Life Alive Menu, Prices and Locations

Our commitment to fresh, delicious, wholesome food and products is fundamental. We carefully evaluate each and every product we sell and every procedure we adapt. We value every ounce of energy expended, whether it is human or natural.

We are passionate about great tasting food and the pleasure of sharing it with each other. We take enormous pleasure in letting people know how their food choices affect the health of their families, communities and planet. We provide products and education that encourage joy, sensuality, health and wellbeing without being dogmatic or judgmental.

Life Alive Menu

Cool Meals - Salad
The Mystic Totally RawA serious sensational salad of mesculim greens, sweet corn, celery, shredded carrots and beets, cucumber, sunflower seeds and sprout made even more special with our lemon vitality vinaigrette. Recomm$7.95 - $4.35
The Mystic MountainAddd the most delicious roasted garlic lemon parsely hummus you'll ever have along with granny apple slices and cashews to our simple mystic and you get the mountain on the mystic. Dont miss out on t$8.95 - $5.95
The Shogun Totally RawOur new stimulating honey wasabi vinaigrette heats up an enticing medicinal salad of adzuki beans, peppitas, spring greens, cucumber, shredded carrots and beets, hijiki seaweed and brown rice. Recomm$7.95 - $5.75
The SeekerSpring mesculin greens, garlic - lemon hummus, granny appleslices, cashews, cucumber, shredded carrots, sunflower sprouts and a dollop of our ginger nama all rolled into a whole wheat tortilla. Recom$7.95 - $5.75
The MagicianThe best smoked garlic lemon tofu with fresh mesculin greens, shredded carrots and sunflower sprouts, magnified magnificently by our sensational sesame miso sauce.Recommended sides:hummus, cucumbers,$7.55 - $5.35
The ChildSimply organic peanut butter and natural strawberry jelly with no sugar wrapped in a deeply satisfying whole grain tortilla. Recommended Sides: Raisins, banana slices, apple slices, candied ginger, v$5.45
The ExplorerOur scrumdelyishus homemade lowfat Red Lentil Hummus, paired with sesame crunches, sundried tomatoes,cucumber, corn, spring mix and a sprinkle of shredded carrots and beets all traveling together wit$8.95 - $5.95
The Sufi Poet SummerDelight in our famous low fat red-lentil hummus whirling atop fresh salad greens, add cooling cuke, tart apple and sweet shredded carrots all infused by our balsamic vinaigrette and you're in heaven.$7.95 - $5.75
Roasted Red Pepper Tomato Zuccini GarlicNon - vegan$5.75 - $5.25
Rustic Veggie$5.75 - $5.25
Sweet Summer Veggie$5.75 - $5.25
Black Bean Corn Sweetness$5.75 - $5.25
Vegan Corn Chowdah$5.75 - $5.25
Shitake Ginger Sesame Soy Sensation$5.75 - $5.25
Portobello Barley Thyme$5.75 - $5.25
Herbed Mushroom$5.75 - $5.25
Apple Butternut Bisque$5.75 - $5.25
Gingered Butternut Bellisimo$5.75 - $5.25
Butternut Portobello Infusion$5.75 - $5.25
Red Lentil Stew$5.75 - $5.25
Morrocan Red Lentil$5.75 - $5.25
Lemon Red Lentil$5.75 - $5.25
Black Bean Bounty$5.75 - $5.25
White Bean & Dark Green Delight$5.75 - $5.25
Udon Miso Masterful$5.75 - $5.25
Simple Barley Miso$5.75 - $5.25
Warm Meals
The Goddess Our Signature DishA nurturing blend of smoked tofu, short grain brown rice, steamed carrots, beets, broccoli and dark greens surrounded by our zesty Ginger Nama Shoyu dressing. Recommended Sides: squash, hard-boiled e$8.45 - $5.25
The EmperorSweet and nutty short grain brown rice, melted cheddar cheese, sundried tomatoes, steamed greens, sweet yellow corn, shredded carrots, tofu and sunflower sprouts crowned by our satisfying sesame miso$8.55 - $5.25
The RebelProtein-rich quinoia and satisfying short grain brown rice energized by braggs liquid aminos and high lignan flax oil. We top this must-expereinceit- all-mix off with steamed carrots, beets, dark-lea$9.05 - $5.65
The SwamiMattys miso curried sauce sweetening a masterfully-tasty mix of tamari roasted almonds, flame raisins, pearl onions, dark greens, broccoli flowerrs and shredded carrots, served over brown rice with a$8.55 - $5.25
The HealerSimply lightly steamed greens and steamed broccoli with raw sunflower sprouts, served over short grain brown rice and made nutritiously delicious and curatively cleansing by Barlean's high lignan fla$9.05 - $5.65
The AdventurerOur sensational sesame ginger nama marinating sprouted, crunchy protein- rich adzuki beans, smoked tofu, melted cheddar cheese, broccoli crowns, chopped beets, dark greens, over short grain brown ric$9.05 - $5.65
The Lover Fall - SpringWild and meaty shitake mushrooms, steamed with dark greens, shredded carrots and beets and broccoli flowers all smothered in our zesty ginger nama shoyu dressing and then wrapped in a whole wheat tor$8.55 - $5.25
The AlchemisSmoked tofu, steamed greens and sweet corn, served over light and nutty quinoia. Showered with shredded carrots, sesame seeds and sunflower sprouts, all transformed like magic into a precious experie$8.55 - $5.25
