Kings Menu, Prices and Locations

Kings Family Restaurant opened its doors in 1967 with a handful of family recipes, handed down through generations, like meatloaf, chicken fried steak and roasted turkey.

Through the years Kings has made lots of changes and grown with you, our loyal fans.  While you will still find your favorites on the menu, we’ve added new dishes that are sure to please like Grilled Strawberry Salmon Salad, Deep Fried Brussel Sprouts and the wildly popular Ultimate Craft Burger.Our goal has always been to please, and we prepare your meals fresh daily, with love!

Kings Menu

Smaller Appetites
Grilled Lemon Pepper CodDelicately seasoned cod fillet, grilled to perfection and served with tartar or cocktail sauce$7.29
Smothered ChickenTopped with sauteed mushrooms, onions, mozzarella and cheddar cheese$7.29
Chicken TendersGolden fried white meat chicken with your choice of dipping sauce$7.29
Oven Roasted TurkeyInclude the stuffing and cranberries$7.29
Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled ChickenGrilled chicken and pasta, tossed with parmesan cheese and thick, rich creamy alfredo sauce for authentic italian taste$7.29
Kings SpaghettiTopped with homemade meat sauce or marinara sauce. Served with garlic loast$5.79
Kings Own MeatloafTwo thick, hearty slices of our original homemade meatloaf$6.59
Beginning at just $2.99
Kings Golden PlatterKings wings, mozzarella sticks, kings rings and zucchini fries$8.99
Kings RingsPaired with zesty dipping sauce$2.99
Zucchini FriesZany fries packed with flavor. Served with marinara sauce$3.49
Double The Size For Just$5.69
Mozzarella SticksFive crispy sticks. Served with marinara sauce$3.49
Kings WingsFive flavorful barbecue, buffalo or teriyaki sauce wings$3.99
Boneless WingsBreaded all-white meat chicken ready to eat in BBO, teriyaki or buffalo sauce$3.99
Turn over a new leaf with our crisp, garden fresh salads
Chicken or Steak SaladServed classic or choose teriyaki or buffalo sauce. Leafy greens, topped with fries, tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese, egg wedges$7.39 - $7.59
Buffalo Chicken SaladChicken tenders with the kick of franks red hot served on a bed of lettuce, fries, tomatoes, shredded cheddar cheese and egg wedges$7.59
Fresh Fruit SaladFresh seasonal fruits overtop your choice of cottage cheese or rainbow sherbet$7.19
Mandarin Chicken SaladGrilled chicken, glazed walnuts and mandarin oranges tossed with a blend of cool, crisp mesclun greens$7.39
Dinner SaladA medley of garden fresh greens and veggies. Add a cup of soup for just $1.39$3.19
Our soups and chill will make you feel warm and comfy all over
Kings Signature Homemade ChillAdd cheese and onions for just $0.69$2.99 - $3.59
Broccoli Cheese$2.79 - $3.39
Soup of the Day$2.79 - $3.39
Homemade Vegetable Beef$2.79 - $3.39
Comfy Entrees
Served with your choice of two great additions. Items harked with a are served with a tossed salad or one great addition
Hk Sizzler SteakServed medium to well- please allow additional cooking time$9.99
Country Fried SteakDelicately breaded, fried and topped with your choice of beef or sausage gravy$7.19
Beef Tips Oyer NoodlesSirloin beef tips over rice or noodles and topped with beef gravy$7.39
Beefy Mushroom MeatloafScrumptious beef gravy and sauteed mushrooms, lovingly ladled onto our signature homemade meatloaf$7.89
Kings Own MeatloafThree thick, hearty slices of our original homemade meatloaf$7.19
Stir Fry SteakServed with crisp vegetables on a bed of steamed rice$7.59
Black Angus Chopped SteakA generous 8 oz. serving of lean chop steak covered with beef gravy. Add caramelized onions and mushrooms for $1.29$7.49
Liver and OnionsTender liver generously topped with grilled onions$7.19
Saucy Pasta
Served with your choice of side salad or one great addition. Great additions: All of our tasty sides are available a la carte for just $1.99. Our extra cheesy Mac n cheese, which is $2.69. Side salad may be substituted for any great addition for $1.99.
