Legal Sea Foods Menu, Prices and Locations

Legal Sea Foods is an American restaurant chain of upscale casual-dining seafood restaurants. The company was founded by George Berkowitz who opened the Legal Cash Market grocery store in 1950 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, and he opened the first restaurant next door to the market in 1968. The current company headquarters is located in Boston and as of June 2018, the group operates 37 restaurants in six states, plus the District of Columbia, with most in the Greater Boston area.The restaurant serves over 7 million customers annually. Legal Sea Foods also operates an online fish market and ships fresh fish anywhere in the contiguous United States, as well as a retail products division.

Legal Sea Foods Menu

Blackened Raw Tuna SashimiSesame chili vinaigrette, seaweed salad and wasabi. Gluten free$14.95
Jumbo Shrimp CocktailGluten free$15.95
Sweet and Spicy RibsCumin carrot cabbage slaw$9.95
SteamersThyme, garlic, white wine. Gluten free$16.95
New England Fried ClamsWhole-bellied, sweet & petite
Legal’s Signature Crab CakeJumbo lump crab, mustard sauce, seasonal salad$16.95
Sauteed Mussels1 1/2 Pounds with garlic, white wine, crushed red pepper. Gluten free$11.95
Fried OystersChorizo aioli$12.95
Crispy Montauk CalamariRhode Island style hot peppers and garlic gluten free, thai style pineapple and peanuts$13.50
Warm Spinach and Feta Dip with Whole Wheat Pita Chips$6.95
Warm Spinach and Feta Dip with Whole Wheat Pita Chips$12.95
Oysters LegalBaked with spinach, cheese and crumbs. Gluten free$15.95
Fried PicklesRomano peppercorn dressing$2.95
Bang Bang CauliflowerKung pao$6.95
Buffalo Popcorn ShrimpAvocado, blue cheese, celery hearts. Gluten free$9.95
Salads with: grilled chicken $5.00 additional, maine crabemeat $10.00 additional, grilled shrimp $9.00 additional, grilled salmon $10.00 additional gluten free
House SaladCherry tomato, shaved carrot and sunflower seeds, creamy romano peppercorn dressing or tomato balsamic vinaigrette. Gluten free$8.50
Wedge SaladBlue cheese, bacon, tomatoes, blue cheese vinaigrette$9.95
Classic Caesar SaladRomaine, garlic croutons, shaved romano, creamy dressing. Gluten free$8.50
Chopped Greek SaladOlives, cucumbers, tomatoes, chickpeas and feta. Gluten free$8.95
Tortilla, Apple and Goat CheeseAvocado, roasted red peppers and chipotle orange dressing$8.95
Legal Lobsters
From crisp, cold north atlantic waters
Steamed1.25 - 1.50 lb, 1.50 - 1.75 lb, 2.00 - 2.50 lb
Lobster BakeMug of clam chowder, steamers, mussels, chouriço, corn on the cob, steamed 1-1.25 lb. lobster. Larger sizes available please inquire
Baked Stuff ed LobsterAdd $6.00 shrimp and scallop buttery cracker stuffi ng
Char Grilled
Choice of two house sides or opt for two premium sides for an additional $1.95 each. Gluten free
Faroe Island Salmon$17.95
Rainbow Trout$16.95
North Atlantic Sea ScallopsDry packed
HaddockAdd a skewer of scallops $9.95, or shrimp $6.95$17.95
Crab & PepperoniMozzarella, peppadew peppers$11.95
White ClamPancetta and arugula$10.95
LobsterWild mushrooms, bacon, farm fresh heirloom egg
MexicanQueso blanco, black beans, corn, jalapeno$10.95
Pesto ChickenPine nuts, fresh mozzarella$11.95
Chef’s Daily Feature
New England Clam Chowder (Mug)$6.95
Fish Chowder (Mug)$6.95
Soup of the Day (Mug)$6.95
Lobster Bisque (Mug)Authentic creamy bisque garnished with lobster$9.95
Legal’s Signature Crab CakeJumbo lump crab, mustard sauce, seasonal salad, choice of one house side$17.95
Grilled Mediterranean SalmonHummus, cucumber yogurt sauce, orzo, whole wheat pita chips$17.95
Louisiana GumboShrimp, spicy andouille sausage and crispy fried okra with jasmine rice$15.95
Mushroom RavioliPortobello mushrooms in a cream sauce$12.95
Jasmine SpecialSteamed shrimp and broccoli over jasmine rice with melted monterey jack cheese. Without gluten$16.50
Anna’s Baked Boston ScrodSeasoned crumbs, roasted tomato, spinach, jasmine rice cod or haddock depending on landings. Without gluten$17.95
Portuguese Fisherman’s StewWhitefish stewed with mussels, clams and chouriço sausage in a saffron tomato broth. Without gluten$16.95
Everything Spiced TunaCooked medium rare roasted red pepper sauce, cucumber sauce, jasmine rice, sautéed spinach. Without gluten$17.50
Crispy Fish TacosAvocado, pickled cabbage, chipotle mayo, ham hock braised black beans and rice$13.95
Crispy Fried
French fries and cole slaw. Without gluten
Fisherman’s TrioShrimp, scallops and clams$18.95
New England Fried ClamsWhole-bellied, sweet & petite
Fish & ChipsRegular or spicy$17.95
North Atlantic Sea Scallops
ScrodCod or haddock depending on landings$17.95
French fries and cole slaw
Legal’s Crab CakeJumbo lump crab on a bun with mustard sauce$17.95
Tuna BurgerFreshly ground tuna, chili paste, crumbs and spices$14.95
Lobster RollWarm butter poached or traditional with mayo. Without gluten
BBQ ChickenBacon, cheddar, corn salsa, onion strings$11.95
Tuna Salad MeltPita wrap with pecorino romano and provolone cheese. Without gluten$10.95
Crabmeat RollDelicate Maine crabmeat on a warm buttery bun. Without gluten$17.95
Super Sea RollLobster, shrimp, crab, avocado, bacon, lemon mayo$22.95
Salmon BurgerFresh ground salmon, dill yogurt sauce$13.95
Creekstone BurgerCan be undercooked upon. Add cheese for $1.00$12.95
Crispy Fish SandwichTartar sauce, lettuce and tomato. Without gluten$11.95
House Sides
French FriesWithout gluten$4.95
Onion StringsWithout gluten$4.95
BroccoliWithout gluten$4.95
Seaweed Salad$4.95
Jasmine RiceWithout gluten$4.95
Mashed PotatoesWithout gluten$4.95
Baked PotatoWithout gluten$4.95
Jalapeno Cheddar PolentaWithout gluten$4.95
Cole SlawWithout gluten$1.95
Premium Sides
Sauteed KaleHoney yogurt, roasted peanuts. Without gluten$1.95 - $6.50
Sugar Snap PeasSoy ginger glaze$1.95 - $6.50
Quinoa Vegetable SaladCalabrian lime dressing, pine nuts$1.95 - $6.50
Grilled AsparagusPecorino romano. Without gluten$1.95 - $6.50
Fresh Seasonal Side Salad$1.95 - $6.50

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