The Green GoddessOur ginger nama shoyu sauce enhanced by flax oil and garlic, empowering avocado, broccoli, dark greens and tofu. All are served over short-grain brown rice. Recommended add ons: : tamari almonds, egg$9.05 - $5.65
The GodBold yet sweet sun-dried tomatoes, tofu, broccoli, carrots and dark greens over short grain brown rice, topped with our sweetly satisfying sesame miso sauce. Recommended sides: squash, hard- boiled e$8.85 - $5.25
The MuseAn inspiring rejuvenator for the springtime, we blend a zesty dressing of lemon, flax and braggs with our sesame binger to enliven steamed winter squash, sprouted adzuki beans, chopped tamari roasted$9.55 - $5.55
The InnocentA fusion of delectably nutritious flavorings forming a savory sauce for steamed sweet corn, shredded carrots, broccoli and tamari roasted almonds all served over light and protein rich quinoa and sho$8.99 - $5.45
The Miso MasterfulDark barley miso deepened with toasted sesame and flax oils, a dash of braggs aminos, sesame seeds, broccoli flowers, dark greens, shredded carrots, hijiki seaweed and shitake mushrooms. Add our thic$8.50
The FoolThick and comforting udon noodles in our sesame ginger marinade playing with healing shitake mushrooms, tofu, kale, onions, shredded carrots and sesame seeds. Recommended sides: hijiki, garlic and fl$8.50
Warm Cheesy Wraps
The Hot & Healthy BachelorMelted cheddar, hard-boiled egg, broccoli flowers, dark greens, braggs and nutritional yeast, nestled in a soft whole-wheat tortilla. shredded carrots and beets, avocado, sundried tomatoes, garlic, b$8.50
The RomanticHass avocado, shredded cheddar cheese, broccoli, garlic, nutritional yeast and bragg's. Liquid aminos all embraced in a soft whole wheat tortilla. Recommended add Ons: hard boiled egg, greens, fresh$8.35
The DreamerShredded cheddar cheese, sundried tomatoes, nutritional brewers yeast and bragg's Liquid aminos all embraced in a soft whole wheat tortilla. Recommended add Ons: hard boiled egg, greens,broccoli, gar$7.95
Sides - Create Your Own Masterpiece
arlic, carrots, celery, cucumber, peppitas, raisins, sunflower seeds, sunsprouts, dried cranberries. $00.50. Apple slices , extra sauce, flax oil, hijiki, dark leafy greens, broccoli, beets, sweet corn, dates banana half , avocado. $1.00. brown rice, fre
Create Your Own Masterpiece
Livin AliveSmoothies
Livin AliveBanana, vanilla rice dream, rice milk. Tastes like a vanilla shake and it’s low-fat, potassium & protein-rich healthy. Chocolate lovers add cocoa for $0.25 more.$5.25
Chai AliveChai, banana, vanilla rice dream and almond milk.A sweet & spicy treasure that tastes like thick iced latte.$5.50
Elvis Alivepeanut butter, cocoa, banana and almond milk. Satisfy your sweet desires and at the same time give your muscles and bones power. Peanut butter cuppy$5.89
Love AliveBlueberry, strawberry, banana, and almond milk.A powerful combo of antioxidants and potassium to ensure that you live and love a long long time.$5.60
Vibrance AliveGinger, date, strawberry, banana, lemon, maple syrup, ice & pure water. A bright, zesty sweet and healthy treat.$5.99
Eros Alivestrawberry, banana, date, & almond milk. Revel in the sweet summer sun with this bright and creamy pleasure.$5.60
Island AlivePineapple, banana, coconut oil, vanilla rice dream, & rice milk. A creamy pick-me-up that has the fat burning, and Island Eenergy you crave at work.$5.99
Coconut AliveTherapeutic coconut oil, banana, vanilla rice dream, & rice milk. Immune boosting, fat reducing, heart protecting and delicious$5.99
Nutri-BoostsSpirulina - flax, whey protein, hemp protein, bee pollen, ginger, coconut oil, aloe vera, green tea powder : Add $00.50
Mona Vie ACAI Nectar:1oz shot$2.50
Mona Vie ACAI Smoothie:$8.00
Thrive Alivecarrot, apple, and ginger. A tangy, stimulating, immune building blend that detoxifies your lungs and aids digestion.$4.99
Be AliveApple, beet, carrot and parsley.$5.25
Jive AliveCucumber, celery, greens, parsley, lemon, and ginger. This green mixture is a power source of energy. It boosts immunity, fights cancer, balances appetite & gets you moving.$5.25
Life AliveApple, beet, celery, carrot, parsley and wheatgrass. A powerful living-multi vitamin, it boost immunity, detoxifies your body and gives you sustainable energy.$5.99
Ginger CrushGinger, lemon, maple syrup, ice and water delicious. A lemonade with a healthy zing! Refreshing digestive aid that stimulates circulation, counteracts inflammation and balances your body in all weath$3.99
Hive AliveLemon, apple, honey, ice and water. A tarty sweet lemonade. This immune - building blend is filled with vitamin c and puts a smile on your face. Not only for the taste and immune boost but the anti-a$5.55
Simple Beverages
Organic TeasOne size$2.60
Solar-Dried Fair Trade Organic Coffees
Costa Rican$2.10 - $1.85
French Roast$2.10 - $1.85
Cafe Mocha$3.75
Green Tea Latte$2.75
Coconut Latte with Soy Milk$3.95
Coconut Latte with Coconut oil$3.95
Coconut Latte with French Roast$3.95
Coconut Latte with Maple Syrup$3.95
Wheatgrass2oz equal to 2 lbs. of greens.$3.15 - $2.15
ACAI Berry Juice$3.50 - $2.50

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