Selection Topping ItemGreat additions: All of our tasty sides are available a la carte for just $1.99. Our extra cheesy Mac n cheese, which is $2.69. Side salad may be substituted for any great addition for $1.99. French
Kings SpaghettiTopped with homemade meat sauce or marinara sauce. Served with garlic toast$6.99
Fettuccine Alfredo with Grilled ChickenGrilled chicken and pasta, tossed with parmesan cheese and thick, rich creamy alfredo sauce for authentic italian taste$9.29
Grilled Shrimp Alfredo with BroccoliPenne pasta tossed with garden-fresh broccoli and creamy alfredo sauce topped with juicy grilled shrimp$8.29
Coites with french fries or one great addition or you can substitute kings rings for $0.99 or a side salad for $1.99
Hand Breaded Fish SandwichA large catch of north atlantic white fish, delicately breaded, in a crusty french bread roll. Served with tartar sauce and lemon$7.69
Grilled Chicken Flatbread SandwichGrilled chicken breast with your choice of teriyaki or BBQ sauce, served with lettuce, tomato and mozzarella cheese$7.19
Buffalo Chicken Flatbread SandwichFried all-white meat chicken with a kick of frank's red hot served with lettuce, tomato, mozzarella cheese and bleu cheese$7.19
Classic Grilled CheeseAmerican or mozzarella cheese melted and served between toasted slices of grilled panini bread$4.49
Traditional Grilled CheeseServed on white, wheat or rye bread$4.19
Grilled ReubenFreshly sliced corned beef, cheese, sauerkraut and a splash of thousand island dressing on grilled marbled rye bread$6.69
Turkey ClubA triple-decker delight made up of freshly sliced turkey, bacon, lettuce and tomato$6.99
Tuna MeltOur original tuna salad recipe with melted american cheese served on grilled panini bread$6.19
Traditional Tuna MeltServed on white, wheat or rye bread$5.79
Grilled Cheese with Bacon and TomatoBacon, american cheese and tomato, nestled between two slices of grilled panini bread$6.69
Pittsburgh FavoriteMade burgh style- savory sirloin or freshly fried fish, fries, coleslaw and melted mozzarella cheese stacked up high on panini bread$7.19
Philly Cheese SteakGrilled thinly sliced steak, peppers and onions, topped with melted mozzarella cheese and served on a french bread roll$7.49
Breakfast Sandwiches
Kings a.m. ComboA hearty sandwich with two eggs, mozzarella cheese, bacon strips, ham or sausage, lettuce and tomato served on panini bread$6.89
The Original Eggel BagelOne egg, american cheese and ham, bacon or sausage patty between your choice of an egg bagel or english muffin$2.99
Cinnamon French Toast SandwichScrambled eggs, bacon, sausage or ham and american cheese between two french toast slices. Choose cinnamon or cinnamon raisin crimp bread$3.99
Black Angus Burgers
All of our thick, juicy black angus burgers are hade from 100% american cattle ground chuck. comes complete with a side of fries or one great addition add onion rings or a side salad for $1.99. Lettuce and tomato available upon request. Add a fried egg to
Classic King BurgerAdd cheese for just $0.69$4.39
Texas Pot Roast BurgerA 1/3 pound black angus burger and savory pot roast, topped with cheddar cheese, BBQ sauce, lettuce and tomato on texas toast$6.99
Grilled Mushroom Cheese BurgerMushrooms and melted cheese atop a 51/3 oz. delicious burger$6.99
All American BurgerOur 51/3 oz. burger topped with bacon, american cheese and hearty BBQ sauce$6.19
Double Cheese BurgerDouble burger. Double cheese.$7.19
K-Boy BurgerA classic double-decker made with our special sauce$4.99
