Lemongrass Menu, Prices and Locations

Lemongrass, a Viet-Thai restaurant located at 1729 Route 10 East, Morris Plains, is a casual storefront location that opened in December. We’ve been there twice already, as we’ve been so delighted with the pristine and very fresh-tasting food. Some starters we sampled were shrimp rolls filled with steamed tiger shrimp, mint leaves, lettuce, and vermicelli and served with a sweet and spicy peanut sauce; salted fried calamari with diced peppers and onions; and unusual crispy wontons filled with cream cheese.

Lemongrass Menu

Single Dish Meals
Kao Pad -Fried Ricestir fried rice with egg and vegetables garnished with cucumber. (vegetarian substitution with tofu). (chicken)$6.95
Kao Pad -Fried Ricestir fried rice with egg and vegetables garnished with cucumber.,(shrimp)$8.95
Pad Thaifavorite authentic rice noodle dish pan-fried with chicken, egg, bean sprout, crushed chile, fried tofu and chives topped with ground peanut. medium (chicken) (vegetarian substitution with tofu)$8.95
Pad Thaifavorite ruthentic rice noodle dish pan-fried with chicken, egg, bean sprout, crushed chile, fried totu and chives topped with ground peanut.(v), medium (shrimp)$10.95
Side Dishes
Peanut Sauce$1.95
Cucumber Relish$1.25
Streamed Rice(per person)$1.25
Sweet Chile Sauce$0.75
Tamarind Sauce$0.75
Salad Of The Day$0.99
Salad With Spring Roll$1.95
beer and wine available. please ask your server
Fresh Young Coconut$3.25
Thai Iced Tea$1.95
Thai Iced Coffee$1.95
Shirley Temple Or Fountain Soda$1.50
Gourmet Coffee$1.50
Sparkling Ruby(thai soda)$1.50
Emerald Cream Soda(thai soda)$1.50
Iced Tea$1.50
Hot Tea- Jasmine$1.50
Hot Tea- Lemongrass$1.50
Sticky Rice With Mango(seasonal)$5.25
Homemade Cheese Cake$3.95
Thai Custard In Thai Pumpkin(seasonal)$3.95
Homemade Coconut Ice Cream$3.25
Homemade Sorbel$3.95
Carrol Cake$3.25
Signature Dish - House Specialties
we do not use msg in our cooking.
Vegetarian Substitution With Torumild, medium, hot
Mieng Kum-Leaf Wrapped Savoriesrare thai hors d'ocuvre combined with roasted fresh coconut, olivers, shallots, ginger, lime, peanuts and sun dried baby shrimp on spinach leaves, topped with chutney like sauce.$6.45
Paw Pia Tod - Spring Rollsgolden fried wheat flour crepe stuffed with ground chicken, carrots, bean sprouts, cabbage, egg and crystal noodles, served with sweet chile sauce.$4.95
Peak Gai Tod-Garlio Wingsgolden fried marinated chicken wings in garlic pepper sauce. served with sweet chile sauce.$4.25
Green Chile Egg Rollszeaty crispy fried green chile egg rolls served with sweet and sour sauce and hot mustard.(mild)$3.75
Tao Hou Tod-Golden Trianglestofu delicately fried to golden brown served with tamarind sauce and ground peanut.$4.95
Tom Yum Goong-Lemongrass Soupthe famous thai hot and sour shrimp soup with mushrooms, spiced with lemongrass, lime juice, galanga, kaffir lime leaves, coriander, scallion and roasted chile paste. mild (vegetarian substitution wi$6.95
Tom Kah Gai-Chicken Coconut Soupspicy coconut soup combining chicken with mushroom. accepted with galanga, kaffir limes leaves, lemongrass, scallion and coriander. mild (vegetarian substitution with tofu)$5.95
served with a spring roll, salad of the day and steamed rice
Pad Broccoli-Broccoli Delightsauteed chicken with onions, carrots, and broccoli in light brown sauce.$5.95
Gai Salay - Chicken Sataymarinated chicken strips in curry powder, coconut milk and exotic herbs grilled on bambooo skewers. served with cucumber relish topped with ground peanut. mild$7.95
Prcow Wan Gai - Sweet And Sour Chickenthis dish is from grandma's kitchen, an old traditional dish of stir-fried chicken, cucumber, onion, bell pepper, tomato and pineapple in cinnamon sweet and sour sauce. (vegetarian substitution with$6.95
Gang Dang Gai - Red Curryred chile curry simmered with coconut milk combining chicken, thai egg plant, bamboo shoot, bell pepper, and basil.(vegetarian substitution with tofu) medium$7.95
Gai Pad Med Mamoung Himapan - Cashew Chickenmarinated chicken sauteed with garlic, onion, pineapple, bell pepper, celery, dried chile, scallion and cashew nuts.$7.95
Gai Gra Prow - Basil Chickenground chicken sauteed with basil, onion, bell pepper, thai egg plant, bamboo shoot and chile sauce. (vegetarian substitution with tofu) hot$7.95
Prik Khing Moo - Sweet Curry Porkstir-fried sliced pork, green beana and bell pepper in prik khing curry sauce. (hot)$7.95
Goong Gratiem - Siam Shrimp Scampishrimp sauteed with garlic and black pepper sauce, onion, bell pepper and scallion, coriander added for fresh aroma.$8.95
Nuer Pad Pak Ben Ja Roung - Pentacon Gardensauteed beef tenderloin with five vegetables. spinach, mushroom, broccoli, carrot and green cabbage in brown sauce. (vegetarian substitution with tofu)$6.95
Yam Kaer - Spicy Beef Salad(available only on friday) sliced charbroiled beef tossed with chile and lime sauce mixed with tomato, onion, romain, spinach, coriander, scallion and cucumber. (vegetarian substitution with tofu) me$8.95
Visit Lemongrass here for more details, hours, locations and contact information of your local Lemongrass.

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