La Parrilla Menu, Prices and Locations

La Parrilla Menu

GuacamoleWith tortilla chips, half.$5.29 - $3.29
Plantain ChipsWith black bean dip.$4.99
Ceviche A La VeracruzanaCured fresh baby shrimp & tilapia in lime juice with tomato, jalapeno, onion & cilantro.$6.99
Calamari FritosWith chipotlé aioli.$6.99
Chilli Con QuesoWhole, half, queso con carne.$5.99 - $6.99
Taquitos Mexicanos (Three Per Order)Choice of pork al pastor, pork carnitas, carne asada, or vegetable.$6.49
Two Tostada De CevicheWith fresh shrimp & tilapia.$6.29
Empanadas (Two Per Order)Portabello & roasted pepper or chilean beef with olives, raisins & boiled eggs.$4.99
Home Made ArepasWith queso & salsa.$4.59
Croquetas Cubanas De PapaPotato croquettes with ham & cheese.$4.49
NachosWith cheese, jalapeños, queso, & sour cream, black bean & sweet corn.$6.99 - $6.29
Papas BravasWith aioli.$5.99
Yuca FritaWith aioli.$5.99
Soup & Salad
Soup Of The Day$3.29
House SaladMixed greens with jicama, olives & tomatoes with a choice of dressing: ancho chile or jalapeno lime vinaigrette.$4.99
Mulatto Chicken SaladGrilled chicken breast marinated in mulatto pepper, oregano, achiote & olive oil, served over field greens with tomatoes, jicama & bell peppers, tossed in ancho chile dressing, topped with sour cream$7.49
Ceviche SaladMixed greens, jicama, avocado, & lime vinaigrette.$7.99
Soup & Salad$6.99
Brazilian Steak SaladSirloin steak marinated in lime juice, red wine, garlic, onion, bay leaves, fresh oregano & olive oil, topped with onions, bell peppers, sour cream & chimichurri sauce.$7.99
Mayan Shrimp SaladGrilled gulf shrimp marinated in achiote pepper, citrus juices & yucatan seasonings served with onions, bell peppers & field greens, tossed in a jalapeno-lime vinaigrette, topped with sour cream.$7.99
Rice Bowls
Served with oaxacan or mexican rice, black beans, arepa, salsa & choice of:
Pork Al Pastor$7.49
New Mexico Green Chile Pork Rice Bowl$7.49
Chicken Mulato$7.49
Gaucho-Style Beef$7.99
Locally Made Organic Tofu$7.29
Grilled Veggies$7.29
Chipotle Salmon & Shrimp$12.49
Vegan Corn & Roasted Red Bell Pepper$7.29
CarnitasWith pico de gallo.$7.99
(2 Per order) served with rice, beans, cheese, lettuce & salsa. Substitute flour tortillas for corn tortillas $0.50.
Gaucho-Style Beef$6.99
Chicken Mulatto$6.99
Veggie & Black BeanTaquitos 3 per order, pork al pastor, pork carnitas.$6.50 - $6.99
Baja Fish TacosBeer battered, deep fried fish fillets with Salvadorian curtido (coleslaw), sour cream and tomatillo salsa on corn tortillas.$8.99
Tequila Shrimp TacosGrilled gulf shrimp with onions, green bell peppers & chipotle peppers wrapped in flour tortillas with melted cheese.$8.99
(2 Per order)served with rice & beans.
Enchiladas Rancherastraditional Mexican corn tortilla enchiladas topped with cheese, sour cream, & guajillo chile sauce cheese, cheese & onion, beef or chicken.$6.99 - $7.99
Layered Green Pork Chile EnchiladasServed with oaxacan rice & black beans.$7.99
Enchiladas SuizasTraditional mexico city-style enchilada with shredded chicken wrapped in corn tortillas topped with cheddar, monterey jack cheese, & olives in tomatillo poblano sauce.$7.99
Salvadorena EnchiladasYuca, potatoes & peas folded in flour tortillas topped with monterey jack cheese and salsa verde.$7.29
Quesadilla Suiza10” Flour tortilla stuffed with fresh oaxaca cheese, avocado and caramelized onions. Served with shredded lettuce, tomatillo salsa, sour cream, rice & beans.$6.99
Pork Al Pastor, Gaucho-Style Beef, Or Chicken$7.99
Grilled Two Cheese Portabella Quesadilla$7.99
Black Bean & Corn QuesadillaWith oaxacan rice & beans.$7.49
La Parrilla Specialties
Served with rice, beans & flour tortillas.
Parrillas (Grills)Onions, bell peppers, chimichurri sauce & choice of topping: chicken or steak, grilled vegetables.$8.99 - $7.59
Fajitas(With lettuce, guacamole & sour cream). Chicken or steak, fresh atlantic salmon, seafood.$10.99 - $12.99
