KOTO Menu, Prices and Locations

Currently located off of Hope Chapel Road in Jackson, NJ, sits our unique restaurant within “Jackson Crossings Plaza”. Surrounded by some of Jackson’s most popular spots, our restaurant stands out with its one-of-a-kind dining experience. From the freshest fish and shellfish caught just moments ago, to the locally produced angus beef, the ingredients in every dish sell themselves.

In addition, our menu is always changing with the seasons, creating a variety of different dishes that always compliment the time of you. Our chefs are all highly qualified, all having over 10 years of experience in the business.


2 pieces per order
AjiJapanese Horse Mackerel
AlbacoreSashimi only$4.50
AmaebiSweet Prawn
HokkigaiSurf Clam$4.00
IkuraSalmon Roe$4.50
King Crab
Lemon Fish$4.50
MasagoSmelt Roe$4.00
SakeFresh Salmon$4.00
Smoked Salmon$4.50
TobikoFlying Fish Roe$4.00
UniSea Urchin
Wasabi Tobiko$4.00
Avocado Roll$3.50
California Rollcrabstick, avocado, and cucumber, masago on top$4.50
Crawfish Rollspicy crawfish and avocado$4.50
Crunchy Rollsnow crab and avocado, crunchy on top$5.50
Cucumber Roll$3.50
Dynamite RollDiced salmon, tuna, and white fish, with dynamite sauce$5.00
Eel Roll$5.00
Hamachi Roll$4.50
Negihama Rollyellowtail, avocado, and cucumber, wasabi tobiko on top$5.00
Philadelphia Rollsmoked salmon, cream cheese and avocado$5.00
Rainbow Rollsnow crab roll inside, salmon, tuna and yellowtail on top$11.00
Shrimp Avocado Roll$5.00
Snow Crab RollSnow crab and avocado$5.00
Samurai Rolltempura shrimp, crabstick, cucumber, masago, avocado$9.50
Salmon Roll$4.50
Salmon Avocado Roll$5.00
Shrimp Tempura Rolltempura shrimp, masago, cucumber and avocado$7.50
Smoked Salmon Roll$5.00
Spicy Tuna Roll$5.00
Spider Rolltempura soft shell crab, cucumber, masago, and avocado$9.00
Tuna Roll$4.50
Tuna Avocado Roll$5.00
Veggie Rollcucumber, avocado, oshinko, and yamaboko$5.00
Special Rolls
Big Easy Rollscallions cover the outside of this jumbo roll featuring a trio of tuna, salmon, and yellowtail inside$12.00
Fire Cracker RollFresh white fish with avocado, kani and snow crab wrapped crispy seaweed Encased in our spiciest special sauce.$10.50
Fire Dragon Rollsnow crab and freshly sliced avocado inside topped with delicious BBQ eel$13.00
Four Season RollA combination of salmon, tuna and yellowtail inside a traditional sushi roll topped with four colorful tobiko$12.00
Gold Point Rolltempura-fried salmon inside topped with snow crab and masago$11.50
Green Dragon RollBBQ eel and cucumber roll with the freshest avocado and masago$11.50
Hawaiian Rollfried coconut shrimp and cream cheese inside topped with hand-selected ssliced of mango and avocado then decorated with our amazing pineapple sauce$12.00
Koto RollA blend of spicy tuna with avocado, masago and homemade crunchy inside a golden soybean sheet$11.50
Koto II Rollwasabi tobiko tops an outside of alternating snow crab and spicy tuna and an inside of avocado and spicy crawfish$13.00
Marble Rock’n Rolltempura shrimp accompanied by snow crab, avocado, cucumber, radish sprouts, and masago inside Marble seaweed drizzled with eel sauce$12.00
Phoenix Tail Rollsalmon, tuna, and white fish along with kani, avocado and masago, rolled in crispy seawed and served with Koto’s orignal eel sauce$10.50
Red Dragon Rollflaky tempura shrimp topped with zesty tuna, crunchy, masago and scallions$12.00
Spice Girl Rollsnow crab, sprinkled with chili powder, tops a roll filled with seared pepper tuna, avocado and masago$12.00
Taiji Rollspicy tuna combined with kani, avocado and masago inside crispy seaweed. Served with Chef’s special Taiji sauce.$10.00
The HulkBBQ eel, snow crab, masago, avocado and a touch of spicy tuna wrapped with scarce green soybean sheet served with Koto’s unmatched Taiji sauce$12.00
The BombChef Derek’s signature creation: Grilled tuna inside a tempura fried roll, dressed in a homemade, three-sauce combination, garnished with scallions, sesame seeds and masago$8.00
Tiger rollsalmon and tuna inside a topping of sliced eel and even more sliced tuna and salmon, buried under crunchy, masago and scallions and swirls of eel sauce$13.00
Volcano Rollslices of California roll horizontally placed and topped with alternations of snow crab and spicy tuna. buried under homemade crunchy and Koto’s firey volcano sauce$12.00
Naruto Maki
choice of the following with crabstick, avocado, and masago encased by our hand-sliced, paper-thin cucumber and decorated with homemade Naruto sauce A truly delightful and authentic Japanese dish
Blue Crab Naruto$12.00
Kani Naruto$10.50
King Crab Naruto$12.00
Salmon Naruto$10.00
Snow Crab Naruto$10.00
Spicy Tuna Naruto$10.50
Tuna Naruto$10.50
Sushi Box
“square sushi” your choice of the following over layers of snow crab, avocado, and sushi rice

Visit KOTO here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local KOTO.

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