King Wok Menu, Prices and Locations

Our restaurant offers a wide array of authentic Chinese Food, such as Chicken w. Peanuts, Moo Shu Pork, Eggplant w. Garlic Sauce, Young Chow Fried Rice, Mei Fun, & etc.Try our delicious food and service today. Come in for a Chinese Lunch Special or during evenings for a delicious Chinese dinner.

If you have any suggestion to our food or service, please go to the customer feedback page and leave us your suggestion or review. We will respond to your suggestion as soon as possible.

King Wok Menu

King's Wok Menu
Egg Roll or Shrimp Roll$1.20
Spring Roll or Vegetable Egg Roll$1.40
Fantail Shrimp$1.60
Shrimp Toast (4)$2.85
Fried Wonton (10)$3.40
Cold Noodles with Sesame Sauce$4.15
Fried or Steamed Dumplings (8)$4.65
Fried or Steamed Veg Dumplings (8)$4.65
Fried or Steamed Seafood Dumplings (8)$4.45
Fried or Steamed Chicken Dumplings (8)$4.45
Fried or Steamed Spicy Dumplings (8)$4.45
Fried or Stremed Combinations Dumplings (8)$4.65
Steamed Little Juicy Buns (8)$4.45
Boneless Spare Ribs$5.60 - $9.85
Bar-B-Q Spare Ribs$5.60 - $9.85
Pu Pu Platter (For 2)$8.00
Crabmeat Cheese Wonton (10)$4.20
Served with crispy noodles
Wonton Soup$1.60 - $2.85
Egg Drop Soup$1.50 - $2.70
Wonton and Egg Drop Soup$2.00 - $3.40
Hot and Sour Soup$2.05 - $3.70
Chicken Noodles or Rice Soup$1.60 - $2.85
Chicken or Shrimp Yat Gaw Mein$4.20
Vegetables with Bean Curd Soup$2.05 - $3.70
House Special Soup$5.00
Seafood Soup$3.95 - $6.35
Fried Rice
Plain Fried Rice$2.60 - $4.45
Vegetable Fried Rice$3.40 - $5.50
Roast Pork or Chicken Fried Rice$3.75 - $6.50
Shrimp or Beef Fired Rice$4.15 - $7.25
Young Chow Fried Rice$4.50 - $7.80
Chow Mein or Chop Suey
Served with white or brown rice and crispy noodles
Vegetable$3.60 - $6.35
Chicken or Roast Pork$4.20 - $6.90
Beef$4.45 - $7.80
Shrimp$4.45 - $7.80
House Special$4.80 - $8.35
Lo Mein
Soft noodles
Plain Lo Mein$3.20 - $5.10
Vegetable Lo Mein$3.60 - $6.35
Roast Pork or Chicken Lo Mein$4.20 - $6.90
Shrimp or Beef Lo Mein$4.45 - $7.80
House Special Lo Mein$4.80 - $8.35
Chow Fun
Flat noodles
Chicken or Pork$5.80
Beef or Shrimp$6.40
Singapore Chow Mei Fun$6.95
House Special Chow Fun$6.95
Mein Fun
Thin noodles
Chicken or Pork$5.80
Beef or Shrimp$6.40
Singapore Chow Mei Fun$6.95
House Special Chow Fun$6.95
Egg Foo Young
Served with white or brown rice.
Vegetable Egg Foo Young$5.20
Roast Pork or Chicken Egg Foo Young$5.85
Shrimp or Beef Egg Foo Young$6.85
Crab Stick Egg Foo Young$5.90
Moo Shu
Served with white or brown rice.
Moo Shu with Vegetable$5.80
Moo Shu with Pork and Chicken$7.50
Moo Shu with Beef$7.35
Moo Shu with Shrimp$8.50
Served with white or brown rice.
Roast Pork with Broccoli$4.95 - $8.55
Roast Pork with Chinese Veg$4.95 - $8.55
Roast Pork with Mixed Vegetable$4.95 - $8.55
Hunan Pork$4.95 - $8.55
Double Sauteed Sliced Pork$4.95 - $8.55
Shredded Pork with Hot Garlic Sauce$4.95 - $8.55
Roast Pork with Mushroom$4.95 - $8.55
Roast Pork with Snow Peas$4.95 - $8.55
Roast Pork with Beans Sprouts$4.95 - $8.55
Roast Pork with String Beans$4.95 - $8.55
Served with white or brown rice.
Plain Broccoli$6.00
Vegetarian Delight$6.00
Sesame Bean Curd$6.00
Broccoli and Bean Curd$6.00
Mixed Vegetable and Bean Curd$6.00
Broccoli with Hot Garlic Sauce$6.00
Eggplant with Hot Garlic Sauce$6.00
String Bean with Spicy Sauce$6.00
Bean Curd Hunan Style$6.00
Bean Curd with Hot Garlic Sauce$6.00
Served with white or brown rice.
Chicken with Broccoli$4.95 - $8.55
Chicken with Chinese Vegetables$4.95 - $8.55
Chicken with Mixed Vegetables$4.95 - $8.55
Moo Goo Gai Pan$4.95 - $8.55
Chicken with Snow Peas$4.95 - $8.55
Chicken with Cashew Nuts$4.95 - $8.55
Chicken with Oyster Sauce$4.95 - $8.55
Chicken with tomatoes and pepper$4.95 - $8.55