Royal Patty MeltChopped sirloin steak, american cheese, grilled onions and thousand island dressing, melted between two slices of grilled panini bread$6.99
Veggie BurgerA burger made with soy, mushrooms, water chestnuts, onions, brown rice, carrots, rolled oats, green and red bell peppers and black olives$5.49
Sunny Side BurgerShine with this great-tasting cheese burger made better with a fried egg inside$4.99
Amazing Seafood
Savory seafood classics- always fresh and always served with two great additions
Pecan Crusted TilapiaLight and savor with a sweet glaze, our pecan crusted tilapia comes with two comfort sides of your choice$8.29
Maryland Crab CakesTwo thick, flaky cakes, filled with authentic maryland recipe stuffing$7.59
Grilled Lemon Pepper CodTwo delicately seasoned cod fillets, grilled to perfection and served with tartar or cocktail sauce$9.29
Hand Breaded Fish DinnerA large catch of flaky north atlantic white fish, breaded and served with tartar sauce and lemon$9.29
Broiled Scrod DinnerA scrumptious serving of white fish with a garlic & herb crust served on a bed of garden vegetable rice pilaf$9.29
Hot Classics
Traditional hot sandwiches covered with hote-style gravy and served with your choice of potato.
Pot Roast StackerTexas toast towering with mashed potatoes, slow-cooked pot roast, then covered in hearty, beef gravy$6.69
Hot Roast Beef Sandwich$6.69
Hot Roasted Turkey Sandwich$6.69
Homemade Meatloaf Sandwich$6.69
Hade with three incredibly fresh eggs and served with cheesy hash brown casserole, holte fries or hash browns and your choice of toast
Kings Special OmeletteLoaded with green peppers, onions, tomatoes and american cheese$6.29
Meat Lovers DreamFilled with a whole lot of diced ham, sausage, bacon and melted american cheese$6.69
Cheese OmeletteSimply cheese, simply delicious. Stuffed with your choice of bacon, sausage or ham for just $0.90$5.69
Veggie Delight ScramblerPacked with broccoli, mushrooms, tomatoes and onions smothered in melted cheddar$6.59
A Flock of Fays
Smothered ChickenTopped with sauteed mushrooms, onions, mozzarella and cheddar cheese$9.29
Chicken TendersGolden fried white meat chicken with your choice of dipping sauce$8.49
Oven Roasted Turkey$8.19
Stir-Fry ChickenServed with crisp vegetables on a bed of steamed rice$7.19
Chicken ParmigianaBreaded chicken, served on spaghetti then covered with mozzarella cheese and marinara sauce. Served with one great addition$6.49
Turkey DevonshireSliced turkey, crispy bacon and tomatoes smothered in cream sauce and melted cheddar cheese all on texas toast. Served piping hot$7.99
Stuffed Chicken BreastTender chicken breast atop homemade stuffing, topped with gravy$7.69
Good Morning Combos
Grilled Steak and EggsSteak and eggs just the way you like them. Served with toast$9.29
Southern Style BreakfastTwo large eggs, bacon or sausage links and a fresh baked biscuit covered in sausage gravy$6.19
Wake Up SpecialTwo buttermilk hot cakes, two large eggs and two sausage links or bacon strips. Served with toast and your choice of potato$5.59
Hash N EggsOur finest corned beef hash and two large eggs with your choice of potato and toast$5.59
Country Fried Steak and EggsServed with your choice of potato, sausage gravy and toast$6.19
Cinnamon Swirl
French Toast SpecialThree slices of cinnamon or cinnamon raisin french toast, your choice of potato, two large eggs and bacon or sausage$5.59
Kings Country BreakfastThree buttermilk hot cakes, two large eggs and toast with bacon, sausage or ham plus your choice of potato. This is one big breakfast for big appetites$6.39
A La Carte