Mar Y Tierra(Surf & turf) shrimp, & choice of beef or chicken.$12.49
California Burrito(With salsa ranchera, queso & fries) choice of pork al pastor, chicken, beef fajita, or grilled veggies.$7.99
Chile RellenoStuffed poblano pepper with onions, monterey jack cheese, queso fresco, cilantro & fresh oregano.$8.49
Tamales Mexicanos Con Puerco O Pollo RojoHomemade fresh masa dough stuffed with pork or chicken and guajillo chile sauce.$8.49
Carne AsadaGrilled beef steak with papas fritas, rice, guacamole, & tortillas.$10.99
FlautasThree flautas made with chicken. Served with rice, beans, guacamole, sour cream & pico de gallo.$7.99
Mexico City AlambresPork, chorizo, & shrimp.$10.49
Two deep-fried, golden brown flour tortillas stuffed with monterey jack cheese & topped with salsa verde & sour cream with a side of lettuce & tomatoes.
Beef Or Chicken$7.99
Portabello & Roasted Red PepperWith goat & monterey jack cheeses & fresh herbs.$7.99
Combination Platters
Choice of 2 items, served with rice & beans. Substitute a shrimp or fish taco additional $1.50.
Enchilada, Chimichanga, Tamal, Taco, Or Tostada$8.49
Dinner Specialities
(Served after 4:00 pm).
Pollo Con Mole RojoChicken breast a la plancha with mexican rice, & crisp fried onions.$11.99
Bistec A La ParrillaRib-eye steak with yuca fritas, grilled green onion, chimichurri, & white rice.$11.49
Camarones A La DiablaShrimp with chipotle sauce , rice, beans & tortillas.$10.99
Tilapia In Two StylesCrisp fried farm raised tilapia with choice of diabla sauce or veracruzana sauce with onions, bell peppers, jalapenos, tomatoes, cilantro & cinnamon. served with black beans & white rice.$12.99
Jamaican Jerk ChickenMarinated chicken with House made jerk paste. served with white rice, black beans & grilled pineapple salsa.$10.99
(Served until 2 pm).
Huevos Con ChorizoWith homemade chorizo, & rice & beans.$7.29
Chilaquiles Rojo O Verde Con HuevosWith rice & beans.$6.99
Chilaquiles Vaqueros RojosWith carne asada, fried eggs, cheese, & sour cream, & rice & beans.$8.49
TortasMexican sandwich choice of al pastor, carnitas, carne asada, or vegatables with guacamole & papas fritas.$7.29
LomitosParaguayan sandwich choice of steak & chicken with fried egg with aioli on a bun, & papas fritas.$7.29
Farmer’s Market Breakfast BurritoBurrito with eggs, & rice & beans.$7.29 - $6.99
Huevos YucatecosWith rice & beans, & pico de gallo.$6.99
Express Lunch Menu
Served until 3 :00 pm. Served with rice & beans.
One TacoChicken, pork, beef, carnitas or veggie.$5.99
One EnchiladaCheese, chicken, or beef.$6.49
One TamalPork or chicken.$6.49
One ChimichangaChicken, beef, or portabello.$6.49
One TostadaChicken or beef.$6.29
Lunch FajitasChicken or beef.$7.99
Kid’s Menu
For 12 & under only.
Cheese QuesadillaWith rice & beans.$4.99
Chicken FingersWith french fries.$5.99
Cheese EnchiladaWith rice & beans.$4.29
BurritosChoice of beef or chicken, with rice & beans.$5.49
Hard Shell Beef TacoWith rice & beans.$4.29
Rice BowlChoice of beef, chicken, pork, or vegetables.$4.99
Papas Con QuesoFries with choice of ground beef or chicken and cheese sauce.$5.50
Rice, Beans, Or Vegetables$1.75
Chips & Salsa$2.50
Corn Or Flour Tortillas$0.99
Side Of Guacamole$3.29
Side Of Cheese Or Sour Cream$0.99
Side Of Jalapenos$0.75
Side Of Beef, Pork, Or Chicken$2.95
Side Of Salsa$1.25
Chocolate Kahlua Flan$4.99
SopapillasDrizzled with cajeta and served with vanilla ice cream.$4.99
Fried Ice Cream$4.99
Flan Nopolitano$4.99
ChurrosDrizzled with chocolate sauce.$4.99
Drinks & Beverages
Aguas Frescas, Horchata, Brazilian Lemonade(No refills).$2.29
Sidral (Apple Soda)$2.29
Coco Rico (Coconut Soda)$2.29
Soft Drinks$2.25
Bottled Coke & Fanta$2.29
Colombian Coffee$2.25
Iced Tea$2.25
Hot TeaBlack, green, & decaffeinated.$2.25
Visit La Parrilla here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local La Parrilla.

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