Chicken with String Beans$4.95 - $8.55
Chicken with Black Bean Sauce$4.95 - $8.55
Chicken with Hot Garlic Sauce$4.95 - $8.55
Chicken with Peanuts$4.95 - $8.55
Curry Chicken with Onion$4.95 - $8.55
Chicken with Eggplant Garlic Sauce$4.95 - $8.55
Chicken Szechuan Sauce$4.95 - $8.55
Lemon Chicken$8.55
Chicken Bean Sprouts$4.95 - $8.55
Hunan Chicken$4.95 - $8.55
Served with white rice or brown rice.
Beef with Broccoli$5.10 - $8.85
Pepper Steak with Onion$5.10 - $8.85
Beef with Chinese Vegetables$5.10 - $8.85
Beef with Mixed Vegetables$5.10 - $8.85
Beef with Mushroom$5.10 - $8.85
Beef with Snow Peas$5.10 - $8.85
Beef with Oyster Sauce$5.10 - $8.85
Beef with Tomatoes and Pepper$5.10 - $8.85
Beef with String Beans$5.10 - $8.85
Beef with Black Bean Sauce$5.10 - $8.85
Beef with Green Scallions$5.10 - $8.85
Beef with Hot Garlic Sauce$5.10 - $8.85
Curry Beef with Onion$5.10 - $8.85
Beef with Eggplant Garlic Sauce$5.10 - $8.85
Hunan Beef$5.10 - $8.85
Beef Szechuan Style$5.10 - $8.85
Beef with Bean Sprouts$5.10 - $8.85
Served with white rice or brown rice.
Plain Lobster Sauce$3.80 - $6.30
Shrimp with String Beans$5.35 - $9.25
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$5.35 - $9.25
Shrimp with Broccoli$5.35 - $9.25
Shrimp with Chinese Vegetables$5.35 - $9.25
Shrimp with Mixed Vegetables$5.35 - $9.25
Shrimp with Snow Peas$5.35 - $9.25
Shrimp with Cashew Nuts$5.35 - $9.25
Shrimp with Tomatoes and Pepper$5.35 - $9.25
Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce$5.35 - $9.25
Shrimp with Hot Garlic Sauce$5.35 - $9.25
Shrimp with Peanuts$5.35 - $9.25
Shrimp with Spicy Chili Sauce$5.35 - $9.25
Scallops with Hot Garlic Sauce$5.35 - $9.25
Scallops with Mixed Vegetables$5.35 - $9.25
Hunan Shrimp$5.35 - $9.25
Shrimp with Bean Sprouts$5.35 - $9.25
Sweet and Sour
Served with white or brown rice
Sweet or Sour Pork$4.95 - $8.55
Sweet or Sour Chicken$4.95 - $8.55
Sweet and Sour Shrimp$5.35 - $9.25
Combination Platters
Served with roasted peas fried item and egg roll
Chicken Chow Mein$6.65
Sweet and Sour Pork or Chicken$6.65
Chicken or Roast Pork with Broccoli$6.65
Roast Pork with Mixed Vegetables$6.65
Roast Pork or Chicken Egg Foo Young$6.65
Shrimp with Lobster Sauce$7.05
Shrimp with Broccoli$7.05
Shrimp with Cashew Nuts$7.05
General Tso's Chicken$7.05
Beef with Broccoli$6.75
Shrimp with Garlic Sauce$7.05
Shrimp with Peanuts$7.05
Barbequed or Boneless Spare Ribs$7.25
Roast Pork or Chicken Lo Mein$6.85
Chickne with Chinese Veg$6.85
Mixed Vegetables$6.45
Sesame Chicken$7.05
Chicken or Shrimp$7.05
America Special Dishes
Fried Chicken (Half)$3.60 - $5.50
Fried Chicken Wings (4)$3.40 - $5.50
Fried Shrimp (15)$4.00 - $6.25
Fried Scallops (10)$3.45 - $5.25
Boneless Chicken$3.85 - $5.85
Spare Ribs Tips$4.10 - $5.70
Fried Jumbo Shrimp (6)$4.65 - $6.20
Honey Chicken Young$3.70 - $5.80
King Crab Stick (5)$3.30 - $5.30
Buffalo Wings (4)$3.70 - $5.80
French Fries (Sm)$1.75
French Fries (Lg)$2.80
Fried BananaSweet or green$2.40
Chicken Nuggets (12)$3.70
Chefs Specialties
Served with steamed white rice or brown rice
General Tso' s or Sesame Chicken$8.25
Happy Family$10.76
Subgum Wonton$9.30
Seafood DelightLobster, scallops, jumbo shrimps shredded with assorted vegetables.$11.10
Shrimp and Scallop in Garlic Sauce$10.35
Lake Tung Ting Shrimp$9.45
Orange Beef$8.55
Dragon and PhoenixSeafood and general tso's chicken.$9.75
Beef, Chicken and Shrimp with Green Scallions$8.90
Double DelightSauteed chicken and shrimp with selected vegetables in brown sauce.$8.25
Four Seasons$10.10
Beef with Scallops$10.35
Sesame Beef$9.55
Orange Chicken$8.25
Garlic Triple Crown$8.60
Peking Shredded Beef$8.85

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