Bacon, Sausage or Ham$2.79
Home Fries$1.99
Hash Browns$1.99
Cheesy Hash Brown Casserole$1.99
English Muffin or Bagel$1.89
Toast or Biscuit$1.79
Fresh Fruit Plate$3.59
Quaker Ots Hot Oatmeal$2.49
Sausage Gravy and Biscuit$4.59
Baked Goodies
Pies to-go: Apple, cherry, blackberry, no sugar-added, blueberry, oreo cream, chocolate cream, coconut cream, seasonal favorites. Hartleys choice hand-packed ice cream quarts: Cinnamon, strawberry, rainbow sherbet, chocolate french, vanilla no sugar-added
Fruit PiesFresh-baked cherry, blackberry and no sugar added blueberry$2.89
Apple Pie A La ModeKings own cinnamon ice cream atop a slice of warm apple pie$3.99
Kings Apple Pie$2.89
New York Style CheesecakeServed with fruit topping$3.69
New York Style Cheesecake PlainServed with fruit topping$3.19
New York Style Cheesecake Just$1.19
Cream Pie of The Day$2.99
Griddle Goodness
Add strawberries or blueberries and whipped cream for $2.29
Strawberry Banana Short Stack JacksStrawberries and banana smothered in vanilla cream cheese custard between two fluffy buttermilk pancakes$4.89
Pecan Crusted French ToastThree thick slices of texas toast hand dipped into our signature egg batter, then covered with cinnamon pecan crumbles and grilled to protection$4.99
Hot CakesThree light, fluffy buttermilk hot cakes, just begging to be topped with warm syrup or try a short stack for $3.59$4.59
Chocolate Chip Hot CakesThree buttermilk hot cakes packed with chocolate chips or try a short stack for $4.49$4.99
Blueberry Hot CakesThree buttermilk hot cakes full of fresh flavorful blueberries or try a short stack$4.99
French ToastThree whole slices of thick cut bread, griddled golden brown and served with or without powdered sugar$4.59
Belgian WaffleLight, crisp and delicious with or without powdered sugar and served with warm syrup. Add berries for just $1.19$4.89
Cinnamon Swirl French ToastFive slices of cinnamon or cinnamon raisin crimp bread, griddled to a delectable golden brown$4.79
Triple Crown
Choose any one of these classic tastes - complete with two pieces of bacon or sausage and your choice of cheesy hash brown casserole, hash browns, home fries or juice.
Three Eggs Hot Cakes French Toast$4.89
Dessert Classics Made To-Go
SundaeKings fudge frownie with vanilla ice cream and gobs of hot fudge$3.49
Grand SundaeOur premium ice cream, smothered with your favorite topping$3.79
Peanut Butter Fudge SundaeVanilla ice cream, hot fudge, peanut butter topping and crumbled reeses peanut butter cups$3.99
Fudge Ice Cream CakeChocolate cake with vanilla ice cream and covered with hot fudge$4.39
Kings Banana WheelVanilla ice cream layered with bananas and yummy chocolate or strawberry topping$3.99
The Royal TreatmentA banana split fit for a king$4.79
Dessert WaffleHalf of our belgian waffle topped with your choice of ice cream and your favorite topping$3.39
The Famous Pecan BallA scoop of vanilla ice cream encrusted in pecan chunks and covered in gooey gooey hot fudge or caramel$3.69
Fried Ice CreamChoose chocolate sauce, berries or classic style with honey$3.29
Coffee and Tea$1.59
Hot Chocolate$1.49
Hot Cappuccino$1.49
Orange Juices$2.29 - $2.99
Tomato Juice$2.29 - $2.99
Apple Juice$2.29 - $2.99
Milk2% White and chocolate$1.99 - $2.39
Iced Tea$1.89
Soft Drinks$1.89
Kings Milk ShakesVanilla, chocolate, strawberry or pineapple$2.79
Kings Royal ShakesStraw-nana, cookies n cream, crumble or royal$3.79
Diet Pepsi

Visit Kings here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Kings.

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