.95
6. Goma Dare Chickenjapanese style sesame chicken, served with rice.$9.95
7. Yakitoribroiled chicken and onion on a skewer, served with rice.$9.95
8. Chahanjapanese style fried rice.
8. Chahana. vegetable$7.95
8. Chahanb. chicken, c. pork, d. beef$8.95
8. Chahane. seafood$9.95
9. Marbou Tofubean curd and minced meat with veg, mixed with little spicy melted sauce, served with rice.
9. Marbou Tofua. chicken, b. pork$8.95
9. Marbou Tofuc. vegetable$7.95
10. Curryjapanese style cooked curry served with rice.
10. Currya. chicken, b. pork$8.95
10. Curryc. veg. tempura$7.95
10. Curryd. seafood$9.95
11. Nabe-Yakiudon noodle with chicken, egg, fish cake, mixed vegetables, shrimp tempura in broth, cooked and served in an earthenware pot.$9.95
12. Hot Noodle Soup
12. Hot Noodle Soupa. chicken$7.95
12. Hot Noodle Soupb. beef, d. shrimp tempura, e. seafood$8.95
12. Hot Noodle Soupc. veg. tempura$7.00
13. Yaki Noodlejapanese style fried noodle.
13. Yaki Noodlea. chicken, b. pork$8.95
13. Yaki Noodlec. beef e. seafood$9.95
13. Yaki Noodled. vegetable$7.95
Kanki Special
A. Bulgogithin slices of beef.$12.95
B. Galbiguibeef short rib.$14.95
Kanki Combo Dinner Bento Box
C1. Chicken Teriyakiserved with california roll.$10.95
C2. Beef Teriyakiserved with california roll.$11.95
C3. Tilapiaserved with california roll.$11.95
C4. Salmon Teriyakiserved with california roll.$11.95
C5. Chicken Or Pork Cutletserved with california roll.$11.95
C6. Shrimp Tempuraserved with california roll.$12.95
C7. Tofu Teriyaki Or Veg. Tempuraserved with vegetable roll.$10.95
A. Gohansteamed white rice.$1.50
B. Sushi Rice$2.00
C. Brown Rice$2.00
D. Steamed Vegetable$3.75
1. Ice Cream$2.95
2. Ice Cream Tempura$3.75
3. Banana Tempurafried banana with scoop of vanila ice cream.$3.50
4. Daifukusteamed red bean wrapped with rice cake skin.$2.95
5. Yukimi Daifukuvanilla ice cream wrapped with rice cake skin.$2.95
1. Canned Sodacoke, diet coke, sprite, pepsi, diet pepsi, club soda, sunkist, ginger ale.$1.25
2. Snapplelemon tea, peach tea, diet peach tea, orange, mango.$1.75
3. Canned Japanese Teagreen tea, oolong tea$1.50
4. Poland Spring Bottled Water$1.50
5. Sparkling Water$2.50

Visit Kanki here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Kanki.

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